My New and Old fight with the Government!

Howard County Department of Planning and Zoning
3430 Courthouse Drive
Ellicott City Maryland 21043
Office of Law, Howard County Maryland
3430 Courthouse Drive
Ellicott City MD 21043
cc: Howard County Police Department
Planning and Zoning
County Executive, Ken Ulman
County Council Members
Planning and Zoning Council
State Highway Administration

Dear Sir:

They are lying saying my appliance bussines has been ban since 1947 not 1998. There is nothing about fire wood in the zoning laws. Please call ken Ulman at county or calvin Ball councel man or zoning and complain at 410-313-2350 thank you for your helping a disable vet You may also call del. to annaplis and deputy director Steve Lafferty that call the complaint in on me. at 410-313-2350. There is no law that you can not burn wood or keep it by your side door.

This is to notify you that due to the Zoning violation you gave me on 1-31-2012 concerning firewood and appliances on the exterior of my property at 8081 usrt 1 10 foot behind my structure on the side of my structure, was illegal.

Also, the appliances that were 30 foot behind my structure, Citation, is illegal. The appliance law is relatively new compared to how many years I have been doing it. Even your own papers indicate 10 foot. Behind a house.

On my personal property, I have no set-back. And there can be no set-back. According to addendum to my deed from 1932. There is no right of way and no imminent domain. Because the state stole 35-foot of front yard space from my property.

So far Anthony LaRose threatening me about putting appliances behind my front wall, they have been there 35 years now and for other zoning people and Howard County officials that keep threatening me, about my car repair garage better not open again. It has never closed.

I am extremely disabled veteran. That went to the VA for Agent Orange benefits in 1994. I was diagnosed with many critical health problems. They warned me to get my affairs in order because with or without treatment, I did not have too much longer to live. They re-examined me almost every year since stating the same thing. It wasn’t until 2010 that they finally gave me my 100% disability. Social Security gave me 100% disability in 2002. My disability actually started in the late 70's. Where I was unable to work for an employer. So I started my own car repair and appliance business. I love my appliance business more than my car repair. I hired people to do the hard work for me but due to lack of sales, competition, the State and the County, I can no longer afford to hire anyone since 2000. My appliance business is open Saturdays only from 9-2 p.m. Where my son or daughter can come over and help me if I sell or service something. I haven’t made a delivery since 1999 of an appliance due to my health. So I lose a lot of customers that are unable to pick up the appliances themselves. My car repair shop is only open upon request in the evening or on the weekends for friends, relatives, acquantices, and friends of friends that can do the work themselves. I have extensive knowledge of cars and how they work so I tell them what is wrong and sit with them and supervise their own repairs. I have accounts with most of the parts dealerships in the area. Or the customer will bring their own parts. My car repair shop has never been closed. Selling tires was closed but I still show people how to mount and balance their own tire(s) on my equipment. My car repair shop opened September 1975. My appliance business September 1977.

I dated this house back to between 1790 and 1810. It’s hard to review the records because hardly any records were kept in the 1800s of buildings being built. Especially when my house was built in Anne Arundel County which I still joke to Howard County about. When my house was built the East Side of Route 1 was Anne Arundel County until the mid 1800s when they changed it to the railroad tracks that were freshly installed between Baltimore and Washington. When we filled in the back yard, the bull dozer disappeared in underground taverns as he was pushing dirt across his yard and my yard. Jeff Bradshaw of Bradshaw construction is a witness to this. Ms. Barksdale who lives directly across the street, who just passed on in her 90's, could have testified when she was a little girl she knew this house was over a century old already.

Growing up as a child being homeless, changing schools a dozen times due to evictions for non-payment of rent with a drunk sick father and a critically ill and hurt mother bedridden, this was the first place I could call home. And you the State and County with the help of the police, Planning and Zoning, and the Zoning Board, chose to make my home a living nightmare. In 1975 when I took possession of the house the furnace did not work. I spent $300 having it rebuilt. By December 1975, my wife and I came home from grocery shopping and found fire shooting 30-feet in the air out of my brick chimney. The fire department and the County was here. Immediately within a few hours when they let the fire burn itself out, the County condemned my heating system and also my home. They told me we could not stay here because it was unsafe. The fire never left the brick chimney. I didn’t even have smoke damage in the house. Just water damage from all the fire hoses waiting for the fire to break through the wall of my house, which it did not. In 1978 with chickens, ducks, dogs, turkeys, and wild rabbits, I started to build my kids a small tree house in my yard. We didn’t have a tree so I put it on 3 foot 4x4 stilts. The County came pass and cited me saying I needed environmental impact studies. A ½ acre erosions pond (on a 1/4 acre). Engineer drawings, cite development plans, etc. etc. etc. Because I was now zoned commercial no longer rural residential. I told the County go to hell and built it anyway. In 1979 the same thing happened when I tried to put up a swing set with a slideing board in my yard for kids. In 1980 when I tore half my porch down in the rear of my house because of termites and rot, they told me that I was in building code violation that I had to reconstruct it commercially , not residential, and cited me. Also in 1978, when we filled in the back yard I had to extend my sewer pipe to my property line in the back. Because I had no septic system like the whole area. The County condemned my home and said it was unhealthy to live in and tried to force me out. Until I got a senator and a couple congressman telling them that under Federal law they had to let me hook up to the City sewage running at the back of my property, moratorium or not.

The County immediately sent all kinds of inspectors to condemn almost everything in my house, all water systems, sewer pipes, hot water heater, gas appliances, everything had to be brought up to code according to them. They couldn’t run me out of my house, they were trying to bankrupt me out of my home. The senator made the County finance the actual sewer connection and plumbers bill to run th sewer line at 2% interest. Over a 10-year period on my property tax bill. The other $3000-$4000 I had to pay out of pocket, I had to borrow at a high rate of interest. In 1981, I had tenants that refused to pay me rent for 3 months. My appliance business was not doing well. My debilitating arthritis, high blood pressure, heart disease and advanced emphysema, chronic bronchitis and COPD and possible lung cancer slowed me down on car repair too. I was 3 months behind on my electric bill with a cut off notice which they did they cut me off . My tenants called the housing department and they came out and condemned my home because of no electricity and ordered the tenants to move immediately, they had 24 hours to evacuate. And ordered me and my wife and children to get out.

I would like to insert now since 1975 to 2009, the State Highway Administration and their subcontractors would come by at 50 miles an hour plowing snow, knocking my 2nd story gutters down and breaking my storm windows and house windows, and snow after snow, year after year, I complained. The first few years they would laugh at it "well move your house back from the road, and it wouldn’t happen". By 2000 they told me, that they would stop it. They didn’t stop it until 2009. Now they come pass at 15 miles an hour and respect my home. I even filed criminal charges against the State Highway Admin for attempted murder. In the 90's, and was laughed at. But when they’re throwing snow, hundreds of pounds of s now, at 50 miles an hour against a 200-year old front of a house, it was like they was trying to collapse my house on me and my family. And to me that’s attempted murder.

In the 1981 my sister filed a false wife and child abuse report on me. The County loved it. They wouldn’t let it go for 6 months. They kept threatening me to get help. Or they would take my kids away. They secretly interviewed my kids at school, tried to tell them to say I was a bad man. They threatened my wife with deportation if she wouldn’t say that I was a bad man that abused her. Every time I went out of my driveway the police stopped me. Between 1980 and 1985 I was stopped an average of 100 times a year by the police demanding to search my car. Because my sister told them I was an alcoholic and a drug addict and that I was crazy because I;’m a Vietnam veteran. It got so bad with inspection tickets from my lights not being bright enough on my pick up for the 3rd or 4th time in a 3-month period that the State police when I asked them how to stop the County police in 1985 from the sheer harassment, with the County police officer standing there, the State cop told me I would have shot him a long time ago, and he actually called the Howard County cop an SOB. The County cop couldn’t believe that a state trooper told me to "shoot the next SOB that stopped me". 99% of these tickets had no justification. My lights worked. I carried extra light bulbs and a tool kit because I knew if I was coming home to Howard County I would have to stop and check every light on my vehicl3es so I wouldn’t be stopped again but yet I was. Year after year planning and Zoning kept telling me I couldn’t have firewood, I couldn’t have appliances. That I had to stop doing car repair. You don’t need a license for car repair unless you’re selling parts. My appliance business would buy the parts wholesale, mark them up, tax them, and sell them to the customer and the customer would take them down to the car repair shop to be installed by the car repair shop. The car repair shop has been labor only so no license was needed for doing car repair. I have been inspected dozens of times. I have cement around all my walls and my doorways to my car repair shop to catch any fluids leaking on the floor. I have a drum for antifreeze and a 275 drum for used motor oil that I recycle. It took the first 20 years to fill my oil drum to 260 gallons though. In 1998 to skip ahead, the County Council and the Zoning board passed a zoning ordinance banning any used appliances in 125 setback area. I’d rented my neighbors property for 37 years now. I also had a stockade fence up where you could not see my appliances tied to a chain leak fence. I had a flower garden in front of the fence to beautify the property. They told me the stockade fence was illegal. And now that my appliances can be seen, they were also illegal. And my store was illegal. I was operating an illegal business for this Zoning district. And I had to give them my business license. The next morning I took 22 years of business licenses to the County and the Court. How can they pass a zoning law banning your business after 21-1/2 years?

Also in 1985 when I threatened to shoot the next SOB that came on my property threatening to take my house, everything I owned away from me, if I didn’t cease and desist having this house and my businesses, they arrested me in 1986. The illegal alien that came here posing as my wife’s daughter from Vietnam, that was actually 22 years old, said I abused her. But how I abused her according to the police file, was not chargeable. So they convinced her to commit perjury, keep her false name, when they knew she was 22, had ID, had a high school diploma, to convict me of child abuse to make me a felon. I guess I did scare them enough that they wanted to make sure I didn’t have any guns. I did sue them in Federal court. I lost through immunity. They kept finding new immunity laws dating back 100 years and kept having pieces of my case dismissed. They even had the help of Immigration to come here, go to my wife’s work, and threaten my wife with deportation immediately unless she was a witness for the State against me. They threw me in jail saying I was a drug addicted alcoholic, baby killer, crazy Vietnam veteran. I was told that I was going to Vietnam to help the poor Vietnamese people from an oppressive Communist rule that indiscriminately abused people, tortured people, took their homes away, and did everything they wanted to you. This is what I was told I was fighting for in Vietnam. And I am not supposed to fight for the Bill of Rights, the Constitution, and the right to pursue life, liberty, justice, and the pursuit of happiness, but be in intimidated, threatened, cited, by people all over the County and State, and the funny thing about it, everybody in Howard County on Route 1 is going through the same nightmare. I got between 50 and 100 people that said if I can get the lawsuit started against the County and the State for this abusive power, intentional infliction of financial and emotional distress, the right of private property, and Civil Rights, all of these are guaranteed by our Constitution and our Bill of Rights. That they would June me in a class action suit.

This gives you an example of only 5% of the documentation of harassment that the County, through their zoning board and through the Police Department and the State, through their social services and their Highway department has done to me.

Since 2000 ,2,3 the County has basically left me alone because of a new neighbor. This neighbor sent people to my house telling them that I am required b y law to let them use my private bathroom. Told them they were allowed to legally park in my private property and my neighbor’s private property and leave all their car parts behind. The police even worked for them. The police refused to give parking tickets or towing, so me and my neighbor started towing. They would tell the customers that I illegally towed their car and I would have to get their car back and pay their towing bill, to come up to my house. I had people day in and day out trying to kick the front door of my house down, threatening my life. While this junk yard had hundreds of loads of dirt there first couple of years, filling in illegally the flood plain. Maryland Dept of Environment couldn’t find any dirt. There employees that they fired reported them for telling that they were dumping all the oil and antifreeze in the creek running through their property. I also did. Then they built a humongous dam on my neighbors hill. And the state Produce market hill to stop any rainwater from re-flooding 3/4 of their property like it always did when the previous owner owned that junk yard. Nobody can find a dam. The police came up here threatening me saying that I could not tow cars off my private property. They demanded I come to the police station twice for an hour plus long friendly interviews where they threatened me. They refused to give one parking ticket even if cars were parked in the travel lanes of highway 1 or on the sidewalk across the street. They came up and threatened me on several occasions to stop calling them. When that didn’t work and I called about all the illegal cars parked in the travel lanes the Police would go into the junkyard and broadcast over the loud speaker that the boy up in the house up the street had called them, and if they didn’t move there car in 1 hour they would be forced to give a ticket, but it wasn’t there fault, it was the boy in the house up the street. Vandalism of my vehicle, my property, and my appliance business started happening every couple weeks since then.

It’s been bad enough living in a high crime area with batteries, radios, wheels, gas, appliances, bicycles, you name it, stolen from me monthly. And the police won’t do anything about it. But to my insurance company. I now have to put up with the police and all these government officials, who say they are complaint oriented. That they only bothered me because a complaint was given to them. But they have refused every single time except once, to tell me who actually put the complaint in against me, saying it was anonymous. I will be naming the head of Planning and Zoning, the supervisor that works in your office that threatened my house, my livelihood, if I put appliances behind my wall in front of my house, the Chief of Police whose spokesman a dozen times told me that if they didn’t work for the junk yard they would be there a dozen times a day anyway. Each and every member of the planning board, each and every member of the County Council, the County Executive, the State Highway Commission supervisor, and possibly many state officials as their names are uncovered. This junk yard has to be paying off people not to see stuff that they’re doing illegally on their property, but also paying off police by hiring them so there customers don’t get tickets. Which I have reported to the FBI. Who I hope will do a complete, throughout investigation that acted like they were already in an investigation against this junk yard.

I demand a recall of this last citation, completely. The wood never stays outside more than 30 days after it is dumped from October through march. I’m 100% disabled Veteran and will go to the news and press about this and might even give them a copy of this letter. But it will be added to my book that I’m in the process of writing. I demand to know who supposedly turned me in again. Which I know you do not know because you turned me in yourself. I learned over the years that no matter what ethnic background a cop is, is still a bully and power hungry, and acts like a skin-head. To find out that Planning and Zoning is packed full of the same kind of skin heads that loves to abuse people’s rights. From now on, just like I did in the past sometimes, I will turn on the audio part of my camera system and record any State, County official threatening me. I will notify them first they are being taped even though I have signs indicating they will be taped. Beware the Supreme Court has upheld that a citizen is allowed to audio and video record public officials in public places.

My last letter demanded a Board Hearing on this citation before the 30 day expired. Just like normal you want nothing on record because you know you are breaking the law. No reply whatsoever by your office.

People think I have PTSD from my Vietnam experience. I still do a little bit but for 37 years I have run out to every accident, totaling hundreds and stopped bleeding, held people’s hands while they died, directed traffic and helped the police, and for the last 10 years I have given 30-40 tapes of accidents in front or near my house to the police that was recorded by my video cameras. The police refused to investigate all my thefts saying it’s penny annie stuff $100 here, $200 there, just call my insurance company. They refused to give parking tickets or tow cars out of the travel lanes of Route 1 illegally parked. I used to respect the police and I have helped them up to Feb 2012 but I refuse to help them in any way, shape or form ever again. My dvr automatically erases all accident scenes now. And the police can basically go to hell. They don’t want to do their job. They just want to get there 20 years in and get full pay and benefits and retirement. If I don’t get a response by the County ,Calvin Ball, the zoning Board, the Zoning Director, the Chief of Police, in writing, by March 20, 2012, I will be filing a federal lawsuit in the Federal district court of Baltimore MD against all the foregoing parties. With an addendum to add more as more perpetrators of this abuse for re-zoning purposes are found out.


Ray Bly