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My run for 2016 Congress follows this: VOTE! Mentally Ill Child Abuser | Ray Bly | US Congress District 7

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Please vote for me

Please see all my videos before you decide if I am a child abuser or mentally ill.

I run for Congress to wake up America. I see the Republicans lie just like the Democrats. The Republicans are supposed to bring back our Constitution and our rights. But most of which they have been members of their community associations or leaders in their community associations.  They are hippocrits.

Let me tell you a little bit about myself.

For me in 1979 I became so disabled, that I could no longer work for any outside company, so I went full time into my own business doing car-repair, and selling/servicing TV and appliances.  I did not want welfare.  I hired people to do the hard work.  The county came after me with everything they could come up with, passing multiple zoning laws to run me out of business, costing me tens of thousands of dollars.  Forcing me to eliminate employees.  I hate being on disability, I consider it a free handout, but they depressed me so much economically, that I can't afford to hire people.  I raised 3 kids, and helped them through college, I taught them how to work, and everything that I knew about working with my hands.  I'm proud to say that my son is an electrical engineer with his master's in telecommunication.  He's been married 12 years and is a dedicated Christian.  My daughter is a aerospace engineer/mechanical engineer, a Christian and married for 18 years.  My youngest daughter, that I'm very proud of because she flunked her first year of college, graduated with honors with her computer science, and IT degree, and served on the student council at the U of Baltimore.  She's been married 2 years now.  Even bought her own house a few years ago.  All three have government jobs that pay well.

I've been married 45 years now, with a lot of ups and downs.  Since the late 70's I've had blood pressure problems, diabetes problems, heart, lung and prostrate problems.  In 1995 the VA gave me a year to live.  I'm a fighter.    My priorities are God first, family second, and community third.  I got my life together immediately after serving in Vietnam.  Worrying more about my family then myself.  I have a wife that was diagnosed with a deadly cancer called small cell lung cancer in June of 2010.  95% don't make it 3 years.  I still have her today, but it's getting very hard because of her mini-strokes.  She has dimensia and alzthimers.  She falls with her lack of balance.  

Upside Down

1.  I would bring back fair trade which means everybody selling stuff in America could buy it wholesale for exactly the same price whether it was trainloads or small quantities. This would bring back all the mom and pop lumber yards, hardware stores, computer and clothing stores, etc.

2. I would ban community associations and site development plans in every City, County and State in America. I would also ban all these prefix fixes that go after the zoning of the property that limits the useage of the property. If it's commercial, let it be used for commercial. If it's residential, let it be used for residential. Let them build what they want without every busy body getting into their life history.

3. I would toughen the EPA laws so the County, City and States could control the buildings and projects so they do not damage our environment. I would limit the epa under grandfather laws also to a point.  Not just say coal is bad and put them out of business.

4. . No Obama-care. But some kind of stop gap to protect people from losing everything.

5. Stop all goverments from giving or helping any business with anything.   ( like tax credits) Or money.

6. Stop all money from going overseas. to countries that do not even like us.

7. Bring our troops home, no more world cop. No more paying country for the right to protect them.

This is the way I see America, where parents can no longer discipline their kids, being afraid to go to jail, where psychiatrists have come up with a syndrome for everything so it’s not your fault, where counties allow humongous building projects without even thinking about the sewer treatment plants, roads or schools, where lawyers have taken over our political life, where politicians from the smallest city to the federal government have passed benefit packages so that even convicted felons kicked out of office still get their retirement. Public service should be very limited and no retirement, but it’s a career now. Half the people in America that could vote have come up with 1,001 excuses not to register to vote and I have gotten so disillusioned about voting myself that it doesn’t really matter, because of half of the people that are registered to vote if there is a 25% turnout is considered big.
I ran my election with signs I kept from 2008. and I am using them again. As I went around campaigning, people learned that I got almost $100,000 from the VA for my 100% disability and asked me why didn’t I buy new tennis shoes and new clothing? I told them I don’t waste money. When my shoes fall off, I buy another $8 pair of sneakers. I still have closets full of my business uniforms to wear. I don’t need fancy clothes.
Being homeless and being evicted over 20 times as a child growing up, I learned what poverty really is. I also learned about compassion, when my dad gave the last can of soup we had in the house to a poor African American that looked like he hadn’t eaten in a month. He also gave him a blanket and a pillow and let him sleep in one of the junk cars we had on the property to stay warm at night. Being in my own business for 35 years, I could have gotten rich like a lot of my competitors, made a lot of money by ripping off people and ignoring them when the machine broke down, or false advertising to sucker them into my store. But instead, I’ve told a lot of customers to go home and think. Some came back and bought. In the 35 years, I gave close to 500 free service calls. I told my techs that if they had signs of extreme poverty, with torn furniture, rotten houses, and broken down cars and was emptying their piggy bank to pay, to fix their washer or refrigerator, just tell them God bless you and walk out. Have you ever heard a business do this? I’ve been called an idiot. I used to make sinkers that I would sell for money so I could go fishing too. I gave hundreds to VA places in Maryland where the GIs had access to fishing to help out the veterans. I bought uniforms for my daughter’s soccer team because all of the liberal parents that lived in Columbia had to have their big screen TV instead of their daughter having a uniform so they could play in the county. I’ve bought thousands of dollars worth of trophies for county leagues and school leagues to award children with something. Out of the $100,000 I got, I did buy a brand new vehicle so me and my wife could enjoy life. But about $25,000 of the money I got, I’ve given away to churches, minist  organizations, etc. I live in a shack that’s warm, the roof doesn’t leak, but it’s mine as long as I pay the rent to the County every year, called property tax. I don’t care about money and when I have money, I don’t mind helping people less fortunate. This is truly being a Christian. People today are so materialistic it’s ridiculous. They have to own one of everything, so much so, that they have to rent storage spaces because their house is full. They are in debt up to their eyeballs and still want to buy more.
People vote for the people with the most signs and advertising but guess how they got this money? From special interest groups and big corporate people and from the poor man that believes in their cause. Why spend money on throwaway items like yard signs and bumper stickers and ads on TV that last 15 seconds and don’t bring back anything in return? To me, these politicians show their true colors of how they are going to treat us when they get elected, i.e. wasteful spending. The person that won against me in the primary bragged on his website that he was president of the community association but yet wants less government and to bring back our rights. Community associations to me are the newest way our government is controlling our lives. The average person in America loves community associations, not thinking of the consequences where they basically have taken away our entire right to private property rights and individual rights, where we can’t even change the color of our front door, or plant a rosebush in our front yard, or open the hood of our car to check our oil. There have always been busybodies in every neighborhood that have complained to the police and the county about their neighbors. The government used to ignore them unless their neighbor was actually breaking the law, like shooting guns in their front yard or something. Now the government loves these busybodies and gave them power to control their neighborhoods.
On my campaign page, I didn’t hire fancy webpage designers, I just gave you the facts on where I stand on stuff before. I talked about homosexuality, abortion, spanking, and a lot of other big issues. It appears that people vote for people that condemn the other person more than they are condemned. They smear their opponent instead of telling where you actually stand on issues. I could say I want better schools, lower taxes and smaller government, but how, what, when, where, etc. I leave blank. I could also say I want change. Yeah, from the incumbent to me is basically what that means. People don’t know how to open their eyes. Look at Al Gore with global warming. He is polluting ten times what the average American does with his mansion. I’ve walked the walk and talked the talk and I am who I am. I don’t put show and tell and avoid answering questions with a bunch of mumbo jumbo like candidates, so I can’t win. I’ve had a lot of people offer me money in these past elections, but I refused to take it, because they were poor people like me. I don’t want to be in the pocket of special interests or the corporate world. I didn’t answer one questionnaire this time in the primary, because it’s hard to answer such slanted, biased questions that each one of these special interest groups put out.
In my book, Born Screwed in the U.S.A., I call for a revolution and I think we’re doomed to one soon. When I wrote my book, there were only millions of people disillusioned about America, but now there’s tens of millions who are disillusioned. I’m disillusioned about a revolution now, because it’s going to be one of race and religion. You can see the Tea Party movement and how many hypocrites are actually in it, living in their fancy houses, renting storage spaces because of all the stuff they bought and being very right wing. To me, it’s more Pro Life than to revitalize our government with our Constitution. I liked Glenn Beck’s march on DC on August 28th. He tried to include all human beings of every nationality, ethnic background and religious background. But with people like Al Sharpton, who makes millions off of keeping races all stirred up and bigotry stirred up, most minorities do not attend Glenn Beck’s rally to bring back God’s given human rights that our Constitution guaranteed us. Glenn Beck I would probably vote for President, but he does exaggerate some, because he’s a talk show host and needs ratings. But he’s a very charitable man like me, that does not go out and flaunt his millions but gives it away. As Jesus told his rich disciple, if you give away your wealth to the poor, I will provide for you.
As I’ve said earlier, I wish I could speak Vietnamese, but according to my wife, and a lot of her relatives, Vietnam has greatly changed in 39 years, where families don’t matter anymore either. It’s all about our greed, of who has the most money, and the most goods instead of family, God and community. I am a Billy Graham Christian. Billy Graham goes by the strict interpretation of the Bible, what we call a far right winger. I live my life by God’s word the best I can and I’ve tried to change every day to improve my life as God would want me to live, but that does not mean if I was ever elected to take away God’s free will which is what the right wing wants to do for the entire population. The Bible states that we have free will and that we are going to make mistakes and to spread the Word, not to mandate the Word, which is where the right wingers have it wrong. If we all want to stay free as much as possible, we have to let every religion and every person be able to practice what they believe as long as it does not interfere in such a shape or form as to actually hurt their neighbor.
Why I am disillusioned about America is because of the money involved in getting elected to office. It takes millions of dollars to become a U.S. Congressman and millions more to become a Senator and hundreds of millions to become President. The average campaign for a candidate for office costs them $1 to as much as $10 a vote and I’ve heard it’s gone as high as $30 a vote. The only way you can get this money is from special interests and the corporate world and of course, if you get elected with corporate and special interest money, you have to vote on behalf of these groups. This is why our government for close to a century is now wholly owned and controlled by our special interests and our corporate world. No candidate wants to stand up against them because they will not get elected, or get the money they need to run.
I could tell you a lot more, but I’m so disillusioned now about our whole court system, taxation system, and public officials that only God can help our country, as Glenn Beck says. I do suggest you arm yourself, because just like violence in the streets of Spain and Greece spreading to many other countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and South America now, we are going to start having it in America due to the greed of big corporations and of our own greed. May God bless you, because with God, there’s still hope in the future no matter what happens to our once great country.
Thank you very much for reading this and please vote for me for U.S. Congress as a descending vote against the status quo. people think I’m dumb. They joke with me that I could never pass college. Try working 60 hours a week and taking five to six classes all at night a semester and even one semester taking eight 3-credit classes, and being on the Dean’s list every semester. I still have trouble reading and writing because of our public school system in D.C. and Maryland that only cared about the extra smart students and ignored students like me that had speech problems and home and family problems. There was a ten year limitation on using the GI bill and I only had 2 ½ years to get it. I did 132 credit hours with a 3.4 GPA in 2 ½ years, all at night. As a child, I learned how every part in a car worked, because we used to open the parts and repair them, not just throw them in the trash can and replace them like mechanics of today. I learned to repair everything. Job Corps taught me how to repair electronic stuff and learn about electricity. People are amazed that I can look at something and show you exactly what’s wrong with it, even though I don’t know what the hell it does. I have an extremely quick mind and I never played high speed computer games. Job Corps told me I had an IQ of about 150 and if I wouldn’t have had the medical problems of my tongue not reaching the roof of my mouth until 6th grade where nobody could understand a word I said, I could have probably achieved a lot more.
What happened to wives being home, taking care of the bills, the house, and the children, which are full time jobs and men working 9:00 to 5:00 and being able to spend time with their families? Our corporate world has destroyed our family values. We have to stop greed. We have to bring back the family to America.
I'm sorry I will not attend some campaign rallies that I was invited to or was able to really campaign at this election.  My wife of 45 years was diagnosed in June 2010 with small cell lung cancer .  Small cell lung cancer is terminal, but my wife is temporarily in remission, which means I might have a couple more years with her.  Please pray for her.  Thank you. 
Thank you for your vote!
      Ray Bly

I am able to get out a lot more now so I can attend just e-mail me when and where.

I started running for office in 2002, hoping a lawyer, a judge, or one of our politicians with hearing my story of my plight to clear my name would jump in and help. Nobody will even look at my proof I was innocent. I was convicted so I must be guilty. Doesn't all convicts say  they are innocent???? I have proof!!!!!!! By their own papers they knew I was innocent before they arrested me.  Nobody cares that the County can resort to convicting you of a crime after trying to bully you out of your house. And the state can try to knock down your house with snow plowing, breaking your windows out every winter It took me over 20 years to believe myself what they had done to me This could not happen in the usa . Every government in the world brain washes their people to think they are the best at everything. Are you brain wash too??????????????????????

You can see I am mad as HELL!!!! and a fighter, please vote for me if you really want a MR. smith like person in Washington to fight for you?????

Smoking and Myths
I grew up in the ‘50s, in DC. My dad was a chain smoker. Every store we went into was full of smoke, every workplace. Everything was covered with DDT and other chemicals from all of the factories in the outlying cities like Baltimore, supposedly polluting the air. Standing for a bus when the bus stepped on the gas, you couldn’t see for five minutes because of the black smoke. Vegetables and milk was delivered to you daily. Everything was 100% natural with no DNA modifications. Why are all the people that grew up in the ‘30s, ‘40s and ‘50s living to be in their 90s with a lot less problems than our younger generation?
They relate hypertension, COPD and heart problems caused by smoking, but if you take a group of people that are hyperactive, have hypertension and ADHD, they would have the same percentage of these problems as smokers. 80% of the people that smoke use smoking to calm their blood pressure and as a tranquilizer and to cause clearer thought. Nicotine has an effect on your brain to make it work better. The carbon monoxide and tar reduces your blood pressure. 80% of Americans used to smoke. Japan still has over 80% of their people smoking with a tenth of the problems supposedly related to smoking.
The funniest thing I’ve ever heard is an English report showing that if you buy a house or a car where people used to smoke in it, you are susceptible to thirdhand smoke, which is just as bad as firsthand and secondhand smoke. Everything came in glass bottles that were recycled. Nothing came in plastic. Even peanut butter was in glass jars. Our feed stock was not full of drugs for everything from hormones to disease. Our vegetables were grown in fields of pig, cow and whole horse manure, used for fertilizer. Why are these people living and jeopardizing our Social Security in their upper 80s and 90s now, so many tens of thousands of people?
I’ll tell you why. Now we treat hypertension with cocaine, which is basically what ADHD drugs are, or tranquilizers. Is it the pharmaceutical companies wanting you to buy their high-priced drugs to replace tobacco? Everything you buy now at the grocery store is in plastic. They are finding all kinds of chemicals in plastic. Even the plastic glue in the aluminum cans that sodas are put in is hazardous to your health. Our whole food supply has been tampered with their DNA to make it more resistant to bugs. Where people used to walk to work or take a streetcar or bus, now they drive a car to the corner to get a McDonald’s hamburger. Millions more cars are on the road than in the ‘50s or ‘60s. 10,000 airplanes a day take off and land. Is this why our children are being born with asthma and lung problems and people in their 20s are collapsing of heart attacks? I have had doctors tell me my acne is caused by smoking, ulcers are caused by smoking, every disease or medical problem in the world is caused by smoking. Then why don’t the Japanese have four times the rate of health problems we do, because they have four times as many people smoking nowadays?
I admit that smoking is not good for you nowadays, because of all of the thousands of other contaminants in our food, our water and our air that now exist. All of the stuff we’ve banned and all of the scrubbers we have put on factories to clean the air doesn’t seem to be helping. Our infection rate and our medical problems are skyrocketing, but we’re still blaming it on smoking.
Smoking has gotten so outrageous that now I had a Health Department of Howard County worker say that smokers are criminals and drug addicts also. You’d be surprised at the number of doctors and healthcare workers that smoke. They are high stress jobs and smoking calms their nerves. They don’t want to get hooked on a whole bunch of prescription drugs, so they choose to smoke. Most medicines have been found to be very harmful and taken off the market that were supposed to be safe 20 years ago, and new medicines that are supposed to be safe are coming onto the market and will be found to be harmful in the future. I remember the scare of eggs, bacon, whole milk, that you’re not supposed to consume any of it because it would hurt heart-healthy people. And now they say that moderation is fine. I love the "global warming" - when actually our planet has cooled every year for the last decade, and we’re going through a cooling cycle now.
It appears that scientists can slant the truth with absurd scientific facts to their point of interest and financial gain