But he didn't go away according to Linda. As she tried to push the front door shut, he jammed the front door open forcibly and the metal piece of weather stripping on the door itself had been deteriorating over the years and was sharp and had caught my daughter's arm as she was shoved violently weighing 60 lbs. She was only 11 1/2 years old at the time. I rushed my wife and daughter to urgent care in Columbia where they bandaged my daughter's arm and gave my wife a double dose of tranquilizers to try to calm her down and observed her for several hours. Linda went on to tell me that after he had burst in that he'd ordered my wife to get off the couch and go into the dining room and to shut up because he wasn't leaving that her and the 3 children had followed them into the dining room to help their mom and Mike Marshall had towered over them and screamed at them to get in there and that Mike Marshall even knew she was bleeding and to get a damn napkin and stop bleeding all over the place. That after she had gotten the napkin she had run into the dining room where her mom was, that Mike Marshall had given her papers for her to sign and she had glanced at them and saw that it stated that I was guilty of abusing the family as well as the in-laws and that I should be committed for counseling and to get help. Mike Marshall had yanked the papers out of my daughter's hands so this was all she had been able to read before he grabbed the papers back and ordered her back out of room. Mike Marshall kept threatening her mother that he would jail her if she continued to refuse to sign as a co-conspirator and that he would put us all into foster care if we didn't make our mother sign the papers then. Mike Marshall knew damn well that my wife couldn't even read the paper and knew damn well that I was innocent and knew very well that this was not my wife's daughter but an illegal alien who was not even a minor but was in her early 20s. He needed the paperwork signed to give them immunity because I had threatened to go to the newspapers to report them. My daughter said she told her mother not to sign because they said I was guilty so my wife continued to refuse to sign anything. Then my wife is released from the hospital so we headed back home.


This might make me sound crazy but as a Vietnam Veteran that had been brainwashed by the U.S. Army into believing we were fighting for human rights and freedom for the Vietnamese people just like we had here in America, supposedly, I should have taken my 12 gauge shot gun and blown that black man to pieces in my home and put a handgun in his hand and say he had broken in to attack us and had to be shot in self-defense. Another words a police tactic that I've unfortunately learned. I did do one thing the next day after Mike Marshall had broken into our home. I taught my children everything about guns including how to assemble, load and unload, unassembled, clean and shoot my 12 gauges. I showed them the safest way to fire it was to put the butt against the wall pointing it at the perpetrator and pulling the trigger. I also gave them a long talking to about safety concerning the gun and how the safety mechanisms worked but to shoot the next person who broke into our home and threatened our lives. They were grateful as Mike Marshall had terrorized them, pushed them around and ordered them out of the room and to just shut up and go away because he had business with their mother. 


He had yelled at their mother to get the hell off the couch and sit down in the diving room because she had papers to sign knowing all the well of my wife's life-threatening condition and also that my wife could not read a word of English. Mike Marshall also had told me when exiting my house that I better get a good lawyer because I was in serious trouble so I opened up the yellow pages and made a big mistake. 


I was beyond any reasonable degree to get my financial head above water but being a workaholic I figured that I could hire an attorney somehow because word on the street was that public defenders didn't have time to talk to witnesses, investigate cases, or even give a person a reasonable defense. That they were incompetent in their work due to an overwhelming amount of free cases they had to provide and couldn't make a living independently of the court on their own. I found a half-page ad by an attorney named Rena Freedman who advertised in bold print in the middle of her ad "specializing in criminal cases, and former public defender". It sounded good so I called her. 


She set up a meeting for the next day and my family went. She had a son who was 16 years old and in bad need of a car. I offered to give her my 84 Chevette with only 25,000 original miles showroom perfect in return for defending me as innocent. She was pleased at the agreement because apparently she couldn't afford to buy her son a car and her son loved my car. In the first few days she asked me to tell her my story and she talked with most of my witnesses who told her about the wild parties at my brother-in-laws' house where the in-laws and this woman had laughed drunkenly about how stupid Americans were and how easy it was to lie to the police and get all their benefits from the government here. She talked with Father Commack. All the information pointed to an unruly, out-of-control woman, a drunken brother-in-law who behaved outrageously when he was drunk and a sister-in-law that was physically and verbally abusive to her children hurting them at times by slapping them across the room. 


After a week Miss Freedman talked to the State and said the State had offered me a plea bargain that looked very good. It would be a 4th degree sex offense misdemeanor charge with the condition of 3 to 5 years of extensive mental counseling to cure my abusive traits and they would drop the child abuse, the assault and battery charges and that the State would even agree to expunge all the arrest records and the conviction of the 4th degree sexual offense upon the satisfactory completion of my counseling. I told her no. 


I'm innocent and I'm not going to say I'm guilty when I'm not. She started becoming insistent and telling me that they would prove me guilty and asked if I wanted to spend time in jail with my children in foster homes? She took over Mike Marshall's crusade against me to say I'm guilty. She demanded I take a lie detector test and prove my innocence to her. I was so paranoid and traumatized for over a year of this nightmare that according to her I flunked the test. I couldn't have passed any test because every question was an emotional nightmare as far as I was concerned in trying to prove my innocence which was impossible. I found out later that the only way you can prove you are innocent is that you were six feet underground at the time the supposed incident took place. Nothing short of being dead was a defense. I fired her and told my wife and children that I planned to defend myself and that I didn't want another lawyer. 


That at that time in this country the least hint of abuse by anyone marked you as guilty and there was no way to prove your innocence. They had said that children never lie and there was this big witch-hunt and front-page news stories about abusers and daycare providers going on. I didn't know how but I demanded to be allowed to fight for myself. 


Within several weeks, with dozens of our friends whom I had sponsored to get a start in America coming over and giving us literally thousands of dollars to help us catch up on our bills, one friend told us she knew a really good lawyer who was a former states attorney in Howard County who almost never lost a case and was reasonably priced. That he already knew my case because they had already talked to him and he wanted to help me. They asked me to call him. I refused saying I didn't want a lawyer and I would do it myself. My wife went behind my back and called Richard Kinlein and set up an appointment. She started demanding and fighting with me telling me I needed a lawyer or I would go to jail and that he had promised to help me. So I went to the appointment my wife had set up. 


Richard Kinlein lived and worked in Ellicott City, Md. and his office was situated in front of the cannon in front of the courthouse. He said he would represent me and wanted to talk with my witnesses. My wife agreed with him. I kept saying I didn't trust lawyers after the first one had taken our car and then insisted I plead guilty. My wife went ahead and hired him giving him $700.00 that friends had given her of $1,200 that was to be his total charge to defend me as innocent. He calmed me down in the next week because I was very paranoid thanks to the system and my first attorney. He told me that he would defend me as innocent and that he believed in me. He also said we would sue all these people after he proved I was innocent. He talked to my witnesses, criticizing them including extreme criticism of Father Commack because he hadn't lived in our home. How could he know I was innocent? 


After 2 weeks of him being my attorney, he started in daily fits of abusing me into tears telling me that I should take the 4th degree plea bargain or I'll be spending many years in jail with bad people, that I know I'm guilty, everybody knows I'm guilty and that I will lose and it was all caused by my Vietnam experience. I asked him what the hell he was talking about? He said never mind and changed the subject and told me I couldn't do anything against anybody because they all had immunity. My 3 kids started crying and telling him that I was innocent and asked him to stop yelling at me all the time. I got very nervous again and by the end of one week of this abuse of me with him telling me my children would be taken away and I would be in jail forever, I stood up and announced to him that he was fired and if I had to I would blow up the courthouse and social services because we weren't going to get railroaded by the authorities (social services at that time was in the District Courthouse). He started to apologize and said O.K. he would defend me as innocent and not to worry that he will fight till the end for me to prove my innocence. He told me to go home and stop worrying. 


Several days later he called and told me that in 2 days I have a court hearing on the case where he would prove my innocence and he doesn't need any witnesses nor my family present in the court. He said he was a good lawyer and knew what he was doing so please leave everyone else at home and by all means at least leave my wife and children home so they wouldn't be upset any longer. I told my witnesses I didn't need them as well as my wife and children. They all said they were all coming. I said O.K. but you won't be called or needed. 


October 1st, 1986 I showed up for court at 9:00 A. M. and met with Richard Kinlein who was very angry that all my family and friends had shown up with me and demanded to know why they were there. They all hollered back at him that they were there because they wanted to be there and they refused to leave no matter what he said. He told me I would be the first case and it would quickly be over with and I would be free having been shown as innocent. We went into court and the judge asked everyone not involved in the case to please leave the courtroom and to please bring the sheriffs in there. They had 10/15 sheriffs standing around the entire courtroom. I never knew about courts because I'd never been in one so I thought this was normal. I also didn't know that Judge Fischer was supposedly a relative of Richard Kinlein and Kate O'Donnell, the prosecutor in my case was a close friend of Kinleins and had been a close subordinate of his when he was the states attorney. Also they had all sat down previously and decided what would happen that day in court. 


The clerk called me and I went up to the lawyer's bench. Mr. Kenlein told me to take the seat by the judge so I went up whereupon I'm told to stand up and swear to God to tell the truth and give my name and address for the record. Back in 86 you still had to swear to God to tell the truth, now you only swear to tell the truth since they kicked God out of the courtroom. I'm going to let my sister tell you what she witnessed between Richard Kinlein and myself while I was in the witness chair and sworn in.


Richard Kinlein started off very low key but with a menacing look on his face asking Ray about his flashbacks to Vietnam (which he never had), about his need to murder little children in Vietnam (he had never used his gun in Vietnam) and became more and more accusatory towards my brother by raising his voice and pointing his finger at his face. It escalated and escalated until my brother broke down in tears. He accused Ray of molesting this girl and hollered at him to just admit he had a serious problem. He continued his tirade for at least 10 minutes until my brother was shaking on the stand. Then he asked the judge to please rule that Ray was insane and have him immediately removed into custody to be locked up in Perkins State Hospital for the Criminally Insane. Richard Kinlein asked me if I had wanted to blow up the courthouse murdering all the officials? whereupon my brother responded that he never said he wanted to blow up this courthouse and that we were in a different courthouse from the one social service was in. 


The sheriffs immediately grabbed him from behind with brute force twisting his arms behind his back lifting him up from the chair as he's yelling that his lawyer is fired because he planned to defend himself from now on. The last words I heard as they escorted me out of the courtroom was Judge Fischer saying I should be locked up on a criminally insane ward. They put me in a backroom instead of taking me to the police van. All of a sudden on the sheriff's radio I heard there was an emergency in the courthouse and everybody should proceed there immediately. I didn't know at that time but my wife had attacked the judge with her purse and kicking the sheriffs in the legs hollering at them before she was finally restrained. About 1/2 hour of sitting in this room being offered some coffee and a cigarette being with 2 previous Vietnam Veterans who were now sheriffs who felt sorry for me, another sheriff came in with a deal from the judge. Judge Fischer had said that if I pleaded guilty to a 4th degree sexual offense and immediately committed myself in a psychiatric hospital to get help that he would drop all the other charges pending against me. I refused and they shackled me. In tears I refused and again said I was innocent and didn't want to plea bargain over anything even though I was at my rectory every single day for counseling from Father Commack just to keep somewhat sane. The sheriffs said they were sorry but they had to handcuff and shackle me because it's the law. 


There were no beds available in Perkins State Hospital right now so we will be taking you to the Howard County Detention Center. They did and I was taken to the basement, stripped bare and thrown on a cement floor. I also had a cement bed with no mattress or cover with only my underpants to wear. To back up a minute, this was 3 hours after the sheriffs had picked me up out of the witness chair and I was with maybe 50 other prisoners being returned to the jail. Everybody was laughing about some little Asian woman who had gone on a rampage in the courthouse and disrupted every courtroom, beating on judges and other officials chasing them out of courtrooms and hollering and screaming at them. That this woman had the entire courthouse in a lockdown because of her outrageous behavior and no one seemed able to stop her. They laughed at how a tiny 5 foot 70 pound woman could beat up on so many people and knock them on their asses. They had had to cancel all the courtrooms for the entire day because she and my other witnesses had all refused to leave or to quiet down. I started laughing not knowing my wife had it in her. She was really a quiet, loving and peaceful person normally but you don't really want to rile her. I guess she had also been pushed beyond any human limitations and had pulled out all the stops. 


I got in my jail cell to be immediately called and told my wife was there to see me. The judge had apparently come out to tell my wife that I was at the detention center so she would leave the courthouse with my witnesses and she was there to see me. The guards told me this was the only time I would be allowed to see her because it wasn't visiting hours. Most of them were Vietnam veterans and felt sorry for me but they told me this could never happen again and to tell my wife she could only come see me one day a week, for one hour each week. I told my wife this and they heard me because they were standing behind me even though I was still behind a glass wall. My wife began screaming that she was going to get me out of there because she knew I was innocent and she left. 


About 6:30 an hour later the sheriffs came and got me again telling me I had another visitor but made no complaints to me because it was an American friend who's Vietnamese wife had helped my wife retain Richard Kinlein who had done this to me. He was a personal friend of the director of the detention center and had clout - which I didn't know previously. They took me upstairs to the front entrance where the visitors wait to go behind the steel doors to visit their relatives. Another words all I had to do was walk out the front door with nothing stopping or preventing me. 


This friend, Dan, had explained to the director that I had been railroaded and that from everything he had heard from everyone I was innocent and to please get me help because of all the garbage I and my family had suffered at the hands of our so-called justice system. The Director instructed the guards to take special care of me and then he looked at me and said Ray - any friend of Dan is a friend of mine and I wish I could do something about this imprisonment but I'm going to make you as comfortable as possible in here. I was escorted back to my jail cell to eat dinner. 


No longer than I finished dinner the sheriff announced that my wife was back and that he had warned her not to return for a week and to please take control of her and my children. It was then 8:30 p.m. long after visiting hours. He said this is the last time and he escorted me after giving me my pants and shirt back and took me back upstairs. He told me to sit down and pick up the phone and motioned to my wife to pick up the phone. He told her she was getting me into trouble by coming back here and ordered her not to come back for a week. He would allow her to talk to me for 15 minutes only. 45 minutes later, he said he was off duty and he had to escort me back down to my jail cell. 


My wife finally went home and got on the phone screaming and yelling at her brother about all the lies. He kept telling my wife that they were making up these lies because he had never talked to the police at all. He added that he'd even told the police that my wife's daughter was unruly, that he would go to court and help my wife prove my innocence. This was all lies. If you remember that December of 1985 about that secret meeting he had had with the police and social services. My wife's relatives had tried to convince her I was sick, made up lies about me to the police and social services and told her I needed mental help. They had even acquired a statement they had made to the DSS and Howard County Police and showed it to my wife which said I had abused my wife and children as well as all of them.


My wife said that she didn't want me to say anything bad against her family or try to punish them in court for their wrongdoing. She also wanted to protect me as well. 


In the next 2 days I was being examined by the Detention Center's psychiatrist and was woken up every 20 minutes around the clock on a suicide watch. My wife was going between court and jail disrupting the entire courthouse until Judge Fischer on the 3rd day begged her for mercy and asked her what he could do to get her off his back so he could conduct court? By the 3rd day, in jail, my wife had already seen me 10 times, while supposedly only allowed once a week visits. She had called me on the phone 15 times to make sure I was safe and well, which was also illegal in jail to receive phone calls from the outside. 


By the 3rd day, the guards started demanding that I control my wife and to tell her to stop harassing them and to tell her she is only allowed to see me once a week and to stop making phone calls. The jail's psychiatrist believed me, told me I was not insane and the people should be held accountable for their actions and he wanted to help me set the record straight. I asked the guards? "What??? You can't control this little woman?" "And you expect me to from jail?" I explained to them there was nothing I could do from jail. Half the guards were Vietnam veterans and wanted very much to help me because they also believed me.


They went and read my entire file at the prison that said I was a drug addict and an alcoholic who beat up my wife and children and terrorized them, I had tried to rape my stepdaughter and had terrorized my in-laws. They came back and started talking to me about what they had read in my file laughing and said "You supposedly abused this wild woman? This is really funny". They totally believed me. Nobody was able to stand up against my wife. They gave me my clothes back and invited me illegally out of my private cell to their offices for coffee and donuts. They told me not to give up hope and to keep fighting. Sooner or later the truth would have to come out and I would be proven innocent but not to expect anything to happen to the officials involved because they had complete immunity. 


Without these guards treating me as a human being and counseling me that I had to keep fighting and I had to get strong, I probably would have ended up at Perkins out of my mind. 


On the 4th day in jail, October 4th, 1986, the judge finally agreed that I could fire Kinlein and have bail set for $100,000. My wife said that was ridiculous and to let me out of jail free because we didn't have that kind of money. He knew he was going to lose so he reduced it to $25,000 which satisfied my wife. Back in 1986 $25,000 was still an extremely high bail. 


I know this sounds like science fiction but they say the truth is stranger than science fiction. Nobody could write a script like this or make it up. It was all just too weird. 


I forgot to mention what happened at a second Foster Care hearing that took place of Feb of 86 concerning the placement of Ngoc. I basically told them I didn't want her until she received counseling and demanded they get counseling for her. I demanded to find out if she was my wife's daughter or not. Here is a girl, supposedly 15 years old, that came to a new country without any language skills being chased around the house every day trying to escape being raped and beaten for not submitting to me and the judge in the foster care court said saying he was horrified at what this poor young girl had gone through. It was ridiculous. If she had endured all this for 11 straight months on a daily basis, she obviously would need counseling but I and my wife were the only ones asking that she get some. 


The social services kept protesting that she was doing just fine and didn't need any counseling services at all. Is this normal for a supposedly sexually abused girl? I don't think so.


As a condition for my release, I put my house up for collateral, plus $2,250.00 cash for the bail bondsman. We didn't have all of this money so my wife demanded her brother to bring her $1,000 to bail me out - which he did. I also had to report to probation and parole, and submit to psychological testing at Perkins State Hospital. I signed the paper. That morning I went to the courthouse with the sheriffs. Upon getting out of the van by the entrance to the courthouse, my wife and children saw me in shackles and they lost it. The sheriff said, you're innocent so we're going to take them all off but don't tell anybody because technically we're not allowed to. 


I went in and sat down in the clerk's office joking with my wife and the sheriffs. One of the sheriffs was called up to the judge’s chambers. He returned about 15 minutes later and said let's go to the bathroom Ray. 


While in the bathroom he said "Ray, I'm very sorry to tell you this but the judge has decided to revoke your bail. If you want I will turn my head and you can make a run for it and I won't say a thing for at least half an hour. He told me they weren't going to give up on me and were going to convict me. They were falsifying everything against me and there's no way I could beat the system. I've seen it too many times before where innocent people are sent to jail in the county. If you don't run, my hands are tied. I have to take you back to jail". 


I said no, I'm innocent and will keep on fighting in court. I said I wanted to go back to my wife and kids and say goodbye without the handcuffs and shackles. He walked me back to my wife and children and I told them what he had told me. My wife raised unholy hell in the courthouse once again. The judge decided to change his mind once again and had me released.


I returned home full of fleas, unbathed for 5 days from fear of being raped and immediately jumped into a hot bathtub where loads of fleas jumped off me. I got out and came into the living room, very depressed at what two lawyers and even the sheriff and guards had told me in jail - that it doesn't matter if I'm innocent because I'm going to jail. I walked to my recliner to sit down not wanting to really talk very much when I heard a squealing in front of my house. I raced out front and found my little tiny miniature beagle who had been run over by a car but was still alive shaking and in shock covered with blood. I covered her up and carried her inside and laid her in my lap in the recliner. What I'm about to tell you I was told by my family because I just don't remember it. 


I supposedly sat there for hours holding her, crying and shivering as she died. They took her from me to the yard and buried her for me. For the next 5 days, my family said I didn't respond to anything. I didn't eat, or drink except for a few drops and mostly just sat and stared up at the ceiling all day long. They finally snapped me out of it.


This was the woman I had supposedly been abusing for many years that nobody was able to control at all. She was like a tiger protecting her nest and had shut up and backed down so many authorities that it was just laughable. 


The same friend that found the last attorney said he had a tenant living in one of his houses who was a civil right's attorney who might possibly be able to help me. I didn't know at the time that he was incompetent and knew nothing about criminal trials or any other trials in fact. However he did succeed into forcing Judge Fischer to remove Richard Kenlein as my attorney of record. He believed my case and we became friends. He knew of many police, social workers and the government's abuse of people's rights in all kinds of cases and had tried to sue the Government more than once in an effort to get the immunity removed. 


I told him I also wanted to sue the government. He was afraid to sue them in Federal Court as he owed Federal Court thousands of dollars due to dismissed civil right's lawsuits due to immunity where he was responsible for attorney's fees. He said we'd file in State Court. 


I got a letter from the court telling us of a date that I have to submit myself to Perkins for a complete psychological evaluation and possible confinement for treatment if anything is found mentally wrong with me. I asked him how I could get out of this. Glen said there was a loophole that I can demand the right of an attorney being present the whole time and claim my 5th Amendment Rights on any questions that might be self-incriminating but that I would have to show up. So we did. 


They told me to come into a back room with them and I refused. I said I'm charged with criminal charges and while I'm being questioned on any of these charges, I have the right to have my attorney present to advise me how to respond to protect my civil rights. They said, you're just refusing to undergo the psychological evaluation and we'll just notify the court and have you arrested for disobeying court orders. My attorney jumped up and said I wasn't disobeying anything. He said I was only protecting my federally mandated rights to not self-incriminate and to have my attorney present during all questioning. 


They said, we can't give you an evaluation then because its all based on self-incrimination so we will notify the court that you refused to take the test. Glen, said you're not immune from lawsuits and if you're not going to evaluate him I want a letter stating that he did show up with an attorney to submit to the psychological evaluation but was also claiming his rights as a defendant in a criminal case. Sorry to say, we tied up Judge Fisher's courtroom once again for hours on the phone with him from Perkins Hospital. Judge Fischer finally relented and let them type up this letter and give it to Glen stating that I did comply with the court rules.


Within about 2 weeks after I'd recovered from the shock of being in jail, my dog being killed, etc. my 11-year-old son came up missing. He supposedly had gone to the creek behind my house with my tenant. You see we had moved into the basement in order to rent out the first and second floors of our house to survive economically. I ran up and down the creek and all over the neighborhood for 2 hours getting more and more upset at not being able to find my son until I finally collapsed on the floor in my living room unconscious. 


My wife had called an ambulance because I found myself waking up with things stuck all over my chest and oxygen over my face inside the ambulance. I guess what woke me up was being terrorized by the words of the medics that they were ordered by the Emergency Room to start IVs on me. I had been accused of being a drug addict by my brother-in-law and I told them "No. No needles in my arms" and I moved my arm away. They said if you're refusing treatment, sign here. You're having a heart attack and we have to help you. I said I don't have time for a damn heart attack, let me out of here. I have to find my son. They had me sign a paper refusing treatment but I was unable to stand. 


By then, my son had been found. My wife, son and daughter supported me into the house. For two days I laid on the couch so exhausted that I could barely lift my head having to be almost carried to the bathroom. It took almost a month to be able to walk up and down steps without falling from exhaustion. It was like my arms and legs had their own mind. I was so tired but I had to continue the fight. Over my computer keyboard where my sister does the typing, I keep a little plaque to this very day entitled "Don't Quit" that my family bought for me. Whenever I get upset or depressed I read it again. 


I guess by then I was getting the judge a bit angry at me. Glen tried to have the judge recused from the case due to prejudice but Judge Fischer had conspired in my belief with the States Attorney, DSS, and the police department to convict me. So he refused saying there were no biases involved. Against my attorney's advice, he said it would only make Judge Fischer madder if we file a civil rights lawsuit against the social worker, DSS, Howard County, the State of Md. and the Howard County Police. He refused to name Judge Fischer and the State's Attorney's office as respondents saying they were 100% immune and he didn't want any more courts mad at him. However, I didn't care. I wanted a public record of what had happened to me up to this time. 


Then we got our court trial date set for the beginning of 87 about April. I forget now. Officer Sid Smith was the first to testify for the State. Man did he change the story from what had really happened that December 18th of 85. Instead of me being a calm and clearheaded person, I was a raving lunatic that he had to physically restrain from attacking my supposed stepdaughter and sister-in-law. My attorney had one question that made any sense of this officer. If Mr. Bly was so out of control and so threatening to his relatives, why wasn't he arrested or the relatives removed immediately? Why did he just leave doing nothing? He stated in his opinion he'd calmed me down enough that the situation was no longer out of control. 


My attorney also asked him if my stepdaughter had hit him? He said absolutely not. Supposedly my sister-in-law and this young woman were sitting in the corner shaking and crying about how I had terrorized them. My wife had collapsed and almost died from a perforated stomach ulcer on December 15th. December 18th is the date that Officer Sid Smith came to my house at the behest of my in-laws. Officer Hammond continued to lie concerning his Swat team on December 22nd, 1985 to my house. He said I was unruly, uncooperative, resisting, screaming, yelling, fighting, etc. that he physically witnessed bruises on my step-daughter's arms where she claimed I had beaten her that day. There were no bruises because all I had done was smack her on the butt and put her in the corner. My attorney had the same question for him "If you witnessed signs of abuse and Mr. Bly was so completely out of control threatening everyone, doesn't State law require you to remove the abuser or the abused immediately??? He reiterated that everyone calmed down enough that he could leave and denied slamming me against the wall. 


The next witness against me was Officer Robert Bates. He said the girl came to him with stories of abuse. That the in-laws stated that they witnessed the abuse. He said that under the law, he had to act so he, at my request???, had an interview with us (interview???). My attorney demanded immediately a suppression hearing as we'd received an outline of his testimony prior to trial that stated that he's going to testify that I confessed to being guilty of everything to him. The jurors were removed and we went into a suppression hearing. He got on the stand and said after I demanded an interview with him that I was unruly, refused to leave the interview and kept saying that I did it but it was an accident that I didn't mean to abuse this girl. 


This was the friendly interview in January of 86 that my wife had forced her way out of the room by shoving Officer Bates aside. He also asked Officer Bates if they had ever interviewed the girl prior to this and he said "no, he'd only interviewed the brother and sister-in-law who had witnessed the abuse". 


Then I took the stand. Of course I didn't know he had interviewed the girl prior to interrogating us at that time, all I knew was he demanded the hearing at the police station under the threat of arrest that I had denied every accusation that the girl had made against me. Of course Judge Fischer denied the suppression of my so-called confession.


The jury returned and Officer Bates restated all this again saying I confessed everything to him but had said it was an accident, I didn't do it. He even threw in that he thought I was quite mad because I was always hysterical. He had his lines very well rehearsed and my attorney was not able to break him down. Officer Bates also committed perjury on the stand with what the stepdaughter had supposedly told him concerning the accusations of abuse. She told him I accidentally touched her chest one time. He stated that she told him that I constantly fondled her breasts. She told him that I fell on her a couple of times with her legs spread apart. He stated on the stand that she had told him that I forced her down, forced her legs apart, and rubbed my penis against her vagina to get an erection and she could feel my erection. I supposedly had done this daily on a secluded private out-of-the way living room couch with 5 children running all over the place. Remember these key points.


The next witness was a supposed INS worker named John Farley. The State asked him about care and custody because that was one of the crucial things they had to prove in child abuse against me. If I didn't have the care and custody of this girl, they had nothing. So the INS agent testified that on the day of their arrival I signed a document taking full care and custody of this minor child. 


Immigration law states that non-blood related people can go to hell basically. Remember U.S. Code Service Title VIII USC, 1151-3-4 that I referenced previously that was against the law for me to sign anything except financial responsibility. Only blood relatives can ask information, file paperwork or sign for care and custody of minor children. Every letter for 10 years I had written to Immigration my wife HAD to sign because Immigration would never discuss anything with me because I was nobody according to their own laws. The only thing I had signed for my wife's relatives and daughter was 5 individual support papers saying that I guaranteed the government that I would be financially responsible for 3 years time. Immigration law stated each and every person whatever their age had to have somebody sign financial responsibility for them. This supposed INS agent produced 3 financial responsibility papers. My attorney asked him where the other 2 were, and he stated that were not needed on the nephews which was another lie of his. My attorney went on to demand to see the supposed care and custody papers I had supposedly signed on the day of their arrival were? John Farley witnessed he had seen them but they had apparently become misplaced and he was unable to bring them to court. If you remember nobody was at BWI Airport with the relatives or us to sign anything, nobody at all. The INS would not have waited to bring her all the way here to then sign care and custody of her. My attorney further asked him concerning the financial responsibility paperwork did it mean that Mr. Bly had to have them live in his home? He said No. Did Mr. Bly have care and custody by these financial responsibility of his brother-in-law and sister-in-law and these 2 children? He said No. Let me explain what financial responsibility is. It means that it is needed by the government to ensure the government that the immigrants will not become a welfare burden or a deport person to the government for 3 years. That the person signing these papers could be anybody anywhere, friends, ministers, even businesses could sign financial responsibility papers to help the families bring their relatives here. The government just needed a signature on the dotted line showing financial responsibility for 3 years if necessary.


Now back to this supposed INS agent. My attorney asked him where this so-called paper of care and custody I had signed was? I never saw anybody at the airport and neither had my wife. In fact we hadn't signed anything for over a year. The only way we knew they were going to be at the airport and at what time was Catholic Charities who had escorted them to New York International Airport, called us and asked us if we were able to meet them at BWI? If not, they could have a local worker transport them to our home for us. We had waited so many years, my wife even wanted me to drive to New York to pick them up but they would be here in two hours and it would take 3 hours to drive to New York. This really upset me because I had sponsored other Vietnamese during the years and I knew he was lying against their own rules and how could a Federal official be part of this conspiracy to commit perjury against me and jeopardize his own job???


The court was postponed for a day and the next witnesses to be called were my brother and sister-in-law. I had a great idea. My attorney ran and got me a subpoena of the Anne Arundel County Social workers and their files concerning the in-law's welfare fraud. Also that day, I called Immigration in Baltimore Investigations Department where John Farley swore he worked and nobody there had ever heard of a John Farley, past or present. 


We hadn't questioned his identity in court or checked his credentials. Who knew we had to?? I called around to personnel in INS in Washington and Baltimore to see if any office had hired a John Farley in any capacity? They stated no, they never heard of a John Farley. The court had already dismissed him so we were not allowed to recall him. We have never been able to locate this man.


The next day at court my brother and sister-in-law showed up. In the hallway my brother-in-law told my wife he's going in there and tell them what a good person I am and how all these police officers are lying about what he supposedly had said to them. Of course, my wife is sequestered so she never heard what was going on in court. The judge stated that the welfare workers didn't have to stay but my lawyer convinced them to have them remain in case they were needed but the records would be sealed and only the Judge could order them opened. 


My lawyer was outraged but with the records of welfare fraud, the State decided not to call my brother and sister-in-law. Instead they called the so-called stepdaughter. The stepdaughter recited everything perfectly in English as if she had it memorized of me forcing her down and rubbing my penis against her vagina while fully clothed, me having an erection, touching her chest, and exposing myself to her on a daily basis. 


When my attorney started to question her because the charges stated I had done this on or about July 15th 1985, I knew we had her because of the Summer out-of-school date. The front door of my house separates the living room from the dining room with a staircase in between them to the second floor. In the back of the living room was a door to the backyard who's lock was broken and had glass windows with no covers or curtains of any kind on them. She stated that it always happened on the living room couch during direct. My attorney asked her about the relationship of the couch to the front and back door and where the kitchen and bathroom were also accessed only by way of the living room to get to. Another words if any one of my 3 American born children or the 2 nephews went to get a drink, go to the bathroom or go to the bedrooms, the living room was wide open to all of them. The girl also stated that my wife is her mother. Her name is Ngoc Hong Doan, born January 26th, 1970. She had rehearsed so well that it sounded like a tape recording. Everything was told by her in excellent English. 


Meanwhile I went downstairs to see if I could see my file. The clerk opened my file and there are the welfare papers on my in-laws. I asked for copies of them for my attorney. Cheerfully, he made them and they clearly showed welfare fraud.


Then my lawyer decided to start to cross. The first thing he asked concerned her identity. He asked, "didn't you tell people that your mom died in Vietnam and she was Viet Cong?" She answered that she was kind of a step-mom. Then Glen asked her "Didn't you tell Dr. Rapp, the psychiatrist from the County that your mother had a heart condition in Vietnam and you missed her and your brothers and sisters deeply?" She said those were kind of step relatives too. He asked her to identity her mother. Ngoc began to cry so I told Glen not to hurt her and to change the questioning please. He asked her "Did you state that Mr. Bly is your step-father?" Answer "Yes". "Did Mr. Bly on or about July 15th, force you onto the living room couch spread your legs apart while rubbing his penis against you while fully clothed?" She stated "Yes, that happened". "Did he have an erection at that time?" "Yes" she responded. "Didn't you state during direct that you knew nothing about sex?" "Yes". "Then how do you know what an erection is?" She could not answer and started shaking and rolling her eyes. 


I must tell you now that we noticed that she shook and rolled her eyes every time she was about ready to lie or was caught in a lie. It was a dead giveaway for anybody who was paying attention to her. She also hesitated in her answers when she didn't know what to say because she was caught in a lie.


Glen noticed then and we started to have fun because we always knew when she was lying and could always trip her up. We knew the living room couch was a lie in the middle of the Summer as my 2 small nephews and my 3 American born children were constantly running through the living room and when she remembered that on the stand, her answered changed to it had happened up in the bedroom. I don't want to keep going on concerning her testimony but we got her caught in her lies within 2 hours, yelling she didn't know what I had done, where I had done it, or when I had done it but that I had done bad things to her.


The judge and the States Attorney said she doesn't seem to understand any English and demanded the interpreter they had in the other room be brought in. He was employed by the County Government and had been programmed to know all the answers that would be appropriate to give. This was in the middle of cross after 2 hours and completion of cross when this happened. We strenuously objected but to no avail. We had totally dismantled their case, one lie after another. 


Now we were ordered to start cross all over again from the beginning because the jury now was told she couldn't understand or speak English. It was funny that she could answer the questions so easily on Direct in English. 


Glen started over. Question after question that he asked she blurted out the answer in English before the interpreter could open his mouth. The judge and the prosecutor got angry with her and told her to only speak Vietnamese and to wait for the interpreter to give her the question and then give us the answers. She kept on making mistakes by answering and they continued to warn her not to speak any English. She started blurting out that the interpreter didn't know how to interpret and she had said ulcer not cancer was why my wife had gone to the hospital. I was able to pick up quite a bit of her Vietnamese and I discovered as did everyone else that the interpreter was telling her how to answer the questions and then he would answer what was profitable for the State. An interpreter is supposed to repeat word for word in the native tongue and not add anything to it. Then they are supposed to translate word for word the witnesses' statement back to the court. This wasn't happening. With every question her and the interpreter fought back and forth as to what the answer should be in Vietnamese. We objected that this interpreter was literally telling her what to say but we didn't have a legally licensed interpreter to counter with - only my own words. 


The judge stated, of course off the record, that maybe she did not understand the questions and translations and that's why the interpreter covered back and forth with her on and on with each question. We were still able to corner her down to she didn't know where, when, what or how except that I did bad things to her all the time. We quit the cross.


Glen went back to the judge’s chambers to talk with the judge and the States Attorney. He returned and took me and my family to his office across the street from the courthouse. He told us, we've won the case and you already owe me close to $10,000, we should rest. We don't need a defense unless you have more money for me. He assured us that there was no way we could lose. My wife and children and all our witnesses were of no concern to him. He also didn't care about the welfare fraud. He said I had won. They didn't prove the charges lodged against me or the so-called acts I had supposedly done. The judge had also offered him that I could still take the plea bargain or a 4th degree sexual offense at that time which was a misdemeanor and I would get probation and be required to attend counseling. I refused. I wasn't about to plead guilty when I wasn't.


Of course my wife and family and all our witnesses had all been sequestered and did not know any of what had gone on in court. My wife was insistent that she didn't want to hurt any of her relatives if it was not necessary but knew I was innocent. We rested. The judge looked at me and said Mr. Bly are you positive you want to do this? I said "Yes". He said you're making the biggest mistake of your life. 


To insert here concerning Glenn and his newly married wife, Joan. About 3 months prior to my trial just after they got married, Joan, I believe, not only being an alcoholic and abusive towards Glenn was also extremely jealous of me. I'd been living and sleeping with my family at his office, running errands and completely built shelving and bookcases, coat racks, etc. and had organized his office from being a large pile of trash in the middle of the floor where he couldn't possibly find anything to a well organized law office. Joan started in at him to not defend me. She said if this girl says he's guilty then he's guilty and she hated child-abusers and for him to not have anything else to do with me whatsoever. She wasn't shy about it either. She ranted and raved with the smell of alcohol on her breath at me and her new husband concerning his defense of me. For the last 3 months prior to trial I and Glenn had to set up a system to meet surreptitiously when Joan was not present. This was very hard and she would sometimes catch us and start venting at us saying I was guilty and should be put in jail for life for molesting children. She didn't give a damn what witnesses I had because according to her rules children never lie. She did attend court hearings at my trial because she knew shorthand and took notes. She glared at us and gave her husband an ugly look every time it looked like he might win a point. I feel that this was another reason Glenn did not want to put me on the stand or any of my witnesses because she was there and there would be hell to pay. The only way it looked to him to save his marriage was to ensure I was convicted as I look back with 20/20 hindsight.


Glen moved for dismissal which of course was refused. The States Attorney went first. She summed up direct that I was crazy, out of control, needed help according to her witnesses from the police department and that I had done this, this and this against the child.


Glen got up there and for an hour and a half had to go through every minute detail that was not important as his closing argument. He never once said that I didn't do it as he thought it might be illegal to say that since we had not put on a defense. The jury was falling asleep and I have to admit he was boring as hell and didn't make much sense most of the time. All he should have done was state that the jury could not convict because of their inability to know what I had done, where I had done it, when I had done it and it wasn't enough for the alleged victim to say she couldn't remember anything except I did bad things. 


Then the States Attorney got up there which my sister who is typing for me will sum up because she attended the closing sessions and heard the States Attorney. 


This woman got up there and pointed at the defendant, Raymond, and said "you never once heard anybody say he didn't do it. Therefore, under the law, you must convict him of child abuse. If he hadn't done it, where were any witnesses to prove it? while pointing and looking directly at Ray. She also went into my Vietnam service which was an easy tour I never once had to shoot my weapon and didn't witness any atrocities much less have lingering nightmares as many of the veterans do have. She looked at me and said there was absolutely no evidence that I didn't do it and, therefore, the law says they must convict me.


The jury went out. It was lunchtime so they ate lunch for 25 minutes, came back in and voted to convict me. This was a very devastating blow to me and my family. The judge still in private asked me if I would now take the plea bargain and he would set aside the conviction. I told him no. Glen moved for an appeal.


I ran outside to see if I could find the jury foreman to ask him why they convicted me. I saw him and walked up to him. He started yelling for me to stay away from him or he'll call the police. I told him I was no threat to him, I just wanted to know how they could convict me when there was no evidence of any precise act, date, or whereabouts and that all Ngoc said was that I supposedly did bad things. He admitted that they weren't sure what I had done but he did say that the one thing he absolutely didn't believe was me exposing myself. He said that didn't fit in with molestation and child abuse in the jury's opinion. An exposer is an exposer not a sexual molester in the jury's opinion. He also didn't believe Ngoc when she said she knew nothing about sex. I asked why did you convict me when you didn't know when or what I had done. He stated "because the States Attorney said it was the law". There was no evidence that I did not do something so they had no choice but to find me guilty". He then went on and started talking with me - no longer afraid - stating that if there was any iota of evidence I had not done something, they were ready to acquit. They'd already discussed it prior to the closing argument that they thought I was innocent. He asked me why I didn't take the stand and say I didn't do it? Their only conclusion was that I must have been hiding something I had done to this girl. I told him no, it wasn't because I was hiding anything but my lawyer had told me with my nervousness and mental condition and his legal fees and the fact that he thought for sure I wouldn't be convicted, to not take the stand. This man's name I talked to was Daniel T. Rupinski, Sr and his phone number is 410-465-9451 as of 4 or 5 years ago. 


We started the appeal's process. Meanwhile Glen and I got a premonition that this honorable (??)judge was going to dismiss our civil right's lawsuit. Glen was in Shreveport, La, where his mom lay sick and dying so he walked me through the typing of the paper to cancel and withdraw this lawsuit from the State's jurisdiction. The next morning I was at the court at 8:00 A.M. and had the court stamp their copy and my copy in their clock. Two days later, I got a letter from the court stating from Judge Fischer that the civil right's lawsuit is dismissed with prejudice. I checked the court records and found that he dismissed it at 8:31 A.M. that very morning only 31 minutes later. So we typed up another motion to Judge Fischer that his dismissal with prejudice is moot. He cannot dismiss something that has already been withdrawn. We fought with him over this issue for close to 2 months. He finally relented and agreed that it had been withdrawn before he dismissed it. 


Glen returned to town the last day the appeal's brief is allowed. He boggled it terribly but I still ran it up to the court and submitted it. Of course it was denied. We submitted many motions to set aside the conviction, overturn the conviction and to stay the conviction all to no avail. Judge Fischer was determined to keep the conspiracy quiet.


We also did a lot of appeal briefs and while doing them I called the newspapers, wrote them letters, etc. to no avail. The newspapers stated that I was a drug addict, baby-killing Vietnam veteran who had tortured and abused my American family as well as the immigrants who had come here. They also said my wife's relatives including her daughter were model citizens they had been told. 


In the mid to late 80s not only the Circuit Court of Howard County but Nationwide was convicting people of child abuse at an alarming rate. There were more child abuse cases in Howard County than all others combined. Hysteria was running wild. It made headlines for prosecutors that wanted to continue their political careers or wanted to be re-elected.


Months went by and Glen's mother died so he was forced to return to Louisiana to handle her funeral and estate. Meanwhile my sister helped me to type a very nasty letter to Judge Fischer telling him exactly how I felt about the American court system and him, personally. I knew that he knew that I was innocent. I also knew he felt he could not let this conspiracy to frame me see the light of day. He refused to let anything be decided by a different judge. I even got a Writ of Habeas Corpus and a hearing date from an Anne Arundel County judge for two days before it was dismissed and sent back to Howard County. 


Once again, we started the appeals but quess what? Judge Fischer had been appointed to the Appeals Court. He did recuse himself from actually ruling on them but his friends that he had made denied everything. 


12 months, 2 weeks later I went in for sentencing. Judge Fischer was sent back down to handle the sentencing in my case. He brought up my letter and said he'd never been so insulted in his life. I thought I was going to get life. The States Attorney started to demand that I get 3 life sentences with no parole for my many crimes that I never had repented of and because of my nastiness towards the system. 


Glen did have a good argument. I had a wife and 3 children at home that needed me, that we were a very modest family barely surviving, and they needed me desperately back home. Knowing I was innocent, the Judge gave me partial supervised probation for 3 years after suspending a 5-year sentence. The States Attorney jumped up and down literally screaming at him until the judge ordered her to sit down and shut up. He stated he knew I wouldn't obey any court orders and that's why he gave me unsupervised probation with no counseling requirements. As my letter had stated "Kiss my ass. You may control my body but you'll never control my mind and I refuse to submit to any supposed authority this court may think they have."


Without the help of Glen, I filed a 50 page complaint against each and every person involved in the conspiracy to frame me and convict me that aided and abetted an illegal alien, that aided and abetted welfare fraud by my wife's relatives, all of which are Federal felonies. My attorney had advised me that I would just anger the Federal District court judges if I named names involving employees of the State, the Police Department and the court persons involved. Essentially if I named Judges or prosecutors of Howard County because they are 100% immune from prosecution no matter what they do but I wanted it all on the public record because I feel that one day that the way this government is treating its own citizens, it will be overthrown like the Soviet Union split up and may then be held accountable for their actions against the citizens of America. 


Of course the next day after I submitted my complaint, the judge did dismiss - with prejudice - all the prosecutors and judges I had named and the acts they had committed against me. This was fine with me because now it was a matter of public record that I had accused them. The Federal Judge also dismissed 2 of the 3 police officers and 2 out of the 3 social workers with qualified immunity saying they were only doing their jobs.


Meanwhile I wanted a public record of everything so I filed lawsuits against this illegal alien, my in-laws and also against Richard Kinlein - the one who had me declared insane - and against the foster home and the foster care system. I will go through these shortly and briefly. 


1. I filed motions of discovery against the foster care home. Howard County court dismissed it after hiring the foster care home providers with top-notch legal attorneys for immunity reasons stating that I had no legal rights to sue the foster home because she was not my step-daughter - and she was, in fact, nobody to me or my wife.


2. The lawsuit against Richard Kinlein was immediately dismissed with prejudice also by the same Judge Nissal who had been a personal friend of Judge Fischers for over a decade prior to this. 


3. The lawsuit against my in-laws was attempted to be dismissed when I hired Glen to stop it from being dismissed. He did stop it from being dismissed but the judges refused to put sanctions against my in-laws lawyers for failure to provide the discovery requested. Of course my in-laws also had free attorneys that the State provided them with. One of them was from our area in the Annapolis Assembly by the name of Robert Flanagan who was hired pro bono by the State to represent my in-laws. The biggest law firm in Howard County that had a cheap attorney named David Hjortzenborg (now deceased) represented this illegal alien,. How can a delegate knowingly represent my in-laws who had committed fraud against the welfare system, Hud and Immigration? Of course the Howard County courts kept refusing and refusing to let me have a hearing, answer my motions for sanctions or require my in-laws to submit to discovery. 


I started putting motions in requesting a change of venue due to prejudice to the Anne Arundel Court system. Meanwhile, after this was granted, I made a deal with David Hjortzenborg. I told him that I was requiring his client, Ngoc to submit to DNA testing with my wife. I did not care what the outcome was but I would agree to dismiss the complaint against her alone after she submitted to the testing. He agreed and had his client report to South Baltimore at the Md. Medical Laboratories where sanitary conditions existed. Upon her arrival, they took a picture of her and had her sign a notarized statement that it was, in fact, her and took her fingerprints. Another words they were 100% thorough taking all the samples they needed to do a complete DNA analysis. This was in 1990 where I paid a thousand dollars for this testing. Within 8 weeks they called me and stated this was not my wife's biological daughter 100% guaranteed. I asked if she might be a relative because she had once claimed to be her niece - her mom being my wife's sister? They stated that she was not close relative according to the test but that she was a relative. Everybody in Vietnam is a relative of each other. For thousands of years they told me, they had been an extremely secluded country which has led to their population today from a few people a thousand years ago. Its like he referred to AKC registered German Shepherds. Every German shepherd in the world is a relative of the rest of them but this woman was not a close relative like a daughter, niece or first cousin of my wife. 


To go back to Congressman McMillan's reply letter to me from Bangkok, Thailand, dated July 10th, 1987 the Embassy assured Mr. McMillan and me that short of them being at Ngoc's birth, they could almost guarantee that this was my wife's natural-born daughter and was not an imposter as they thoroughly had checked everything out. I had immediately after that January 2nd episode where this woman had laughed and said she was not our daughter and the police had reiterated during that so-called friendly??? interview that my wife's brother and this woman had stated to them that she was not my wife's daughter. I called Immigration demanding to know who she was?? Letter after letter I received from Immigration stated that this was, in fact, my wife's daughter and that they had a complete system set up not only in Bangkok, Thailand but in Vietnam to ensure that only the proper persons would make it to America and they guaranteed that the proper person, i.e., my wife's natural daughter was the person who, in fact, had come. 


To insert something else that since that January 2nd where this woman had laughed at us that she wasn't our daughter, I and my wife had written literally a hundred letters to relatives and Immigration demanding to know who this woman was. We called and called up until this 1990 DNA getting cussed out and they all saying we knew who she was and why were we bothering them? Immigration said she was adopted. They were sure. I'll be damned if Ngoc Hong Doan was adopted. Every paper to Immigration, Senators and Congressmen stated why wife's natural-born daughter, yet I did make mistakes sometimes in my wording. I would state my and my wife's stepdaughter. She was my stepdaughter but not my wifes' and sometimes I made an outrageous mistake in referring to Ngoc over the years as my daughter knowing she wasn't but I had started adoption papers in Vietnam on her and when she arrived was working on adopting her again thru legal aid.


I dismissed the lawsuit against her and filed a motion for a new trial with the newly discovered evidence. I hired an attorney named Richard Kovelant for $6,000 for one new trial motion hearing. Our first witness and the first time ever in Howard County Circuit Court was the Md. Medical Laboratories and the DNA results from them put into evidence in a trial. He stated that she was not a close relative let alone my wife's daughter. 


The State had no real cross-examination but for 2 hours the judge and the prosecutor inquired about DNA. They'd never actually seen or heard about DNA and wanted to know everything they could about it. We patiently sat and waited through this which cost me $100.00 an hour for this expert's testimony. Then Judge Kane made one of the most absurd rulings that any judge could have ever made in a case. He stated "It doesn't matter who she is, there was still a crime, a perpetrator and a victim so that conviction stands". My attorney went off saying he had denied me my constitutional rights to know who my accuser was and her age. The judge says unless you can get a birth certificate on this woman proving she was not a minor at the time of this assault, I'm not going to dismiss anything. My attorney said he'd never heard such a terrible ruling and that I'd win on appeal for just $10,000 more which, of course, I didn't have. I appealed pro se and, of course, lost because Judge Fischer was in that court now. 


From 1988 to this 1990 hearing, I discovered tons of new evidence in discovery requests for my civil rights case. This evidence went to the core of the prosecutor’s case of conspiracy, the falsification of evidence and withholding their findings that she was an illegal alien and not my wife's daughter. I could prove every single word of Officer Bates' testimony in court was a conspired perjury admitted to by Mike Marshall to me. Also at my trial my attorney, Glenn had asked for a Ritchie Review of the Social Services file which contained the complete truth. The truth being that she was an illegal alien. The truth was that I had not confessed anything to Officer Bates. The truth was that they had falsified the allegations that this woman had made into chargeable crimes. The truth was that this woman was not a minor. Judge Fischer of course stated in his conspiracy with the prosecutors and police to me and my attorney at the time of my trial that there had been no exculpatory evidence found in the Social Service files or the police reports. 


I filed new Immigration charges with the DNA results. The local Baltimore Department of Immigration, Department of Investigation, didn't do a damn thing in investigating this. What they did do was go down in a mass number to my wife's employer as she was working and demanded to interview her. My wife requested that I or an attorney be present. They threatened her with prosecution and/or deportation of bringing an illegal alien into this country by falsely claiming she was her daughter. They wanted her to sign a paper that she had adopted this girl. She was in tears and very shaken. Here's the U.S. government threatening her with deportation and/or imprisonment. Her local supervisor demanded that the INS stop harassing her and let her speak with me on the phone. I told her not to worry about the threats. She said she would handle it. She signed a paper stating that Ngoc Hong Doan was, in fact, her natural born daughter that she January 26th, 1970 gave birth to and that this girl was an imposter. 


Let me insert something else here. To this day, Immigration let this girl change her name and become a U.S. citizen. 


Also to go a little bit further concerning this girl, State welfare paid for her schooling and housing. She finally convinced welfare that she was going to rent a room in a high priced home in Columbia with a friend. She neglected to tell them that this was soon to be her husband and they wanted welfare to make the payments on the house for them to buy. This payment for room and board in this house continued for several years until she became pregnant and welfare cut her off. Isn't this just grand? Maybe I should leave the country and come back as an immigrant. Then I could get freebees and off-kilter justice. 


I want to talk about 2 things. One is my daughter Linda. As a child, she was totally out of control. She was like I was as a child and she shoplifted constantly. Since I was the homemaker with my store attached to the side of my home, I beat her ass a lot and punished her constantly. I finally broke her from all this by the time she was 6 to 7 years old. This was the only one of my 3 children that I actually beat with a belt across her backside. By 1987, she helped me type the 50+ page complaint against these officials that I submitted to court. In 78 thru 81, even being in elementary school, she was able to read and write so well and use my Atari computer so well that she typed many papers/book reports and made A's in college on them for me. By 1987 she begged us to let her get a job which we did at a local carryout deli a half block from our home. Not only did she put in every minute she could in my store to help me make money, she put in every hour she could at this deli and brought her paycheck home and gave it to her mother to help pay the bills. She went overboard trying to help us in every way, shape and form. To this day she is still trying to help us unlike our other 2 children. I cried when she gave us her paychecks. Looking back I cried for her at how much of her childhood she had lost trying to help us. Doesn't this sound familiar as a reflection of myself? Linda is still trying to help us. She brought us a brand new very expensive couch for our living room to replace a 30-year old one that was propped up by wood under the cushions to hold it in place. She missed out on sports, social life and everything growing up and I will never stop feeling guilty about that.


The next thing I want to talk about is from the time my brother-in-law and his family moved out in 86 to when I won the lawsuit against them in 92/3. When they moved out of my home in January of 86, they had convinced a lot of people that I had stolen their money so churches and charities totally footed the bills for them to rent their new apartment in Glen Burnie. They had signed a one-year lease. As far as I've been told they didn't spend a penny on that apartment in the 2 months they lived there until Mike Marshall got them almost free housing in Columbia, Md. An organization named F.I.R.N. also was able to give them money to help them in Columbia. Somehow, my brother-in-law had talked his company to Howard Community College for a welding degree that tripled his pay. Within the first 2 months of living in Columbia, they brought a brand new Ford Van and I was told they paid $5 to $7,000 in cash down for it. My sister-in-law who was untrained in a field but could have done many jobs in factories, etc. was given complete beautician school training by the State of Maryland. Within the next few years they bought a very expensive and very large house next door to Columbia and put I have been told close to $50,000 down on it. My sister-in-law probably cheated the IRS like most beauticians and nail cosmeticians normally do. When confronted by the authorities on this issue they said they had borrowed money and the other relatives swore to it. They had to have been cheating the Section VIII Housing laws. Then in 1987 I filed a lawsuit against my brother and sister-in-law as well as this illegal alien they had brought. I claimed fraud, larceny, etc. and that they had brought an illegal alien here posing as my wife's daughter. They refused to have any discovery done, submit to any depositions, etc. As I stated earlier, the girl's case was dismissed for undergoing the DNA procedure. I put my relatives in for sanctions etc. for failure to comply with all discovery requests. Howard County court, Judge Kane, Nissal and Dudley didn't give a damn but were hoping to just dismiss all this like they had everything else. I finally, with a lot of pressure from writing to my senators and Congressman, Governor and news media made the judges of Howard County transfer the case to Anne Arundel County Circuit Court in Annapolis. The judge there said he wasn't going to put up with any shit from Robert Flanagan and that I had the right to take discovery of his clients so I started. I also told Robert Flanagan in a passing word to make him feel like an idiot to go look at my brother-in-law/his client's home that they put $50,000 down on while supposedly impoverished and couldn't afford an attorney. He was working for them free from the goodness of his heart feeling sorry for them. He immediately began charging them I was told by friends of my in-laws. I had submitted to court overwhelming evidence pointing to their guilt that they had committed fraud and larceny in obtaining monies from me and my wife for this illegal alien they had brought to America. The judge in Anne Arundel County during a conference in his office with my brother-in-law and his attorney along with I and my wife stated to Mr. Flanagan that by the preponderance of the evidence he has read in the case, I have a huge prima facial case and would probably win. Mr. Flanagan went on and on that I could not have a jury trial because I wasn't a lawyer and there would be constant grounds for mistrials. I said O.K. I'll have a judge do the judging because I saw that for the first time in any court system, justice might prevail. Mr. Flanagan still objected to me representing myself saying it would be a circus in the courtroom. The judge said he would deal with it as it came along but I was conducting myself in a very moral/ethical fashion and seemed to have a very good grasp of the law. Mr. Flanagan asked the judge if he could talk to me privately in the hallway. In the hallway Mr. Flanagan stated that his clients wanted to settle and what were my conditions? I stated that they had to admit this was an illegal alien and to pay me restitution. He said his clients refused to admit any wrongdoing but that he could write up a statement saying that due to overwhelming evidence and the likelihood of losing, my clients not admitting any wrongdoing hereby agrees to settlement. He asked me how much I wanted? I should have said $100,000 but I only said $1,000 because my wife still didn't want me to hurt any members of her family. She just wanted to kill them herself. We agreed upon these terms which was another mistake in my life. I knew I had won, they knew I had won with the evidence I had but here, again, the evidence was hidden from the public. My sister-in-law's name is Minh Mai. My brother-in-law's name is Thien Doan. The women’s name I think is now Ngoc Thi Nguyen.


To bring up another thing which I pursued right after my sentencing is that I contacted the F.B.I. several times by phone as I kept finding numerous bits and pieces of evidence to show that this woman was a illegal alien and that the prosecutor falsified a lot of evidence. They didn't care until about 89 or 90 when I wrote them a nice detailed letter outlining the complete falsification from start to finish of all testimony and evidence against me. I also stated the fact that according to the Immigration and Naturalization Service that John Farley who had completely falsified evidence and committed outrageous perjury against me , INS had never heard of a John Farley - and neither did any of the FBI's local field offices. Two FBI agents called me up and asked if they could come over to review all my evidence. They showed up hours later and took a look at the piles and piles and boxes and shelves full of my evidence. They said all of it doesn't mean a damn thing and that there's nothing I can about my conviction but they would like to see the transcript of John Farley's testimony because they were unable to find a John Farley employed by the INS. said that would be the only thing they would be pursuing and they would get back with me shortly. Several months later I called the F.B.I. forgetting the names of the agents who had come to my home. According to the FBI they had no record of my letter, complaint or any agents ever coming to my home. I feel this was just another thing in a series of things nationwide to hide the fact as to how crooked our justice system is from the average citizen.


Now for my Federal lawsuit that was filed in the Federal District Court in Baltimore, Maryland with a Judge Garvis presiding who hates, I've been told by attorneys, people who try to sue the government and their officials and if I had had a lawyer, the case would have been totally dismissed before any hearing was ever held. Thank God for Federal Guidelines for judges. They have to bend over backwards for pro se litigants. I didn't know this at the time and simply thought he was an honorable judge that would let me present my case in front of a jury. Within 2 days of filing the civil right's complaint, he laid down an order dismissing all prosecutors and judge Fischer saying they were 100% immune to do anything they wished to do in court. I found out that their immunity extended to even hiring people to commit perjury in court. Prosecutors are also totally immune criminally and civilly to falsify evidence and instruct clients to commit perjury in order to get convictions. Judges are so immune in 2 centuries of ruling by our supreme court and even dating back to the English Court System that our courts were based on could pull out a gun in the middle of a trial and execute the person charged with the crime and suffer no consequences. Not that I've ever heard of this being done, but they could. Most judges in most counties and States are either appointed or elected one time for life. It is extremely hard for the judicial body of the county/State to remove a judge from the bench if they refuse to go.