Born screwed in the USA.

July 16, 2016

To: Immigration and Naturalization Services Investigation Services (ICE)

I Raymond J. Bly residing at 8087 Washington Blvd, Jessup Maryland 20794 phone (410) 799-3516. I hereby request under Federal law that you strip at the least citizenship and at the most deportation of Thien Doan and Minh Mai who is husband and wife that came to the United States in 1985. For the following reasons:

1. On the paper work to fill out to become a citizen they had to swear under the penalties of perjuries they had never committed a crime while being in the United States whether charged or not charged with that crime.

2. January/February of 1986 when they moved out of our home, they went to Anne Arundel County Department of Social Services and applied for welfare, food stamps, and assistant for housing. Minh Mai signed papers that she had not worked in three months, where she had quit the Friday before she went to welfare Monday morning, her and her husband both stated that I had stole all their money and they were penniless to buy food. The week before Minh had quit her job in Laurel Md, she was flashing a handful of twenty and one hundred dollar bills an inch thick. When Anne Arundel called both me and my wife demanding we had to pay all welfare costs for them I stated check their bank accounts they have plenty of money. If you check with Citizens National Bank which is now Mercantile Bank they had thousands of dollars in their checking account, the lady that first took them to get this welfare turned them in for welfare fraud. After Minh showed her the wad of money she had in her pocket book. To stop this investigation by Anne Arundel County of welfare fraud and perjury for the application for welfare, Howard County jumps in moves them immediately to Howard County, gives them section 8 housing, schooling, and welfare, while should of knowing they had attempted welfare fraud with perjury in Anne Arundel county.

3. Now for the woman that came here as Ngoc Hong Doan with them if you look at Immigration files my wife worded the files as such a letter that should be in the file that she refused to sponsor her brother and sister in law unless they brought her daughter with them. So, they found and illegal alien had phony the documentation and brought this woman posing as my wife’s daughter. When she claimed abuse against me in front of a lady from Firm, the police and social workers she blatenly told them she was not my wife’s daughter, she also stated that she was in her low twenties and had finished high school. The county and police covered this up somewhat. They put her in foster care they let her change her name in school to Ngoc Thi Nguyen, the first foster care hearing in January 1986 the social worker walks in and states that Mr and Mrs Bly have no standing her because this is not Mrs Bly daughter. Immediately DSS lawyer interrupts and says yes it is her daughter, after I demanded several times for this woman to get counseling because of her behavior in my home for several months they referred her to having a physiological evaluation, she stated to the psychiatrist they she missed her mom who has a heart problem in Vietnam and she misses her sisters and brothers. For the first three or four months she was in foster care I complained to Michael Marshall a child protective worker how could he let my wife’s daughter of fifteen get drunk go to wild parties at my brother in law Thien house and spend nights sleeping with her boyfriend which was twenty three years old. He stated that he did not know of any wild parties at my wife’s brother home, and her boyfriend was within her age group to be dating, because he knew she was twenty two. During trial she got confused so much in being caught in lies after lies of who she is and the abuse story that the court had a free program interpreter to tell her what to say claiming that she did not understand English well enough that’s why they had an interpreter, meanwhile and INS investigator by the name of Alan Plant goes to my wife’s job and threaten her with stripping her of her citizenship , deporting her and possibly arresting her if she did not confess that this was her adopted daughter instead of her natural daughter. Mean while at my trail a man by the name of John Farley testifies that the day of this girl’s arrival immigration had met us at and airport where I signed care and custody and took possession of this girl. This is against immigration law to wait for someone to arrive in the USA before papers are signed. Second off it is against INS law for a non relative to signed anything for the INS. In 1989 in a law suit against these three, two relatives and one non relative I forced this woman to take a DNA test up till this point this woman claims that she was actual my wife’s niece that my wife adopted. The DNA test from Maryland Laboratory in South Baltimore clearly stated that in no way shape or form this woman was any closer than a sixth cousin. I won this case hands down because the judge stated to Bob Flanagan that there was no way I would lose at a judge trial, that they in fact brought and illegal alien her that caused my family thousands of dollars. Then Howard County and INS states that my wife just adopted her from somewhere so I hired a person that works for child find agencies, Baltimore City Police, and many other police agencies across the country aging child photographs to the age they will be today. I gave her a picture of the two year old daughter and said make her fifteen. I also gave this lady a picture of this woman that came here, after a few weeks and a lot of money I met this woman that clearly stated that even with hundreds of plastic surgery this woman could not be the toddler we left behind in Vietnam. In 1990 in my Federal law suit the state of MD lawyers took a deposition of this woman in front of a federal judge it was short and sweet. She stated that she was not Ngoc Hong Doan and that she was born January 26, 1970, and that I did in fact abuse her while she lived in my home. When it was my turn in less then two minutes to question this woman she took the fifth amendment on her age, her name, and the charges that she had lodged against me to get me convicted. The state lawyers knew as well as David Hortensberg knew I had the evidence to prove that she was not my wife’s daughter but in fact an illegal alien. Concerning most of the facts I stated above these three should have their citizenship removed and deported immediately. See video called full Tieng deposition, also see full Victor deposition., and full Father Cammack deposition, you can also see my full deposition titled Ray Bly these videos are on both Ray By Face book and Ray bly you tube and I wrote a book at about the hell these relatives and this illegal alien put us through. Also check your records for John Farley and Alan Plant according to your immigration investigation officer in the late 80's and early 90's nobody by those names never worked in your office. I also have all trial transcripts of John Farley perjuring himself. I also have all trail transcripts of Hunt Reporting Agency of all video tapes deposition that I referred you to.

This was so outrageous of injustice where judges has stated they don’t care who she is. I am still a bad man and they will not reverse my conviction. To refusing even hearings concerning new found evidence. This is such an injustice of prostitutorial misconduct, judicial misconduct, as well as police and social workers misconduct that is a travesty. Since I am still a felony that state law says that since my wife is a sick person I can no longer care for her make medical decisions for her, or touch any of our joint assets because of this felony, a thirty year old felony, forty six years of marriage. How can a state law forbid me from be around my wife not only seizing her assets but mind to. This little tragedy of injustice has turned into a mountain of injustice now. Just because my wife is dying of small cell lung cancer.

I will be posting this on my group page called Injustice for All, and hope you take immediately action to right this miscarriage of justice of a twenty-two year old posing as my wife’s daughter in 1985 convicting me of child abuse and assault and battery of a minor. I am forwarding a copy to the USAG office in Washington, D.C. I know you cannot get social workers, police officers, and prosecutors and judges because it is not in your realm of authority and plus the statue of limitation has run out but I did clearly state that all three has committed many felonies so when they signed that request to become a citizen it was also a felony.

Raymond J. Bly

CC: Larry Hogan, USAG, Howard County Circuit Court



Raymond J. Bly, et al., *

Petitioners, *


Howard county Md. * CIVIL ACTION NO

State of Maryland


* * * * * * * * * * * * *

This is a case for civil rights violations that I’ll be filling in the blanks later.

This case stems from a previous case in this court from 1988 or ‘90.

To give you a scenario of the case, 1969 I met my wife and married her even though she was pregnant due to a rape by a Vietnam soldier. I helped raised this kid for the first two years. In 1980 my sister put in a wife and child abuse report on me. Three years they tore my family apart trying to find any iota of abuse that ever occurred by me. They could not find any. In 1985, we had the paper work with immigration worded as such, that my brother in laws family could not come here unless he brought this beautiful girl we left behind from Vietnam (she was dead). So he found someone willing to come here to pose as her. See "Full Tieng Deposition" You tube, also see FULL Victor, Father Cammack, and my deposition on You Tube also. Attached is a letter to Judge Tucker and one to immigration. The one to immigration clearly shows that I have proven so many times, that not only my brother in laws family committed welfare fraud, they brought an illegal alien here posing as my wife’s daughter. A judge in your own courthouse heard her deposition where she plead the fifth amendment. Howard County Circuit Court refuses to hear any of this evidence to overturn my illegal conviction. Since 1971 Howard County, Maryland has tried to drive me from my home, condemning it several times, citing me for zoning violations dozens of times so they refuse to stop this illegal conviction. Then August of 2015, my wife became comatose, too much medication and a UTI. The court took all of her rights away from her, as well locked me out of my bank account, her Scott Trade account (IRA), and ordered my wife removed October first of twenty fifteen. I put videos all over the internet, "Over my dead body" were they going to take my wife of forty six years away. The swat team came beat me up, and put me in Howard County General Hospital lock down psyche ward. I demanded the first day to be moved to the VA because I do not have any insurance with my medicare. I still owe them thousands of dollars because the county and state did not want me moved out of there so they could make me mentally ill now as well as a felon. Psychiatrist have laughed, that if 20-30 mental illnesses, don’t go together, they just threw everything at me to try and shut me up again, now having my property and all my assets. My children took care of my wife, for the fourteen days until October 14, 2015 when I got out of the psyche ward. I guess I was too crazy for the place. But not crazy enough to be moved to Perkin State Hospital. My kids were in a total nightmare fighting, arguing, if you see my full My Kids video, on You Tube, that tells you what went on for four and a half weeks. November 7th they dump her back home without giving me permission to care for her or make medical decisions for her. They haven’t been to a doctor’s appointment for four years. They know nothing about my wife’s medical history and they didn’t give a damn if I was taking care of her good or bad. They hardly came to see her or help with her. I was spending five to six thousand dollars a month for all of the care givers I was hiring from helping me feed her and change her bed to carrying her and putting her in the bath tub so we can wash her, or to take her fishing,. Or just out to a restaurant even though she could not eat.

To back up a minute. After blood in the diaper and I brought her home August 8th of 2015, I found she was taking two blood pressure medicines still and one ulcer medicine. My family practice doctor said "those idiots at Howard County General". Take her off of the strong one". Two to three days later she wakes up fully coherent. For twenty years she has to think of her answers sometimes with a touch of alzheimers, and three years ago she had a stroke which makes it hard for her to sign her name. If you see Tieng 1, 7, and 10, You tube videos again at Ray Bly, but I think you have a copy of one and seven. My Vietnamese care giver for my wife taught high school and college classes on reading/writing of English language in Vietnam. She still does not speak English very well but she was able to interpret motions to Howard County Court demanding her assets back and her own right to do what she wants with her own assets. She signed a Power of Attorney after knowing fully what it said giving me every right under the law that a Power of Attorney can address. Attached at end. The court basically said go to hell. Once we deem you mentally incompetent, you can never be competent again, and refused even a hearing on it where my wife could tell them personally.

June 24th of this year, I wait for my daughter to come help take my wife to the doctor. She doesn’t call, she doesn’t come, so me and this Vietnamese lady that I will refer to as Kim from now on, decided to load the four wheel chair/walker into the back of my car because there was nobody to help me put the heavy wheel chair in. I’ve used this four wheel chair many, many times riding my wife around from the hospital bed to the bathroom, to the car, and for doctors or cat scan etc.. appointments. While pushing her in at the Columbia Medical plan, the new cement had humongous humps in them. The chair collapses in less than a second and she’s heading over backward yanking both me and Kim to the cement also. My wife bumps her head in slow motion. I Immediately get her back in the chair, unfolding it, it tried to collapse on me several more times but we were more prepared and did not let it. I yelled "Doctor Kassaman, Emergency!", he runs out and yells to get ice and says she needs a cat scan immediately. I said I’d rush her to the cat scan place in Ellicott City. He said no there’s one across in the other building at Columbia Medical and that he would call them. Within ten minutes of her calling we had a cat scan and kept ice on her head for the next hour while he told me very bad news. That the one millimeter growth on her other lung had grown to thirteen. Once we got it taken care of, if we got it taken care of, then she would need a pet scan of her other lung which would show whether it was just a tumor or cancerous tumor. Then she would need a biopsy with a needle into her lung through her chest because her condition would not warrant going down her throat to do the biopsy due to her medical problems. Then we get the results from the University of Maryland that reviewed the cat scan of my wife’s head. Doctor Kassaman said, "Brain bleed, Emergency". I said call an ambulance, they rushed her to Howard County general where I notified my daughter because I don’t speak to my son. She calls my son and my son shows up in 30 minutes. These two kids have power of medical decisions by Howard County Court. My son said "There’s nothing you can say, I make all of the decisions the way we have a DNR that the Howard County Court approved (Judge Tucker), let her die". My daughter was nice enough to call me and say they either needed to move her to Johns Hopkins or University of Maryland Shock trauma, which one would I like? I told her the University of Maryland. She calls me and tells me that’s where they decided to move her. Not wanting to ever see my kids again because of how they treated my wife leaving her for five weeks in freezing cold temperatures for all of October and the first week of November last year. I went out there at night with her care giver Kim. I’ve taken care of my wife and got her back to health before this accident. Took her fishing, to restaurants, I had her smiling and laughing as well as Kim would read Vietnamese books to her. At night when I fed her I would bring Buddha over and incense over and put them on a table in front of her so she could pray. I even took her to temple many times in laurel where she refused to leave sometimes for two or three hours she was having so much fun talking to all of the Vietnamese people.

After two days at Shock Trauma, I found the nurses or doctors refused to call me back or talk to me while I was there concerning my wife’s treatment and care. Christina told me on the phone the first two or three days but then stopped after I wrote Shock Trauma a letter and gave them a copy of the Power of Attorney stating that I want my wife home. They still refused to talk to me. About eight to ten days later I had a feeling so I called to see if my wife was still there they told me no she went to a nursing home but they weren’t allowed to tell me that or where. So for the next week or so until July 16th, I was unable to see my wife. Then on July 16th, Johns Hopkins Medical equipment driver calls me asking If I was home, he needed to deliver wheel chairs, walkers, hospital beds, etc, it was an emergency. I told him I have all of this stuff. He asked if I was in Ellicott City and I told him no. Then I go to the IRA which I’ve taken from forty two thousand back up to sixty seven thousand, to find out they withdrew three thousand. I have diapers, bed pads, wipes, surgical stuff, ointments, treatments, stuff you spray on to clean for the next few months (see "Heart Broken" video on You Tube at Ray Bly video). I also have three weeks of food left. I knew they took me off as beneficiary of her Life Insurance and IRA which is illegal. She signed them being one hundred percent mentally there a decade or more ago. Then I find out they took me off period so I wouldn’t know what they are doing with mom. I still think my sons house is better than a nursing home, because at least they’ll twenty percent care for her, but his house is hot in the summer and when my wife was there last October she shivered with the window there wide open, with them saying she stunk the house up.

In both ‘80 and ‘85 reports to the Department of Social Services (Child Welfare) they put my family through hell for years after each one of these and found nothing. I wasn’t a drug user. I was not an alcoholic. I didn’t beat my wife and kids. In ‘86, when Howard County Circuit Court got a hair up there ass because of these reports that I needed help because of all the women and children I killed and all the drugs and alcohol I’ve taken, threw me in jail. After five days, having psychiatrist talk to me and telling me I should’ve shot up the fucking courthouse, they would have if it would’ve happened to them, but they could find nothing wrong with me ( In Vietnam I drove a truck usually loaded with ammunition and explosives. All I did was duck and step on the gas and got the hell out of there. I never shot my gun one time in Vietnam. Never tried one drug in Vietnam. I only got drunk three times In the two years I was in Vietnam). This psychiatrist as well as all the guards at Howard County Jail, heard me tell my wife that your only allowed to see me one hour, one day a week. She saw me over twenty times in that five days. She called me over thirty times yelling she was coming there if they didn’t put me on the phone. After the five days the guards and the psychiatrist read my records of why I was there. They said "Your joking. If anything you’re the abused person.". Meanwhile my wife is in every court room off and on all day disrupting all four court rooms out of service, beating up sheriffs even, until the judge relents and puts a bail on me, thinking my wife could not get a $25,000 bail. Dozens of people that we helped in our home over the years, came to my rescue and gave my wife all the money she needed to bail me out.

The only reason I stand a convicted felon is because of Linda’ Ostavich’s final closing statement to the Jury. This woman messed up in so many lies that the jurors told me they were going to quit until this statement. Ms. Ostavich told them while pointing at me that you didn’t hear one word that he didn’t do something to this girl. It’s Maryland law you have to bring back a guilty verdict (Really). The jury took five minutes to convict and the head juror told me they already decided to acquit, why didn’t I put on a defense. I asked them what they thought I did to the girl. They didn’t know, but as Linda Ostavich stated, there is no evidence I didn’t do something to this girl. So they had to bring back a guilty verdict.

Maryland state law, also says in the best interest of the sick person. I demanded they bring her home for that, Howard County Circuit Court and Judge Tucker refused. As a felon I am not allowed to be around my wife or touch her assets and since everything is half hers, they’ve locked my assets up. This consists of double jeopardy. I served my time, how can they confiscate everything I own twenty five years later. Since I am saving a fortune by not hiring Kim everyday for three weeks or my handyman every week for three weeks. I’m able to pay some wanna be lawyers to help me do legal research at a Baltimore Law library to come up with citations to support me. They have broken just about every bill of right that the constitution guarantees, from the sanctity of marriage to the first, fourth, fifth, sixth, eleventh, and fourteenth amendments.

The Federal Appeals Court in Richmond I think deemed me a Pulpier. I am so far behind on bills, and so short of money, if you can return my check., it would be greatly appreciated. Or Grant the injunction relief that I request where I can get access to our joint assets and get the money I need to fill up my oil tanks, pay my property tax bill and fix the exhaust on the car I drive everyday at the least.

Wherefore, I pray this court will allow me to not only take depositions of public officials like Larry Hogan, Allen Kettlemen, concerning them wanting my property, but Judge Tucker, showing that he conspired with them to seize my assets. Plus allow me request for documents, request for interrogatories, as well as requests for admissions. I will also be requesting admissions from witnesses and the in-laws whether my son or daughter or my wife’s relatives to prove beyond any reasonable doubt. That I was first off, innocent of this felony, that they only did it to try and get my property and for forty one years have harassed everyone up and down route one here to try and drive us off of our properties.


1. I require restitution be paid to each and every person they have driven off of route one and to each person that has stood it out like me and fought for them, to reimburse them for court costs fighting the county and the state. For me, forty one years of nightmare should be worth one million dollars, from both the county and the state. Payable to the Salvation Army Baltimore Homeless Veteran Fund. I have no life expectancy so I don’t need it. I am one hundred percent disabled and the VA gives me no life expectancy.

2. For the illegal conviction that they used to do this to me with, I would love to say prosecution of all of these officials for knowingly aiding and embedding an illegal alien and my wife’s brother and sister- in law to defraud the state and federal government and cover up the proof that this was in fact an illegal alien that was not a child. One million each from the state and county, payable again to the Salvation Army.

3. For using the illegal conviction to confine me again by seizing my assets and my bank accounts for one year now, I would love to say $50,000 from each public official that did it. Including Judge Tucker, but they are immune, tax payers have to pay it so $100,000 from the state and county in punitive damages.

4. For wrongly confining me after I served my sentence for double jeopardy, ten million dollars from the state and county each. Payable to the Salvation Army Veterans Fund in Baltimore.

5. For deleting me off of the internet and all search engines over and over again and convincing all news agencies that I am a child molester, a liar, and mentally ill, don’t cover the story. For telling lawyer after lawyer I tried to hire that the court would look down upon them for representing me and that they might have trouble winning other cases if they do. For deleting my videos as fast as I can put them on Face book. $500,000 from both the state and county payable to the Salvation Army for veterans.

I didn’t add this up but the main thing I’m after is for this court to totally disregard all of Judge Tuckers rulings, grant my temporary injunction and make it permanent and make Howard County pay me back all of the money it has cost me. Four thousand dollars in legal fees to lawyers the court appointed. Five thousand plus to Howard County General Hospital Psyche Ward. Twenty five hundred to pay people to make videos and type for me for a year. Four thousand more that I know they’ve taken out over and above this from her IRA. I want her Power of Attorney that she signed in front of witnesses, granted, as a legal document. I should want about one hundred and fifty thousand dollars I have spent fighting this illegal conviction for twenty five plus years but I’ll let this court decide whether that should go to the Salvation Army or not.

If you won’t grant the above then I want a Judge trial so there will be no mistrial because I will be pro say.

I swear and affirm, under the penalties of perjury, that the foregoing, and all addendums with this, is one hundred percent true by evidence, a preponderance of evidence, documented proof, so help me God.

Raymond J. Bly

I hereby mailed first class, postage pre paid, with all addendums, to the Attorney general of the state of Maryland 200 St. Paul Baltimore, MD 21201, and hand delivered to the Howard County Circuit Court, and Howard County Office of law, a copy with addendums.

Raymond J. Bly

Current Court Motions

July 16, 2016

Attention: Judge Tucker

I Raymond J. Bly once again having a sane mind do hereby declare that my will and the papers signing everything over to my wife is now null and void. First off a disbarred lawyer named Glenn Fallon helped me word each and every paper ,my power of attorney and my will at the time he did not tell me that being disbarred everything he did in the way of legal matters would not be legal. He also helped me on many motions for courts. I felt sorry for him and needed at typist at the time and a legal advisor and for twenty bucks and hour it was cheap. Thank God none of those papers are missing out of my safe in no way shape or form is legal or valid including my wife’s will. This means at the present time me and my wife both do not have a will. There is only one legal document which is a power of attorney that my wife signed for me ( after being fully interpreted what it says) that is a legal document witnessed by several people that not only witnessed her being fully competent but also witnessed her signing it. I hereby refused to allow the state to touch one more penny of any joint assets of mine and my wife’s, including here IRA which I put a lot of money into. The IRA was to benefit both of us.

When my wife dies because of your orders that conspired with not only Larry Hogan’s office, and Ketterman’s office to help the county to seize my property to finally get it away from me. I will be filing a federal case under state law for depraved heart murder, first degree manslaughter, conspiracy to commit larceny, and conspiracy to keep my criminal conviction covered up. I have met a federal prosecutor that is very interested. You think you are immune Judge Tucker, but if your court ruling come from outside conversations with others, that bridges your immunity.

I sent you a chip 0029,30,31 are three videos of me explaining what my children have done to me and my wife, and also detailing what happened in October 2015, when the court gave them physical possession of my wife. My wife not only went way down hill physical and mentally, it took me almost the whole month of November, to get her talking, smiling, walking and telling when she had to use the bathroom again.

Wherefore, I will never make the same mistake again, trying to get my wife into a doctor’s office without proper help, or relying on my children for that help. I will not care and do not care if you send help department nurses out to check on my wife’s well being if you send her back home. Ask any one of the companies over the last several years that John Hopkins Howard County Hospital hired that consisted of OT,PT, and RN all of them constantly stated they had never seen such a great care giver as I was, My typist and my wife’s relatives all stated the same thing. Even her Chemo doctor Kassaman at (410) 740-1744 has written you letters and states the same thing. Once you move her home, I am so tired of selling this nick nack and that or washer to supplement $4,700.00 income because my wife at home cause me between $5,000.00 and $6,000.00 per month my oil tanks are empty, I got a $2,200.00 tax bill the exhaust is falling off the car I drive everyday. Therefore I would need to be allowed with my power of attorney to withdraw from my wife’s IRA emergency money to pay these bills.

As me and my wife always stated to each other, everything is yours when she was walking out the door saying she wanted a divorce and I said the same thing to her. Everything is yours, I don’t want anything everything is yours. Some how we stayed married forty-six years now. Love has come and gone, but decades ago we became best friends and loved each other company, and did everything together. I don’t care if I lose everything here, if it all goes to help my wife have a peaceful trip to the beyond.

I Raymond J. Bly soon to have my own will hereby declares, not only will I be in charge of my wife’s complete funeral arrangements, the state law gives me this privilege because my wife died without a will. The state law says that I inherited everything of my wife’s which I will the minute she dies. That should include funeral arrangements for my wife, access to her IRA, and Life insurance to pay for her funeral.



Motion to set aside Howard County Circuit Court ruling and state law.

The state law violates the constitution and the bill of rights of a married couple of forty-six years, by stating that if one of them has ever been convicted of a felony and the other one is not coherent enough to make her own decisions then the state court can divorce them and take all rights away of the person convicted of a felony.

The law stated that a felony can not be fit for the care, treatment, finances, or medical decisions what so ever. This felony took place thirty years ago, they do not care. They also do not care with me doing complete research to the Cleveland Clinic, NIH, etc., concerning my wife’s treatment, that I did terminated doctors and got new ones. Small cell lung cancer kills fifty per cent of people the first year and forty five per cent more the second year, and only less than two per cent makes it four years. Only a few dozen world wide makes it over five years and only one has been known to make it pass six years and one week. My wife was diagnosed June 23, 2010, that makes it six years and over four weeks, she wants to come home for me to care for her. I want her home, so she can die in my arms when the time comes.

Judge Tucker’s ruling is against every moral and ethic value in America.

See attached signed motion to Howard County Court by my wife asking to dismiss the guardianship, also showing a power of attorney signed by my wife giving me the power to deal things.

My wife became comatose in June 2015, where I rushed her to Howard County General Hospital in which they found she had a UTI, after four days of antibiotics , they said my wife was find and had mis diagnosed her and sent her home anyway. They should have found that her esophagus from to much radiation had swollen shut, but yet they sent her home unable to talk, open her eyes, left her head, arms or legs, or even eat or drink. We had Hospice here at our home, then at the end of July several weeks later after the first Howard county ruling, their was blood in her diaper a lot of blood in her diaper, I rushed her to Howard County General Hospital, where they could not do anything about the bleeding because it had stopped in her fallopian tubes, but they found that she needed a feeding tube because her esophagus had swollen shut they also found like I had and complained that she was on way too much medicine. I had stopped five medications of her,( ie, narcotics). Other doctors had stopped over ten medications also at my request. This hospital stopped twelve of the fifteen she was taking. One ulcer medicine and two blood pressure medicine was all that was left. They sent her home, comatose again but able to get food and water where she could start gaining weight again with the feeding tube Her blood pressure was extremely low the first two days down to 70 over 20. I called my family doctor and he told me to stop one blood pressure medicine, three days later she wakes up totally coherent and mentally there again, her body was still having problems with her right side from a two year old mini stroke. Which also hurts her signing her name properly, also with the tumor in her right eye, blinding it and mini strokes in her left eye causing twenty one hundred vision she has trouble seeing to sign. See ray bly face book videos about my wife or on the camera chip that I gave you for the habeas., that should be still in the record.

They took her away again June 24 2016 and now moved her to my sons home see new full my kids video. My kids have even lock me out of my back account I have it back now they are taking a lot of money out of her IRA too. She is close to dying now please grant this and order the marshalls to move her home now. She is my wife and all my kids want is money.



I hereby certify that the foregoing is true so help me God.


Raymond J. Bly

I hereby certified that I mailed postage pre paid first class to the office of the Attorney General of Maryland and hand delivered a copy to the Howard County office of Law, and to Howard County Circuit Court attention Judge Tucker

Raymond J. Bly