After 3 years back, I became a truck driver which included good pay at the end of 73. 

By 74-75, I was experiencing aches in my back, knees, ankles, elbows, hips, etc. I went to a doctor who took x-rays who told me all my joints were dissolving in my body from arthritis. They were like being eaten from within and I wouldn't be walking if it continued. As a truck driver, we started saving money and by 1975 we had enough money for me to return to pick up our daughter as I did not want my wife returning to Vietnam. It was too hard getting her out the first time. Vietnam was under attack and being taken over by the Vietnamese. I'd done the paperwork on my brother-in-law and the embassy still had the paperwork on my wife's daughter. I wired my brother-in-law to go to the embassy with my stepdaughter as he would be able to leave. He wired me and told me they had refused to talk to him and knew who he was. I called the damn embassy and demanded to talk to the ambassador. The assistant to the ambassador told me that Ha. Ha. they're getting even with me for that pack of lies in the Washington Post and that my wife's family would never get out. Just as I was ready to book everything and get a passport, Vietnam fell. My wife was crushed emotionally and dissolved into tears. I promised her that somehow I would get her daughter here if it took my whole life. Within a few weeks of the fall of Vietnam, we received a letter from my wife's younger brother that her older brother, the taxi driver, the 2 younger sisters, that her brother-in-law who had helped with the paperwork had all been murdered along with various other relatives such as nieces and nephews. Nothing was said about her daughter being dead. For the next few years, I wrote many letters to Immigration about my wife and her desire to get her daughter and her kid brother here who had driven me on his Honda to Saigon. I thought of her brother as my brother and her family as my family. We mourned the death of all these people together and I even took a flight in September to Ottawa, Canada to the Embassy of Vietnam to see if I could obtain a Visa to go there to pick up my wife's daughter wearing a t-shirt. It was 70 degrees in Maryland, there was 6 inches of snow and 10 degrees up there and with such little money to spare, I decided to walk the 2 miles to the Embassy instead of paying $20.00 to a taxi. Nothing was accomplished except I got pneumonia.My mother had a malpractice operation to bypass her intestines to help her lose weight by the same doctor who had sued my father and cost them their home and belongings. My mom was so sickly when she was discharged from the hospital that she lived in my townhouse from which she had to return and return and return to Doctor's hospital to clear up Staff Infections contracted at that hospital. Within 6 months my mother went into a coma and we rushed her to a more local hospital as Doctor's Hospital was just too far and was filing bankruptcy due to many malpractice suits against them for filth and shoddy medical practices. The doctors at the Seventh Day Adventist Hospital in Takoma Park said they wished we had brought her a month before because then they might have been able to save her by reversing the illegally performed surgery. They said the surgery was supposed to remove just a portion of the intestine not the entire intestine which made her live off of her fat because nothing she ate ever got to her bloodstream but was flushed out 20 times a day as fecal matter. She was suffering from malnutrition on 5 meals a day and died of a common cold her body was incapable of fighting. That was also in 1975. Since I'd had all this money of about $2,000 that I did not need to fly to Vietnam, we purchased a small house where we convinced my sickly, elderly dad to live with us as his social security check just barely covered the lot rent for his trailer his brother had bought them several years prior. In 1981 my dad died. We continued to fight on thru Immigration which sometimes really made me mad because they wouldn't let me fight. They kept giving me reply letters returning my letters that I was no blood relative of this daughter or brother so I had absolutely nothing to do with bringing them here. I was not allowed by Federal Law to find out anything about the case or fight on the case only my wife as a blood relative had any authority with them. Remember this point for future reference as it is key and the codes to this initial point is Title 8, USC1151-53-1154 Federal Rules and Regulations concerning non-blood relatives. By 1983 Immigration stated that her brother and daughter were on the list to immigrate here shortly that my wife needed to sign paperwork for financial responsibility for her brother and his wife and 2 children as well as for her daughter. My wife didn't qualify for income as she only made $2.00 an hour so Immigration mailed them back and told her she needed co-signers so I agreed and co-signed. We put the house up, our belongings up and everything as collateral to guarantee INS that they would not become a welfare burden for at least 3 years. Everything was said and done until the end of 1983 when we received a letter from what was supposed to be our daughter. In it, she cussed my wife and said she hated her for leaving her in Vietnam and abandoning her and she would never consent to come to America. My wife cried for two days before she got really angry and threw her letter in the fireplace and wrote her a letter to Vietnam telling her she was coming whether she wanted to or not. We went back to Immigration stating we would NOT sponsor her brother and his family unless my wife's daughter accompanied them into America. He wrote nasty letters saying she was a little bitch, nothing but trouble and he couldn't force her to do the paperwork or anything else. We got a lot more letters that screamed and yelled at my wife for trying to force her daughter to come and not letting my wife's brother and his family come - most of which were burnt and some not even read.By 1984, we got 5 letters that were more civil to my wife from her supposed daughter asking for more money. Somehow five letters that had come in 83-84 managed to survive the wood stove and the rage my wife had at her daughter with reading them. They were each written in different handwritings that I didn't notice until after my trial.In January of 1985, we are told by Catholic Charities that our family was now in Bangkok, Thailand for American health checks even though they had passed with a clean bill of health by their Vietnamese doctors.In Feb, of 85 we were told by Catholic Charities of New York that our family was in New York and would be at BWI and asked if we could provide them transportation to our home or they could send someone to help. We assured them we would be at the airport waiting for them so nobody had to come and not one person was there from Catholic Charities or Immigration when they got off the airplane and got into our car (remember this point as it is also key later on). They embarked on land and my brother-in-law, sister-in-law and their 2 children ran to us and hugged us for bringing them to America. If you remember I left out my wife's daughter. My wife called to her, I put out my arms along with her, she remained behind my sister-in-law cussing my wife for forcing her to come here. This was the most civil she had been or was to be towards us in ten months of living in our home. We hit home and I called a family meeting which I did for just about every day for the next 10 months. I asked my brother-in-law why my wife's daughter, Ngoc, didn't want to talk to her mom or me? He told me that communists had taken over Vietnam and the school system there was indoctrinating everyone against Americans that she had been told that people in America - especially those with blue eyes - were devils and to just give her time and she would learn to love us as he had. As for my wife, he said that might take as much time for her to accept her as her birth mom. He went on to explain when the communists took over and wanted to know who this girl was, they had lied that it was my wife's sister's daughter who had been killed at the end of the war. She had been an enemy soldier for close to 10 years by saying that this girl was an enemy soldier's daughter, she was raised to level of being a princess. She was given very special treatment, food, clothing and money by the new government to honor her mother's memory. Month after month my brother-in-law kept assuring I and my wife that he was talking with her and trying to tell her that we weren't evil and that my wife was her mother. Everybody but her wanted to talk, wanted to see everything. I had the whole house marked with peel and stick-on labels in English and Vietnamese to teach them what everything was called in our home from windows, doors, TVs to soap and towels. Most of it was already marked because of the dozens of Vietnamese we had sponsored prior to this who were now friends. During these family meetings over the 10 months I was complaining that my wife's daughter was physically abusing our 3 American-born children as well as abusing my wife and myself. After my trial I found when my wife asked them about it that they had given the authorities a totally different story which my wife had neglected to tell me during the family meetings which was that I ranted and raved and was chasing my wife's daughter around trying to molest and rape her, that I was ordering her around to try to be my slave and that I was also ordering my wife's brother and sister-in-law around. This has driven a wedge between I and my wife to this day because she had lied to me as to what the in-laws had said to her during the family meetings in Vietnamese which I didn't remember well enough to translate.We ate together and the Vietnamese custom of eating together was to put big bowls of food in the middle of the table and spread little bowls and chop sticks around the table. As people wanted to eat something, they would take their private chopsticks to get food to put in their smaller bowls. This was normal to me of sharing germs because of course the chopsticks went into the bowls to fetch food and then went into their mouths and back into the large bowls for more. In the coming days of course I had to take them to Immigration to register them and get them their green cards and social security cards and to the health department for complete physicals. The whole time trying to take the relatives around, the girl who was supposed to be my wife's daughter, refused everything. She didn't want to talk to us, eat with us, cussed us out and screamed she wanted to go back to Vietnam.Then we got the shock of our lives. My brother-in-law and sister-in-law after getting their health check-ups, we were notified two weeks later after they had already shared our home and food with them, that they had untreated and contagious syphilis. We only had one bathroom and I went on and on about the health consequences of using the same toilet but the health department assured me that it could only be transferred sexually which I still do not know whether that is true or not. The Health Department also informed us that they both plus our supposed daughter had highly contagious untreated tuberculosis which could be easily transmitted through close environmental contact or sharing the same air in a small room. They told us we had to stay in separate parts of the house and eat separately because eating across the table we could catch TB. After my conviction July 10th 1987 my U.S. House of Representatives, McMillan, wrote a letter to the Embassy of the U.S. in Bangkok, Thailand to a Mr. Thomas Doubleday. According to Doubleday, they completely health screened each and every person before they come to America. He stated that the TB had been diagnosed prior to their departure from Vietnam and that I should have been notified prior to their arrival in the U.S. and it was conditionally set up that they had upon arrival to receive treatment for contagious TB. I had not been told about any of this. "They let people with contagious TB into America without notifying any body"? My sister-in-law and brother-in-law also had a severe intestinal infection that was transmittable. This turned an already bad situation into an even worse one. It was bad enough in a 900 square foot, two bedroom house but our supposed daughter kept running all over the place, ordering our other children all over the place as well as slapping them. Besides this woman cussing my wife and refusing to be any part of my wife or her family remained strictly with our sister-in-law who smacked her children and knocked them across the room whenever she felt like it for what seemed to be a minuscule problem - like they looked funny at her or something. My brother-in-law came home from work totally bombed on alcohol in fits and rages yelling at his wife. He got drunk for the simple reason that he was the weak one in the relationship and his wife was the queen bitch. Also other women starting calling my brother-in-law and asking for him as well as showing up at our front door for him. We had heard that in Vietnam my brother-in-law was a womanizer that had dozens of women chasing him and left a lot of illegitimate children behind. The biggest mistake I ever made was to tell him that in America, this isn't tolerated and his wife could hang him out to dry for child support, alimony, etc. if she wanted to. I should have kept my mouth shut and let him leave his bitchy wife who controls him to this very day. By the way her name is Minh and she works in a nail salon in Columbia Mall in Columbia, Md. Now I had to explain to my wife what contagious meant and what the health department recommendations were. My youngest daughter was 5, my son was 8, and my oldest daughter was 11. I couldn't have them getting these various illnesses and we had to eat separately and stay separately for at least 3 months while they took their medicine - which they refused to do saying it made them sick. I had to yell at my wife - which was very uncommon - to insist that she fight with them to take their medicine which they refused to do on any kind of normal routine. The first refill was due to 2 weeks and they were only half finished. The second refill that was due in 30 days, they had almost the entire bottle left over. Things were just getting totally out of hand in my home. My kids started coming to me crying in my store. I began speaking with our pastor, Father Commack. He told me to sit down and have family group meetings to let everybody air their complaints. It became a barrage of accusations by my sister-in-law that I was out of control and unruly and should not be involved in their personal family health issues, children's discipline problems, her husband's alcoholism that that was all their own business and none of ours but my wife never told me all this and I couldn't understand their Vietnamese. As for my wife's supposed daughter, according to witnesses that attended school with her, she had had an earful of come tell us if you're being abused. Do your parents yell at you? Do they hit you? Do they touch you in places that are uncomfortable for you? Come tell us and we'll put you in a nice home where you'll be safe from this. My 3 American-born children later told me that in Howard County schools constantly they were barraged by teachers, counselors and school administrators at just about every school meeting with pupils with the same speech. They tried to convince kids that they could escape any punishment from their parents by just telling someone that they had been abused. Now kids famous statement in this area are "You can't tell me what to do or I'll turn you in for abusing me". I am personally very strongly against physical abuse but I am not against spanking young children or punishing them if they are not listening and breaking the rules. I'm horrified when I saw in the late 80s one woman at Giant Food in Laurel and one woman in Safeway in Laurel get arrested for smacking their children's hands and demanding they return the candy they had stolen in their pockets. This conduct by governmental officials overwhelmingly puts into the child's mind that it is O.K. to steal because if you get caught your parents get sent to jail. What happened to our Christian values of spare the rod, you'll spoil the child? This is a metaphor that says you should discipline your children not beat them to death with an iron pipe in my opinion of the interpretation of the Bible. Before I get into the ever-worsening situation in my home, I will refresh your memory and how I see myself today. My family lost 3 children, two boys and a girl. I lost 2 boys and a girl. Oh by the way when I finally returned to Vietnam to bring her here, I was told that about 4 weeks after I had left in July of 1971, my wife miscarried due to her being way too upset and not eating or sleeping because of crying due to my forced removal from Vietnam. And then as I will explain later on I will tell you how I learned that my wife's daughter died in the 1975 takeover in Vietnam. I also forgot to mention that my wife's father died in 1975. Now back the genes that I inherited. I ended up so much like my dad except for the alcoholism that I've kept a life of poverty helping others who were less fortunate than myself even social services of Howard County had asked me to help a family who were homeless for a month or two until they could find them housing - which I did. I helped over 40 Vietnamese by taking them into my home between 1975 and 1982 by getting them jobs, teaching them to drive, helping them to acclimate to American culture, etc. Instead of doctors wiping me out and putting me on the street like happened to my father, Howard County wanted to get even with me because of my home. You see I haven't talked about my home yet. I bought it in September of 1975 through the V.A. loan program. Within one month the County condemned it and ordered me to move out because it had improper sewerage with just a pipe running into the back yard. Then I used a Federal Law to force Howard County to lift the moratorium on sewer connections and hook me up. I had to go through 10 foot of State of Md. property in the swamp out my backyard to hook up. The State of Md. wanted $10,000 for easement as my property would be greatly enhanced by being hooked up. So I used another Federal Law to force Howard County to officially condemn the State Property and pay them the normal .50c per foot easement tax. In the next few years, every time I tried to rebuild or remodel the County Inspectors were all over me telling me I was not allowed to. Even when I built a clubhouse in the back yard, they cited me with a stop work order and told me I needed environmental impact studies and a half-acre pond for run-off (on a quarter acre lot?). They threatened to take me to court and take away our home if I continued to build this clubhouse. I basically told them to go to hell and built it anyway. The biggest thing that cost the county and State of Maryland was the Federal Flood Plain that was my backyard - which was 30' drop straight down from my back door. I did some research and found that the State of Md. to build the Md. Produce Market behind my house had literally filled in 100+ acres 25' high with dirt and moved the creek beds over a thousand feet to my property line in the backyard. I also found that the construction company that owned both sides of me had been cited and fined many times for trying to fill in their lots so they could move here from Hyattsville, Md. They were building contractors and could afford fancy lawyers who fought the county and State for the right to fill in the land. They lost every time at the tune of many thousands of dollars of cost. I talked to the owner next door who came up constantly to see what I was doing with my property. I told him I could get him a license if he would sign a contract with me that he would pay for the licensing fees and completely grade at his own expense my property as well as his own and have his engineers do a complete set of drawings as to how we would fill in the land. He asked me where are we going to get the dirt? I told him not to worry I could get the dirt. He insisted that the contract have a null and void clause in it if I was unable to get the license or dirt. We both signed it. That afternoon I called the Federal Dept of Water Resources in Annapolis, Md. that oversaw protection of flood plains. They threatened me saying if I put one drop of dirt on my property my head would be spinning with the fines and possible imprisonment. I stated O.K. I'll just call the newspapers with my story. They started backing up fast asking me why in the world I would call the newspapers? I said if the damn State of Md. can fill in over 100 acres and move the creek to my property line then I should have the right to move it back to keep the water away from my home which had already flooded our basement twice already due to heavy rains. They said O.K. they'll give us the license but I will have to pay x number of dollars and submit engineering drawings of how I was going to fill. I stated that my property was 68' wide so my neighbors on both sides would also have to fill in so the property would be flat. Biting their tongues they mumbled O.K. That Bradshaw Construction could fill in on both sides of my property. We had 3 1/2 acres total to fill 30' deep - just a few truckloads.I started going away to construction sites and rebuilding lots and finding people with excess dirt. I did some research on the companies before I asked them to find out they were trucking the dirt in excess of 20 miles to the county dump as it was full of cement and asphalt as well as clay. It was not topsoil by a long shot. The trucks they had rented to transport the dirt could make one trip an hour to the dump. If they brought the dirt to me being one mile or so, the same truck could make several trips for the same rental cost. So I went in to talk with the supervisor at each one of these construction sites. They all had a reply you need dirt? O.K. We have excess dirt and since you're so close we'll only charge $10.00 a load to bring it up. How many loads do you need? And I said all the dirt you need to get rid of but I was only going to charge you $5.00 a load to dump it on my property. They said we're charging you. And then I explained that I had done some research. It was roughly costing them $50.00 a load at the dump with these rental trucks per hour. It would still cost them $50.00 an hour but now the same trucks could make 6 to 10 loads an hour to my property which meant they only had to rent one fourth as many trucks to get rid of the same amount of dirt which saved them a small fortune in costs for their construction projects. They finally caved in and said, you want dirt and began dumping it free. The construction company next door hired several workers to run their antique bulldozer. We were getting an average of 20 loads an hour, 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week. After a month or so when we had enough space for more trucks to dump at a time, we were getting upwards to 40 or 50 trucks per hour. We didn't care what they brought as long as it was less than 2% wood. It took a year and a half at this rate to level off the entire 3 properties to my basement level. In the future I had many fights with the State and County. I didn't understand why until the secretaries at the Howard County Dept of Planning and Zoning asked me why I was spending so much money fixing up this old shack when the county planned to get it torn down sooner or later? The county had long-range planning to get rid of every home on both sides of Route 1 for the Baltimore-Washington corridor for a commercial high paying tax base. This is why they had fought me so much every time I made an effort to improve my home. This is what finally ended up being a nightmare in 1986 because everyone connected with the Howard County government and MD State Government already knew my name and hated me for winning against them many times over that I feel caused the later problems.Looking back of my father's life for some reason the gene memory seems to be powerful that we've shared a life of Hell together in parallel.Now back to my story. With having daily counseling, unable to run my business because of all the yelling, screaming and cussing in my home by the sister-in-law mainly, I sought daily counseling, had dozens of family meetings and got nowhere. Vietnamese culture says blood is thicker than marriage which really put my wife squarely in the middle. The alleged daughter of my wife started accusing me of abusing her saying I was touching her in inappropriate places while my wife was at work. By July of 1985 I came to the conclusion that I had to get this daughter away from my sister-in-law for a week or two even though I had no money. My wife forced her to get into the car that was a 1984 Chevette 4 door hatchback with the back seat folded down and a mattress put in with several changes of clothing with our 3 other children and me and we headed to Florida. We went to St. Augustine's Alligator Farm, Marine land and Walt Disney World. We slept in the car and we ate out of an insulated chest where we kept our food to make sandwiches, etc. By the third day, this supposed daughter's conduct was so outrageous with screaming and cussing at us, that I cut the vacation short and headed home. I sincerely felt that if she would just get to know our family she would love us and realize how much we had loved her when she was a baby. As I've stated before, we had no clue she was an imposter. My brother-in-law explained to me and my wife that she was told that her mom was a Viet Cong hero and that she was really my wife's niece and not her daughter to protect her and get her special benefits from the new communist government. That the school system in Vietnam really harped on how bad Americans were and how we randomly tortured, raped and pillaged them and told me to give her time to adjust. It had only been 7 months of hell in our home. By the 9th month, I was living in my unheated store attached to the side of our home with my wife and 3 American-born children rather than expose ourselves to them any longer. Reverend David Commack had his hands full. All day every day his whole life revolved around trying to help our family get back together to no avail with the relatives who wouldn't even speak to him. But he did move my wife closer to me and our children telling her that we should be her main responsibility. My wife was still stuck in the middle and pulled both ways constantly. By December, my wife's work phoned and said she was very faint and pale as a ghost lying in the floor. They asked if they should send her to a hospital. I told them I'd be right there. I rushed her to our HMO Emergency Care facility that rushed her right in. Within one minute, the fire department had an ambulance to take her to the local hospital 3 miles away with the HMO surgeons right behind them. They took her right into an open operating room to find what they told me was a 4 to 6 week old ulcer that had erupted in her stomach causing internal bleeding and putting fluid around the heart and lungs making it impossible to work. They even told me she had died right after they had opened her up and they had to restart her heart. Thank God I didn't get stuck in any traffic jams or she would have been dead. My minister came over and said damn it, this is your house, these are your children, that's your wife. Take back control. Make rules and make them live by them or get the hell out of your home. So I did the second day my wife was in the hospital recovering. I told them no more yelling, no more cussing, no more hitting my children, no more alcoholism, no more abuse of their own children and to look for somewhere else to live in the meanwhile. Before I knew it an Officer Syd Smith showed up at my door because my sister-in-law had called him telling him I was trying to rape this supposed daughter and was abusing her. He entered and my sister-in-law and stepdaughter began screaming, yelling and cussing me saying how badly I had treated them and abused them. I was not fighting back. I was just in tears. The Officer asked me to please leave the room and he would be in shortly to speak with me. After listening for 10 to 15 minutes of their rantings about me supposedly trying to rape this woman, I started getting mad like my minister told me to and stand up for myself and my family. I calmly explained to the officer of the nightmare that had been going on with this woman and my sister-in-law and that I wanted my sister-in-law and her family out of my home right then and there. He said he couldn't and told me to call Social Services. I demanded the learning permit be returned from this woman that I had gotten for her who had posed as our daughter. She screamed and cussed at the police officer and said I couldn't take it back away from her. After 5 minutes of this, she relented and gave it back to me. I asked what I could do with this unruly brat and he again told me to call social services because he doesn't get involved in family disputes. Remember this as a key point that I'll expound on later.Oh I forgot to state that just as he was getting back the learner's permit from this woman, my brother-in-law stumbled and fell into the front door drunk saying I was a bad man and should be locked up and my children were unruly and should be taken away. That's when I remember a famous quote from Officer Syd Smith. He looked at me and said don't forget to call social services. I'm sorry about what's happening to you and your family but I can do nothing.I went to the hospital where I'd been most of the day before and told my wife what had gone on. My children were they’re crying and saying we have to stop this that if they won't move out, we will and to just let them have the house. My wife said she would take care of kicking them out as soon as she got home. I had extended a courtesy with a white flag to my in-laws and this supposed daughter if they wanted to go visit my wife in the hospital. They cursed me and said they hoped she died. That evening while still at the hospital and not wanting to go home, my drunk brother-in-law showed up at the hospital to curse his sister, my wife, in the hospital bed in urgent care. He screamed and yelled that I was the one who called the police, that I was trying to throw them out onto the street. What kind of maniac had she married? He got her so upset that the beepers began going off and she passed out of consciousness. When the nurses and doctors began rushing in, my brother-in-law decided to shut up and leave. The doctors told me that this is life and death. That any kind of upset could kill her. Her ulcer could perforate again. Don't allow anything near her that could upset her again. He had prescribed 3 medications to try to help her ulcer and to keep her calm. But she was demanding to come home after only 2 days in the hospital. I and her doctor convinced her to stay the night and he told her she must learn to stay calm. I ran home with my children and I called a relative in a loud voice to get their ass in the living room because I had something to say one time, and one time only. That I was going to get physical if they raised their voices or got my wife in any way upset again because it could kill her. They would find themselves on the street headfirst immediately. I asked them if they understood me fully? They didn't say anything but gave me a dirty look and returned to their rooms. I and my children went back out to the store to sleep where I constantly tried to build a fire in the wood stove to keep warm lying on top of washers and dryers to keep warm with no pillows or blankets. The next morning my wife called and asked me to pick her up that she wanted to come home. Me and the 3 children rushed to the hospital to try and talk her out of it. The doctors all told her she had to stay at least a week to 10 days which shocked me. She had to be in very serious condition with this HMO wanting to keep her in the hospital and formerly always got you out of the way as fast as possible to save money. I refused to give her clothes or bring her home but she got out of bed in her hospital robe and said she'd walk if I didn't give her clothes and a ride home. So I gave her the clothes and brought her home with all 3 doctors walking us to the car demanding that she remain calm and telling me that I had to stay very close to her and watch her health. She needed to be in ICU. I assured the doctors I would do the best I could. My wife is a very strong-willed woman when she wants to be which is very seldom, all 80 lbs of her. I and my wife have personalities that you could kick us and slap us repeatedly before we would stand up and say enough. I was so tired of fighting the government and now the in-laws. How had my brother-in-law changed so much to become a drunk and a womanizer running around with girlfriends now. The brother I had adopted and loved so dearly in Vietnam was no longer in existence. His answer to his wife was get drunk, party and have girlfriends and not come home until he felt like it. That way he earned her abuse. We showed up at the front door to return home and my wife screamed for everyone to get downstairs to the dining room table. She told them this is the way its going to be that my husband will immediately find you some damn place to live, you will take this little bitch with you and we will pay support for her but you will get out of our home within one week. You bought everything you needed to furnish a home already and its time for you to go. She was getting very upset as this was totally uncommon thing for her to do and with her brother sitting there quietly and letting his wife and this woman who was supposed to be our daughter start yelling and screaming back at my wife was unbearable. He was drunk as usual.This woman got into my wife's face telling her she was an unfit mother as well as a lot other inflammatory remarks to upset my wife on purpose. Let me break in now and tell you something. If you remember the first officer had told me to call social services. They had the report from him stating that it was a hell of a family conflict going on mainly caused by the relatives. The social worker told me this and that she agreed with my request to have them moved out as soon as possible because of my wife's dire physical, mental and medical problems and that my children and I needed a lot of help according to the officer to recover from what our in-laws had done to us. She said she was sorry she couldn't help remove anybody and that it was up to me to get them out if I so desired but I could not in any shape, way or form give what was supposed to be my wife's daughter to the relatives to take care of because by law she had to remain in our home. If the in-laws caused any problems to put them out into the street immediately. If this woman, a supposed 15-year-old woman caused any problems that I should punish her and if she still didn't listen to spank her if I had to and send her to her room. She basically told us to stop putting up with this shit from her. She said this is our home and our rules. Don't put up with a teen-age’s out of control behavior any longer and do whatever it took to regain control. You see for 10 months we had literally bent over backwards to kiss their ass and satisfy their every need to a financial point. I'd gone deeply into debt providing support for all 5 of them in a style that was way beyond our own running up over $20,000 in bills. With this woman in my wife's face screaming at her, and my wife turning more pale I jumped up and told her to shut up her F*&$#@n language and to sit her ass down or I would sit it down. She started screaming in my face whereupon I grabbed her arm to be almost knee kicked between my legs by her. She almost knocked me down but missed the crucial point thank God because I had turned a little bit. This woman seemed to be stronger than me with my advanced arthritis, bad back, etc. But this was my wife's life I was fighting for. I spun her around and smacked her on the butt and pushed her down in the chair and put my fist in her face daring her to stand up. I never touched her face by the way. I did not notice at the time but my sister-in-law had gone into the other room where the phone was and called the police telling them I was trying to murder all of them. My kids were in the hallway by the front door in front of the stairs upwards because our dining room was small. My drunk brother-in-law immediately upon me shaking my fist at this woman's face lunged at me. I grabbed his collar and picked him up ready to swing at him when squealing by the dozens of sounds were heard in front of my house which I was accustomed to because of the many pileups on U.S. I and the many times I had given first aid to car accident victims while phoning for help. My children also knew it might be another accident so my daughter Linda flung open the front door to see what was happening when several police officers with their guns drawn trampled over her and my other 2 children knocking them down and charging in. I'm standing there still with one hand holding my brother-in-law's shirt collar around his throat but I no longer had a fist, seeing police cars and policemen everywhere. They asked who was Raymond Bly? I let go of my brother-in-law and said I was with my hands down to my sides, totally in a non-combative stance and look. Two officers grabbed me with brute force strength like they were attacking Minnesota governor Jessie Ventura in a wrestling match and slammed me against the wall with both my hands drawn so high behind my back they were up to my neck with my feet off the floor. I'm 125 lbs, 5'6" and could hardly walk due to advanced arthritis and a bad back and advanced emphysema and certainly no threat to them. I tried to turn my head to ask what they were doing? I soon found out that speaking got my head slammed against the wall again and my arms twisted behind my back harder. The officers saw I was not putting up any fight whatsoever from Officer Hammond who was an ex MP Vietnam Veteran who might have been able to take on Jessie Ventura in size, weight and strength. All the officers but Hammond and his partner left noticing there was no raving lunatic with a gun killing anybody. They stayed outside. My children who tried to come to my rescue were physically attacked with his other hand leaving black and blue marks on my very young children. My wife had stood up to take the 2 steps over towards me when Officer Hammond shoved her down back into the chair forcibly. My sister-in-law was ranting, raving and cussing saying I'd stolen their money, forced them into slave driving jobs with low incomes and made them all be servants in my home as well as trying to rape this poor innocent little girl. This girl (woman) is cussing the police officer demanding he remove me and my wife and children from the home, saying that we beat her black and blue and I was supposedly always tearing off her clothes and trying to rape her. My brother-in-law wasn't saying much because he was semi-comatose but he did say we had done all these things and should be jailed. The police could smell as well as see he'd had too much to drink and disregarded his comments. With my wife being afraid to talk and policeman's hands on her shoulders and me being afraid to even speak any longer because at least 10 times I had opened my mouth to try to tell the police to call an ambulance in case my wife collapsed again from her perforated ulcer and shouldn't be upset. My head was slammed against the wall each time I even tried to open my mouth. Finally his partner who was gently holding my wife in her chair saying to please be quiet started telling Officer Hammond that if he didn't stop brutalizing me, he would report him. Officer Hammond told him to mind his own business that he knew what he was doing. Then the other officer said he was going outside and get the captain if he didn't release me immediately. He let go and let me turn around with his elbow close to my throat to prevent me from attacking him he thought. They asked my wife if she was O.K. because she was very pale by now and shaking and started ordering my in-laws to shut up their barrage of cussing and screaming to put me and my wife in jail. When they wouldn't shut up, the officer that was looking at my wife went over to them and got in their faces and pointed towards the living room and ordered them out of the room. This officer sat down in a chair next to my wife. She asked him if he saw what we had to put up with and to please help us get them the hell out of her home. She said, I am sick but she could not explain what was wrong with her clearly enough so the officer turned to me and asked what her medical problems were. As soon as I began to speak, Officer Hammond jumped towards me and the other officer told him to get away from me right now. This soldier had no stripes on his shoulder like Officer Hammond had but apparently even though this officer didn't have rank, he'd had enough of the senior officers of me and he made Officer Hammond of the Howard County Police Department back off from me several feet. Officer Hammond gave him a dirty look. I wish I have known this other policeman's name to thank him for saving I and my wife's life that day. We told him why my wife was so pale and should have been in the ICU still and he apologized repeatedly saying he could do nothing to remove the in-laws but to get my wife back to the hospital right away because she looked so bad. He asked if I wanted him to call an ambulance for her? The funny thing about the police answering a complaint of abuse by me of my in-laws results in this abusing my 3-American-born children physically when they are there to supposedly protect a child from being abused. Then he walked into the living room and raised his voice at the in-laws telling them to shut up and stay away from us and find some place to move to and to get out of our home. That I had the legal right at any time to throw their things and their sorry ass's out into the street. Then they left while apologizing because he couldn't do anything more to help us while Officer Hammond is yelling at me to not dare to touch them again or abuse them in any way or he will be back while being shoved out the front door by his partner. Thank God there are still a small percentage of officers who have ethics and morals and not corrupted by the Howard County system of justice.According to State Law if an officer in Maryland responds to a home where a child alleges abuse, they are supposed to immediately notify child protective services to get a worker in the home immediately to either remove the child or the perpetrator from the home - not just say, well have a nice day and then to leave.I rushed my wife back to the hospital where they prescribed 4 additional anti-depressants and tranquilizers. They wanted my wife to re-enter ICU but again she refused saying she had to be home. All the way home she demanded that I find them some place else to live and to hell with the law. This daughter??? woman seemed to love our sister-in-law and stayed with her 24/7 and was going out with them. We got home and slept in the store again. The next day I called around and I found an apartment a half a block from my sister-in-law's workplace and 4 miles from my brother-in-law's workplace and he had a car of his own for almost 11 months now. This was December 16th, 1985 and it was bitter cold and people were helping themselves to our Christmas trees that I had been selling every year and I didn't care being unable to do anything. I took the in-laws down to show them the place which they seemed to like. They had accumulated as I had instructed from the beginning to buy dishes, pots, pans, VCRs, TVs. sewing machines, and everything they needed to completely furnish a house except living room and dining room furniture. I told them they could have the bedroom furniture I had purchased for them when they had arrived for several thousand dollars. I started doing the paperwork on the lease for them to be checked out credit-wise the next day. On December 18th, 1985 without our knowledge, they had contacted a lady called Pat Hatch at an organization called F.I.R.N. in Columbia, Md. for the prior two weeks which I later learned during trial. They also had befriended a slight acquaintance of my wife's and convinced her to help them escape the brutality of living in our home. They had a meeting with the police and social services, i.e., Michael Marshall, Howard County DSS and an officer Robert Bates of the Howard County Police Dept with an interpreter. At those meetings they said I had stolen all their money they had earned, I had turned them into our personal slaves, that I was constantly molesting my supposed step-daughter and trying to rape her and I was trying to throw them out into the streets and to please help them. The police report did not show the two times that they were at my home. It showed that my in-laws were the problems and the abusers that I discovered later after my trial. This is another key point I will come back to later.For 2 weeks my in-laws had been telling my wife I was abusing them and this woman. This woman kept telling my wife that I wanted her because she was so pretty and did not want my wife. This had caused me and my wife to argue a lot.Me and my wife were very far apart because of these people we fought all the time. By December 25, 1985 I was so depressed I just wanted to end it all. I took my shotgun and headed outback to kill myself. My wife and children plus my brother-in-law grabbed me and threw me to the floor, taking the gun away. I got up and wrote a letter giving everything to my wife, took off my wedding ring plus all the keys I had. I walked up the street to the truck stop and drank coffee for 2 hours. While I was there, my friend, Victor, had been called to help find me. He had come down to our home and picked up my wife to look for me. This woman insisted to go along. For over an hour they looked for me. This woman kept saying how sorry she was and it was all a lie that my sister-in-law had told her to say. Victor finally left and went home where he was told I had called and had asked if he could come pick me up at the truck stop which he did. He told me about what the woman had said to him and my wife. He told me my wife was very upset. I was gone for the next two days and I stayed with Victor, asking him to tell my wife I was not there. The evening of the second day Victor demanded I talk to my wife I said ok. I did and my wife said the hell with her family, she will kick them out. That she believed me that I had done nothing wrong to please come home and I did.Then on December 29th, Officer Bates called and demanded a meeting with us that day or the next. I told him we were busy. He stated ok, that January 2, 1986 at 1:00 P.M. would be fine and that I must bring my wife and this woman with me. I said ok. I constantly tried to tell Officer Bates - even though I agreed to the meeting - that I had an apartment in Laurel where the relatives had agreed to move and take this woman with them and that I would give them support money for her. He stated that didn't solve anything that there were still allegations that had to be resolved. That's when I agreed to meet with the police, like I'd agreed before in 1981, to do.After my father's death, I had a lot of conflict with my sisters over his estate. By the end of 81, I had a child abuse report filed against me by this sister and this is what she told me. She had been harassed daily by our Aunt Charlotte - my mother's sister - telling her to call welfare because supposedly I was abusing my wife and children. My sister repeatedly told her no that she didn't see any and wasn't going to report something she didn't believe had happened at all. Aunt Charlotte is an over-bearing big-mouthed bitch who doesn't give up the bone once she has smelled the meat on it. She was angry at me because I had refused to turn over her great great grandmother's desk to her family as it was given to my mother and my mother had given it to me and decided to use my sister to get to me. She gave my sister no peace whatsoever for days on end until she relented and called giving social services a report of abuse on me. Of course, after the police and social services interviewed me and my wife both together and separately, the allegations were proven to be false and it was dismissed. If you really want to put somebody through hell anonymously, report them for child abuse or to the IRS. They are immune to do it and stay anonymous most of the time. January 2nd, 1986, just before the school bus arrived to pick up this supposed daughter and take her to school, she came out to my store where I and my family now resided. She screamed and yelled at my wife using many profanities saying she hates us because we won't give her what she wants. She said she had a teacher who taught English as a second language who had offered her the use of her home in Columbia and wasn't coming home from school and wouldn't go to the police department as requested. She also began laughing and telling us she wasn't our daughter, Ngoc, Ha. Ha. She left and I called Officer Bates and told him I and my wife could still come but this woman had refused to come and wouldn't be back from school but would be living with her English teacher. Later I found out this woman had been over to this teacher's house - which was a mansion - and it seemed that this teacher had adopted several children already from other countries who had their own private rooms, computers, vcr and TV. It was a dream of a lifetime for a teen-ager and this woman had told her everything she longed to hear. Officer Bates said there would still be a meeting and to be at the police station at 1:00 P.M.This was what Mike Marshall and Officer Bates wanted of postponing our meeting until after Christmas and New Years to a school day where I found out 4 years after my trial that, in fact, Officer Bates, Mike Marshall and a Vietnamese interpreter had a meeting with this so-called daughter at Hammond High School and completely interviewed her using an interpreter and then put her into protective custody. Remember this point as a key point later. Officer Bates called me from school and said that he had gone to school and picked up our daughter to be a part of our meeting but required our verbal permission to remove her from school that day. I agreed. I also re-stated that there was no reason for this meeting and that I was still reluctant to come to the police station but would under duress. He said I'd better be there immediately or there would be severe consequences to pay. That this had to be resolved right then and there. This was 10:30 A.M. Over 3 hours of school time had already passed for them to interview this so-called daughter. Reluctantly my wife and I went to the police station. We announced that we were there. We were escorted into a side room with no windows and only one door. We were told to sit in the rear corner of the room behind a large table whereupon Officer Bates and Mike Marshall sat by the door on both sides of the table effectively blocking any exits we might attempt to make. My wife asked where the damned lying bitch was because I want her in here and see her repeat her lies face to face? She was very upset. I turned to her and told her to calm down and I reminded Officer Bates and Mike Marshall of her life threatening situation if she got upset according to her doctors. Officer Bates pretended then that we had convened on a friendly interview basis and said all he wanted to know was what had been going on in our house. He had two police reports with conflicting statements and he wanted to know our sides to the reports. So we began. We starting tell him about our trip to the airport and her cussing us out and hiding behind my sister-in-law. He immediately cut me off. Officer Bates had called INS at 962-3058 according to the police report and talked to an Allen Plant an INS investigational officer. Officer Allen Plant of the INS had told Officer Bates the I.D. numbers for all the family that had come. He also asked Allen Plant if I had signed care and custody of this girl according to the police report that I never saw until long after my conviction. Allen Plant said that I was met by INS agents at BWI Airport and had signed care and custody for my wife's daughter on the day of their arrival.This is very funny since Title VIII USC 1151,53 & 54 state that a non-relative cannot sign anything except financial responsibility stating that I had signed care and custody papers. Another stupid thing. Here's the government at their own expense bringing a supposed family member halfway around the world not knowing if I would sign anything at all. How stupid can people be? Either the police report was a total lie concerning this supposed phone conversation with INS or they need to teach their own INS officers their own damn rules. Even if I could have signed - which I couldn't have - they wouldn't be so dumb to bring her halfway around the world with just the hopes that I'd sign. The INS always insisted that all paperwork by my wife to sponsor her daughter and brother-in-law and his family be signed, sealed and delivered before they could even be put on a waiting list to come here. Officer Bates said I want to hear about when you laid on top of her and rubbing around on her and getting aroused. I told him that was a lie if that's what she told him. He wanted to know about me sexually groping her and I told him that was also a lie. I tried to explain to him how disrespectful and out of control this woman is - how she hit my children, yelled at them to wait on her and tried to make maids out of them, how she cussed my wife and refused to be any part of our family. I also asked him how stupid could he be? This woman had contagious TB that as far as I knew was still untreated because she refused to take her medicine and why would I jeopardize myself and/or my family I kept trying to talk over him because he didn't want to hear it. He kept telling me we weren't there for that. I told him to ask me about any allegations against us and I would answer him then. He asked if I had laid on top of her, moving around on her and getting erections. I told him no. He didn't want to hear it. He demanded to know who this woman was because she had told the police she wasn't our daughter and asked if my wife had, in fact, adopted her? I said "NO" that she was 100% natural-born daughter and that I saw my wife pregnant and then I saw the baby. I didn't see the actual birth itself. But what I understood making her think this way was what my brother-in-law had told me in English was the fact that since she was very young they had told her she was my sister-in-law's daughter and was the daughter of an outstanding Viet Cong hero. He started hollering at me that I and my wife had, in fact, adopted a Vietnamese girl. My wife began crying and protesting that she was her daughter and wasn't adopted. Then he went back to demanding that I confess and to get help. I needed help. I'm a Vietnam veteran. I didn't know what I was doing and that I should just confess. I was very ill with acute bronchitis and pneumonia from sleeping out in my unheated store for the past very cold months. I also had diarrhea. I asked to go to the bathroom and he refused telling me to sit down because we weren't finished. I told him I couldn't hold it so he relented and watched me go and telling me I had to return immediately and made sure I did. I was shivering and upset by this time because of his relentless arguing with me. He didn't care how much this woman disrespected us and cussed at us in our home nor how much of an alcoholic my brother-in-law was in our home and that my sister-in-law literally beat her kids black and blue saying it was Vietnamese custom and to shut up and stay out of it. After about an hour I said this is ridiculous Officer Bates, you're not interested in our side of this story about the in-laws and what they were trying to do to us. I announced that we were leaving and going home. I stood up and found Officer Bates on his feet, shaking his fists at me and he ordered me to sit back down and finish answering his questions. This was our supposed friendly interview as he referred to it later. During the second hour of this friendly???? interview, I was crying and arguing that I hadn't done anything. My wife got upset at Officer Bates and started yelling at him to leave me alone because I hadn't done anything. But, of course, if you remember that secret meeting our in-laws had, the police didn't believe my wife either because I supposedly had beaten her and threatened her with deportation if she didn't lie to protect me. By the end of the second hour, nothing had been accomplished except we had requested to be allowed to leave many times and threatened many times that we couldn't leave this supposedly consensual interview. If you've watched NYPD and how they interrogate people, this is what Officer Bates was doing to us with Mike Marshall playing the good guy sitting there and saying in a calm gentle voice it would go much easier if I would just confess and get counseling for my problems. I brought up that my minister had been counseling both me and my family for months and had tried to counsel with this woman and the in-laws for months but that really put me more into a doghouse because they must have been orthodox atheists and condemned me even more saying I needed professional help to stop my abusive ways. With a high fever, crying and shaking and protesting my innocence my wife stood up in the middle of the 3rd hour and announced we were leaving. Officer Bates got up again and said we couldn't leave and she said yes we are. She walked passed me, grabbed my hand and said we're out of here. I am terrified of the police remembering what Hammond had done to me in our living room previously. She shoved Officer Bates out of our way as he tried to block the door while she pulled my hand to keep me with her as we left the room. She opened the door and we went out to the hallway where the front main information center is for the public. She began hollering at Officer Bates as he says we're not finished here because this is a serious problem that isn't going to go away. She demanded to see who she thought was her daughter to confront the lying bitch as she put it. She wanted her to state these lies in front of her. My wife can make a hell of a ruckus whereupon Officer Bates called for assistance from the back room and ordered us to leave the station or be arrested for causing a commotion in the station. We left and on the way home my wife convinced me to stop past urgent care of my HMO because she said I looked bad. My lips were turning blue and my skin was ghostly white and I was shivering with a fever. The doctor rushed me in front of others because of my appearance. She told him what had just gone on and to please help me. He gave me antibiotics and also offered several anti-depressants and tranquilizers to try to calm me down - which I refused. I don't like medicines but I did take the antibiotics. We got home and stayed in my store. My sister-in-law started screaming at my wife asking why she had put her own daughter in jail and threatening to put her in jail for stealing the $25,000 we owed them since they had arrived here. They had been complaining about this since the first day because they had been told in Vietnam that when you come to America, the government gives you a home, a car and $5,000 per person to get started here plus free schooling and she wanted her damn money because she was moving out. I owed her $20,000 for her, her husband and her 2 children and the government was going to give her the free house.About 3:30 that afternoon we got a call from Michael Marshall asking for permission to come pick up her clothing because she was now in foster care and I told him that was fine. This was the first time he was going to be in our home to see where the supposed crimes had taken place on our living room couch. Two feet from our front door, 15 foot from the backdoor, 5 foot to the dining room and kitchen and bathroom, and 3 feet from the stairway going to the 2 upstairs bedrooms was the living room sofa where I had supposedly molested this woman. He even sat on the sofa while waiting for me to gather her clothes from upstairs. Who could be this stupid. Remember this is a key point.I went upstairs with paper grocery bags to obtain all her clothing. My wife stayed with Mike Marshall because he wanted to talk with her further. I found out later he was trying to convince her to tell the truth and get me help because I was abusing her as well. While going through her drawers to retrieve her shirts and pants folding them nicely into the bags, I came across her private parts garments. I wouldn't call them bras or underpants because I'd never seen such things in my life. See-thru G-strings made out of silk and/or lace. The same with the bras that barely covered her nipples being very tiny and revealing everything. To me her undergarments were profane and disgusting to say the least. I put them into the bags and carried the half a dozen bags downstairs pulling out a bra and panties to show my wife and asking her where in the hell these came from with Mike Marshall looking on. She was also shocked as well as Mike Marshall who ordered me to put them back into the bags. I wish I would have kept one of the sets out of the 60+ sets of these undergarments that even matched as evidence but I just wanted her to be gone for a while to get help. My minister told me not to worry that the truth would come out as to how this woman really acted and that social services would have to get her counseling because of her allegations of abuse.We went to court concerning her placement in a foster home Jan 6/7 in front of a Master Schwesinger. Mike Marshall was on vacation but another social worker was there as was their attorney as well as this woman having her own attorney.To back up the first night she was in foster care and every night up until this hearing, she kept calling us begging me to let her come back home and to please pick her up. She couldn't eat because they served American, she couldn't sleep. She cried and begged. This really upset me and then she would talk to my wife and make her cry as well making my wife believe that she was being mistreated because I had had her thrown into a foster home. The police had told her according to her, that I had stated she was an unruly child who needed discipline I couldn't provide and that was why she had been thrown into a foster home. These nightly escapades made us feel very guilty about telling the truth as to how out of control this woman had been to the point that my wife wondered if we shouldn't bring her back home - which began arguments between my wife and me. We had never argued before but times had changed now. The stress of our in-laws and their false allegations had caused her to be in an untenable situation between blood and husband. She didn't want to believe her own brother and daughter would lie to her. By the time of this court hearing, we were totally exhausted. We went to court with a legal aid attorney who told us we couldn’t in any way shape or form open our mouths to deny the allegations and that's it. If we started to talk about her being out of control and delinquent, the court might rule to send her right back to us to deal with it. The court immediately went to order whereupon the social service lawyer got up and said the allegations were of my constantly groping of her and laying on top of her to get sexually aroused and that she was not our daughter. He further stated that there's a question as to her true parentage and they argued to keep her in the foster care program. My legal aid attorney rose and said I deny the allegations and requested that she get immediate counseling because she obviously needs help - not stating why. Social services responded that they don't believe she needed any counseling but they would look into it. We left. She kept calling every evening and getting I and my wife upset telling us that she had never said these things against me and to please let her come home. We had a legal aid attorney for several months prior to this first meeting as I had been working to adopt her as my own to finish the paperwork in Vietnam to show her that we loved her and considered her as much my daughter as she was supposed to be my wife's natural-born daughter. After the Jan. 2nd police hearing I had called legal aid and told them "no way" was I going to adopt her.Michael Marshall began requesting us to allow him to interview me and my wife separately and began to visit our home almost daily. The more we tried to explain the nightmare we had undergone in our home because of the in-laws and this woman, the more he began to act like Officer Bates, and telling us our 3 American born children could be removed from our home and that if my wife continued to lie to protect me, she could also be in very bad trouble. He had me in tears many days as I continued to try to explain my innocence to him. My legal aid attorney had advised me there was a total witch-hunt for child-abusers. He said if I confessed that I liked to romp around and play with my children, go out in the yard and play sports with them, give them each a hug and kiss good night, I would look very guilty. He said they could take my other children away. This was a sign of being a dirty old man trying to sexually abuse his children. I said wait a minute, I'm just trying to be a good dad. I love my kids. I want to be part of their lives and giving them a kiss on the cheek at night and a little hug is not being dirty with them. He said well they might take it the wrong way because dirty old men do this also to be able to rub up against their children. So from then on out my other children's lives changed dramatically. I wouldn't get within 5 feet of them let alone hug or kiss them, romp or play with them or anything close to them because I feared them being taken away from our home. Within 2 days that this legal aid attorney had told me this and I had stopped being close with my children, I sat them down and told them what the attorney had advised me and that I still loved them but I couldn't express it or say it ever again. Naturally this confused them as well as me - especially my 5-year old who's had emotional problems up to this very day.He also kept demanding that I and my wife confess to having adopted a girl because if she was not adopted but was my wife's natural-born daughter, he didn't want to hear it. By the middle of January, my sister-in-law and brother-in-law had refused to move to Laurel and said they had found an apartment in Glen Burnie and asked me to help them move out. I quickly agreed. I gave them all the bedroom furniture I had purchased for them that took two heaping pick-up truckloads to their apartment. They had a 1970 Nova that I helped them purchase and had fixed up in perfect shape that they filled up more than a dozen times of clothing, pots, pans, dishes, silverware, linens, etc. that they had purchased to completely furnish a home. My sister-in-law quit her job that Friday afternoon before that Saturday I helped them move. Saturday afternoon I called Christian Services Furniture Store in Ellicott City on Route 40 because I knew the only thing they lacked was living room and dining room furniture. I found that a Pat Hatch at FIRN had already told them she would get them furniture and they had it ready for me to pick up for them. I went over and picked up a huge load of furniture in Ellicott City and transported it to their apartment in Glen Burnie. My brother-in-law kept playing a guilt trip on my wife that I was a very evil man who was throwing them onto the streets making her very upset as they left. Monday morning, I got a call from Arundel County Social Services where my sister-in-law was crying over the abuse I had heaped onto her, her husband and children and this woman and had caused them to be broke and penniless with nothing. I found out later that Pat Hatch had arranged for churches and other organizations to pay their deposits and first month's rent along with deposits on phone, electric, etc. for them. The social worker started threatened me and asking me why I had thrown them out. He said he was going to call the police and tell them what all I had done to them and also that I had stolen all their paychecks from them. My sister-in-law had also told them she hadn't worked in 3 months when, in fact, she had just quit the Friday before. I knew they had tons of money but I didn't know how much. I had never taken one penny for food, room or board or for anything the almost one year they had lived in our home. They had new wardrobes where I wore uniforms my wife had pulled out of the trash at her job for me to wear. I was almost $30,000 in debt on credit cards as well as a second mortgage on our home that I took just prior to their arrival in preparation for their arrival here. I fought with the DSS worker in Anne Arundel County saying the in-laws weren't going to get another penny from me and hung up on them. I was terrified they were going to take my home and belongings away from me for the financial care and custody of them for 3 years I had signed. According to a witness who had taken them to social services by the name of Kim Jewel that I found out much later, the social worker had come back into the room and stated at this time she could not grant them emergency anything and that they would have to bring in work records, pay stubs and their bank records. You see I told them my sister-in-law had worked constantly through the previous Friday. My sister-in--law began crying and said Mike Marshall had promised them the Government would help them with everything to just get them out of an abuser’s house and told the worker to please call Mike Marshall of Howard County. Kim Jewel told me this worker left for about half an hour and then came back and granted them every kind of emergency help available, food stamps and money included until they could get the proper documentation to them. She also told us later that prior to this meeting at social services that morning that my sister-in-law had handed her a very thick envelope and asked her to hold it while she was in social services for them. In the next 2 days other witnesses in the Vietnamese Community started telling us that my wife was a bad mother. Asking her why she allowed her daughter to run around drunken at wild parties at my brother-in-law's and sleeping with a 22/23 year old man all night? The next time this woman called us and she started giving us her sad story of how she couldn't eat or sleep and asking why we had put her in this hell hole, I told her to quit lying, I said I knew about her running around with no supervision and attending these wild parties at her supposed Uncle's apartment. I also knew she was living in a home that had sponsored many Vietnamese refugees successfully and to stop giving me the bull shit about not having Vietnamese food and all the other crap. She started laughing and said I got you all good again didn't I? You bunch of assholes. You took my $5,000 and stole my house that I was entitled to for coming to America and she hung up. I reported this to Mike Marshall still believing this might be my wife's natural-born daughter - the one I had helped raise in Vietnam and had had to leave behind. I demanded he stop allowing her to attend these wild parties and to get her counseling. He assured me that he had already looked into it and she didn't need any counseling and that she wasn't attending any wild parties and that I was lying and needed counseling. In the beginning of February 1986 my brother-in-law got a house in Columbia thanks to Mike Marshall. They moved into this almost free house. Within two weeks my brother-in-law ran out and paid cash for a new mini van. My sister-in-law started nail school thanks to the government. Kim turned them in for welfare fraud. She had seen thousands of dollars in that envelope that she had held for the sister=in-law the day she had gone to welfare with them. Kim even told welfare that my sister-in-law had laughed about having thousands of dollars and how stupid Americans are to believe all these lies. Nothing was done by welfare of A.A. county regarding the welfare fraud because of Mike Marshall I THINK.February 15th/16th, we again went before Master Schwesinger. This time we took our pastor, Father David Commack. This hearing was for a permanent placement into the foster care system of this woman who was supposed to be my stepdaughter. Mike Marshall was in attendance. He reiterated his belief that this was not my wife's daughter, Ngoc and if that was true, my wife and I could not argue the case at this hearing as to her placement. Master Schwesinger said my God, this young girl has had the worst of two worlds. First as a child of an American she went through hell in Vietnam and then she came here to meet new people she doesn't remember or know to be chased around by a stepfather trying to molest her. He concluded that she needed help and he agreed with my attorney's request to get her immediate help. He had several things wrong in this statement. My wife was raped by Vietnamese so this woman was not American as he said. Secondly, no allegations by her of any abuse had he heard. Just an overlay from social services that I supposedly did bad things to her. After his statement, social services jumped up and demanded that they had everything already under control. That she is doing just fine without counseling and that it was their belief that she didn't need any. The hearing ended without Father Commack nor I or my wife being able to say a word with a ruling that she would remain permanently in foster care and he wasn't going to order counseling but suggested that she at least talk to a counselor.Father Commack stood up - off the record - and asked for a word with the judge. He went on and on about counseling as a necessity for the entire family and especially this woman. He said what he had witnessed of her unruly behavior, her disrespect for her mother and stepfather to such an extent that it became a total nightmare in our home. Her cursing, her backtalk, and her refusal to speak with him was outrageous conduct - in his opinion. He said she was a kid who was definitely out of control. Master Schwesinger then shut Father Commack up and said everything's over and done with. He said social services knows best on whether this woman needed counseling or not.The heat from Mike Marshall went rapidly up. He got more and more demanding and told me I had to confess, I had to get professional help, not ministerial help. He broke me down to tears on several occasions hollering at me and my wife. He said under the law he had supreme power over all of us and our children. He terrified all of us - especially my 3 American-born children. He made the KGB look good and decent. He was on a crusade to get me to confess. Even though she had recanted saying nothing had happened, she had stated the abuse for just one reason - to get out on her own because she wasn't my wife's daughter, but this didn't matter to him at all. During a much later deposition of him in a Federal Civil Rights Case, he said that all children recant and that that's normal and that he believed she was my wife's daughter. Its normal for a child to deny their parents when their parents are abusive. I began giving each of my children .25 cents to call me every day on their lunch breaks in school because I had become very afraid because of his threats that he might take them away also. By the middle of March we were in the midst of losing everything being called many times every day from creditors. I told Mike Marshall I had decided to leave the area and that he could go to hell and we didn't give a damn about her any more. He told me that I could not leave because I was center of an ongoing investigation. I told him to go to hell, not to call me again, my wife didn't want to talk to him again and that we would be packed up and gone soon. On March 21st, 1986 my wife is still feeling very ill and I have an intuition that something very bad was going to happen that day so I told my three children to stay home from school that day. I had never, ever done this before. At 9:30 A.M. Officer Bates called and demanded that I immediately show up at the police station. I told him to go to hell that we were leaving town and he would never see us again. He said I have an arrest warrant for you so don't you dare try to leave and if I couldn't show up immediately that he would have a car come pick me up. He asked is I wanted to be arrested in front of my wife? I didn't know what was going to happen because I'd never been arrested before so I called some friends to sit with my wife and I also called Father Commack to give me a ride to Ellicott City to the police department which he did. I was greeted by Officer Bates at the door and escorted to the basement. He told me to sit down because he had some unfinished business to take care of. He picked up the phone, his hand shaking worse than an advanced Parkinson's patient, and his body shivering like he was cold and said on the phone just one line. "Mr. Bly is here now" and hung up the phone. He told me I didn't have to say anything and don't say anything and lets just get this whole thing over with. They fingerprint me, take my picture and put me in a holding cell. About 30 minutes later, Bates handcuffed me and took me to the court commissioner.The court commissioner stared at me while hearing Officer Bates ramble on about my supposed record of child abuse and other things and says that I should be locked up and denied bail. I'm slowly sinking in my chair listening to all these lies while being stared down by the court commissioner/judge. He started questioning Officer Bates asking where is all this proof that this is a continuous felon. Officer Bates responded that the computers were down and might be several days before they're back on line. I would have brought his record with me if it had been available to me but it wasn't. He reiterated that I should be locked up with no bail. The commissioner stood up across the desk from where I'm seated handcuffed and pointed at me looking very stern. Talk about being scared!!! The look in the commissioner eyes was that I must be a horrible person. As he's pointing at me he said, I know you don't I? I'm thinking, My God, I don't know him. Maybe I look like someone who's been in front of him before and prayed that God would help me. Since I still had my work shirt on and don't own any private clothes, he says you're the man on Route 1 who sells used appliances, aren't you? Talking about prayers being answered, I was really praying when I answered yes. He said you came out and fixed a freezer and a washer for me several months ago and you sold me a dryer last month. I'm continuing to pray thinking I hope things are going in the right direction, like 98% of the appliances I sell do. He said, they were all working perfectly and I enjoyed dealing with you and 3 beautiful children he had met in my store. He said I was an honest businessman whom he had enjoyed working with and added he had recommended me to everyone he knew. I saw Officer Bates face drop to the floor. The Commissioner stated that I was released on my own recognizance to be with my family but should report to probation where I could be monitored. Officer Bates threw a fit saying he couldn't do this insisting I should be locked up minus bail. Adding I can't go home. The court commissioner said I can and I did. I ran out to use the phone and I called home. My daughter, Linda, answered the phone. The minute she knew it was me, she began yelling for me to get back home because Mike Marshall was busy screaming at her mother and our children and my wife looked very bad. He wouldn't stop badgering my family and to please get home fast. I headed upstairs to the probation department. I told probation that I very sick and they handed me a small stack of papers and told me I could come back in a few days. I called Columbia Cab co. and told them it was an emergency. I needed a cab from the courthouse to Jessup immediately. A cab was there in about 5 minutes. I told the driver I would double the fare if he would get me home quickly because of the life-threatening emergency in my home. He said, O.K. It took what seemed like forever to get up to 30 mph in a 50 mph zone of U.S. I. It was like the police had bribed him to delay my getting home because I never saw someone go so slow. It should have been a 10-minute drive but took about 25 minutes. He even slowed down to make sure the lights would turn caution and then red to stop him. We got in front of my home and I raced in and asked Linda to give me my wallet so I could pay the driver. I didn't tip him but just paid him the fare and raced back into the house. Mike Marshall was still talking in a very demanding voice at my wife that she must sign these papers immediately. She was in tears and crying insisting she refused to sign because I hadn't done anything and that the little bitch had lied against me. My daughter was hollering that he had been screaming at her constantly and refused to let her even read the papers but knew from his remarks that they said I was guilty. At 5'6", 125 lbs, I looked up at his eyes he was 6'3", 225 lbs, and muscular looking black man and told him to get the hell out of my house right now. My kids all said he refused to leave because they had all of them including my wife told him to get out. He had told everyone he wasn't going anywhere until she signed the papers that said I was guilty. With a smirk on his face, he looked at me and said "Look here Mr. Bly. I'm a social worker and allowed to be here any time I want and can do anything I want including having you arrested again (remember this comment of arrested again - meaning he already knew I had been arrested that day) and that I can do anything I want. I stood up on my toes and said, you either get out or I'll personally throw your ass out right now. He said, O. K. I'll leave but you're all in trouble now because I can come back any time I want to. He left and I for the first time saw that my daughter's arm was bloody from being lacerated from her elbow to her wrist and she had put paper towels on it to try to stop the bleeding. This was the second time that governmental officials investigating child abuse had physically harmed my oldest daughter and had verbally and physically terrorized my children forcing them to stay in the living room while they interrogated my wife in the dining room. What kind of society have we come to where an allegation of child abuse gives officials the right to abuse other children? What's next? That officials going out to investigate a murder can murder suspected witnesses who won't talk to them? That's ridiculous for officials to have the right to harm children in investigating child abuse allegations. Remember Officer Hammonds physical and verbal abuse of my children that were coming to my rescue. Remember Waco and Ruby Ridge. Also remember Oklahoma. And you wonder why our FBI and our government is so afraid of home-born terrorists now and the kids are killing each other in schools. When we lost our Christian Heritage in our society and went to green to be our Savior and God, nobody cares about morals, ethics and Christian values anymore. Just the mighty dollar.I helped wash her arm and asked her what had happened. She said she had heard a knock at the door and thought it was my friend Victor who had come to help us so I opened the door just 3 inches and there was Mike Marshall who had called 3 times previously prior to coming saying he wanted to come over. She said her mother and her didn't want him to come over and to leave them all alone. Linda added she had turned around and told her mom that it was Mike Marshall and that mommy had lifted her head off the pillow on the couch and said I don't want to see him. Tell him to go away. Her head was just 3 feet from the front door where he could hear her reply.​