In the next few days they got a Motion to Dismiss the rest of the case from the State of Maryland, Attorney General's Office and the Howard County Office of Law. Ms. Greenberg was an Asst Atty General and Todd Taylor who I ate lunch with who marveled at my legal skills represented Howard County from the office of law. The judge took a big hatchet and dismissed everything and everybody except Michael Marshall of DSS and Robert Bates of the Howard County Police Department. Their false arrest of my and my wife at the police station and their conspiracy with the prosecutor in the break-in in my home along with physically attacking my children and my wife. Within the next couple of weeks I filed all kinds of requests for admissions, interrogatories and requests for documents under the USC Rules of Discovery. I also filed requests for depositions whereupon another motion to dismiss due to immunity, the third one, came down. I tried to fight this one as well but to no avail and the judge now dismissed the illegal detainment of I and my wife on January 2nd, 1986 which only left the break-in of our home. I got protective orders from Social Services under Md. Law which the Federal Court has to abide by stating that I could have no records of this illegal woman because it comes under Federal Protection of a Minor in a child-abuse investigation. All records are sealed to protect all those who've given information in the investigation. The judge agrees and gave a protective order hiding all the social service files from me, even though they knew she was not a minor, she was an illegal alien, etc. Next I received a protective order from the INS that I had demanded the right of documents from and to take the deposition of a John Farley. INS stated in their Protective Order Request that there's never been a John Farley working for them first off, secondly under the Federal Laws their agents and their records are 100% immune from having to testify in any court whatsoever in America or the world. Next I got protection orders from Howard County States Attorneys Office stating their records were privileged under Md. Law and that they are immune and exempt under Md. Law from being forced to submit to trials or depositions in any manner, shape or form. Of course Judge Garvis granted all these protection orders. Next in the coming months I got 2 more motions to dismiss from the State and County quoting all kind of different immunity laws stating that the break-in was legal. Under child-abuse laws of the State of Md. a social worker has the right if he believes a child is in danger to enter any home at any time without having to obtain any warrants whatsoever much less permission. Well, this law states if they believe a child is in a life-threatening situation they have a right to enter. Well the child had been in a foster home for 3 months prior to the break-in. Also MD Law stated that if the perpetrator was in the home, they had the right to forcibly enter with immunity civilly and criminally.


Let me insert something I just remembered. March 23rd, 1986 my wife and children accompany me to the court commissioner's office to file a complaint of child-abuse, assault and battery upon minor children with injuries and attempted murder upon my wife against Michael Marshall and Officer Robert Bates. At that time we did not know that the States Attorney Office was involved in directing them to do this. The court commissioner refused to accept it in the beginning but with my demands that he must, he accepted it. Within 3 days the States Attorneys of Howard County who reviews all complaints to see if they have any merit and should be prosecuted, of course, threw it back in my face and said I had to be kidding. You think we're going to prosecute ourselves or the people we directed to perform this action against you and your family? They threw it out and tore it up.


The judge said that he would keep it under advisement but not rule on it until after discovery. The first discovery was a request for admissions with premonitions of what had already transpired as well as already living through it, I wrote up hundreds of requests for admissions from Michael Marshall to see what his responses would be. Being that he didn't know what I now knew, he answered all my questions truthfully. He admitted they had interviewed the girl/woman on the morning of January 2nd at her school with the use of an interpreter. He admitted that they demanded that I and my wife present ourselves to the police station. He admitted that they stopped us from leaving the friendly interview at the police station numerous times. He admitted that this woman had recanted all statements. He also admitted that the very first day that January 2nd, 1986 that she had explained to him while recanting prior to my friendly interview that she was not, in fact, Mrs. Bly's daughter but supposedly an adopted niece and then recanted that statement later about being a niece. 


Something else I just remembered that I feel is important that throws out the adoption theory on its ass. I called and called the police department that specialized in aging photos of children who were missing for years to find one Baltimore City woman that had worked with the police and had an exclusive contract with the police only who was an expert in aging childhood pictures to adult images. She told me she was not allowed to do it for me but she felt sorry for us and did it for $100.00. She asked for a baby picture of my wife's daughter, Ngoc and a picture of this woman's mom and dad. We explained my wife had been raped so we didn't know what the dad looked like except that he was of Vietnamese descent. She asked if we had a present picture of the imposter and we said yes. She said she could not have us come into the police department because she would be fired and to meet her on the corner 2 blocks from where she worked in downtown Baltimore. We complied. I was a little bit suspicious but after she said don't worry about paying me now as it will take a few weeks to do this and I will call you. A couple of weeks later she called and we met her at the same corner and paid her $100.00. This was 1992. She said that this woman who had come here posing as my wife's daughter could not be in any way, shape or form the daughter we had left behind in Vietnam because facial features don't change with age. This woman might have some similar features to the naked eye but any expert could testify in court for me that without 100+ plastic surgeries, she could not change the curvature of her eyes, her nose, her mouth, or her skull. And even with plastic surgery you would be able to see some of the scars. She returned our pictures and a large sketch drawing of what my wife's daughter would look like at age 15 or so. She said she might even be willing to go to court in my behalf but I never did take this picture back to Judge Kane because he wanted a birth certificate of this woman. However in my Federal Case I did take this picture and present it while I was taking a deposition of this imposter. 


These requests for admissions from Michael Marshall blew me away because I wasn't expecting honesty especially when it nailed the prosecution's whole case against me as being falsified. It made Robert Bates a complete liar in my trial under oath. It wasn't like Mark Ferman who relied on circumstantial evidence on planting the glove and the blood, it was an eyewitness that substantiated my whole side of the story. It not only dealt with the identity of this woman as being false but the whole so-called confession of mine was false. It went almost as far as to say my arrest/indictment was false. I ran back for the 20th time to the Circuit Court of Howard County in the late 80s in front of Judge Nissal to prove that the prosecution's case and their documents had been 100% falsified. Nissal's famous ruling came down. He said I don't care if every word at your trial was a lie, that's not enough to throw out your conviction. I neglected to fight the whited out police report that the State had given me of 15 pages of numbering with only about 3 pages of 3 or 4 lines on them of actual print on them. Most of the whited out portions showed they were lying in court which is why they refused to turn them over to defense. In my Federal Case I did make Officer Bates turn over 9 out of 10 pages of the 15 page report as it originally appeared in their files. Three pages had become mysteriously lost. Supposedly to this very day they cannot be located. I wonder what they said that was so self-incriminating to the police. I also found out why Mike Marshall didn't testify at my trial and had totally gotten out of my arrest on March 21st of 86. This is not a fact but overwhelming circumstantial evidence tends to point to a man that had a passion to help child-abuse victims and knew his job well but when it came down to perjury, falsification of evidence, etc. and the overwhelming proof of my innocence, he refused to participate any further as well as social services as a whole body. Immunity laws were enacted to protect officials from millions of frivolous lawsuits that would be filed believing that they could clean house themselves and these departments would be highly ethical moral people working there. Mike Marshall apparently seemed to be of this ilk. I commend Mike Marshall for admitting the truth to me not only on his requests for admissions and at his deposition taken by me with Hunt Reporting. I do condemn him in caring about the almighty greenback. You remember Paula Jones. Whistle blowers lose everything generally speaking. Mike Marshall was coming up for retirement after many years of dedicated service and chose to keep his mouth shut during my trial and thereafter until I pushed him. He is like all the other people I know in the County that don't and haven't wanted to be seen with me for years now, i.e., police officers, assistant states attorneys, social workers, etc. that has told me that under the Kinlein Administration, falsification of evidence and perjury had become a daily occurrence. Hymes had learned his states attorney's job very well at the feet of Kinlein and carried on the practice to make a name for himself. People are very tired of crime that they want to only elect states attorneys who are hard on crime. I remember TV ads for the mayoral race in Baltimore City several years ago by Kirk Smoke. He was the states attorney for Baltimore City and his platform to become mayor was just one thing - his ability to fight crime. He bragged that he had a 98% conviction rate as states attorney. How many innocent people did he put in jail to get that ratio? 


To inject something else, each time I found more evidence to prove perjury in my case or more falsification of evidence that happened or the withholding of exculpatory evidence, all 3 judges Fischer, Nissal and Kane harped that I could probably get my conviction overturned if I filed charges against Glenn Fallon my attorney as being totally incompetent. Glen kept telling me that judges hated him and were trying to get him disbarred, the IRS was constantly auditing him. The whole government was set up to hate and do away with any attorney who handled civil right's cases. If I wanted to go ahead and do it but it still would probably not get my conviction overturned because yes he did make a lot of mistakes, but all attorneys make mistakes. He gave me a guilt trip about his wife and children being thrown out on the street because he couldn't afford to support them as a lawyer. Up until several months ago, I was still feeling sorry for Glenn until I realized that he uses people for his own benefit and doesn't really care much for anybody just about how much money he can get from them. He throws their documents on the floors and in bags and loses them. He forgets to file documents and gets cases dismissed on a timely basis. He just keeps taking on new clients constantly and forgetting old ones who have already paid him to do the work but he forgets to do the work and loses all their paperwork. He incites clients to believe they have a good chance and gets money up front only to have their paperwork thrown on the floor and mixed up with other cases similarly lost. I don't regret helping him because I'm a moral person but I do regret letting him use me and my family for his own personal reasons.


While all the above is transpiring, I'm conducting my requests for admissions, requests for interrogatories, Officer Bates in his answers stated what he had always stated during trial whereas Mike Marshall - who was not part of my trial - told the truth even bringing my premonition of the truth to light. He stated that Officer Bates completely perjured himself at the suppression hearing and that I had never confessed to anything. In fact I had denied everything at that interrogation. That they had interviewed Ngoc prior to my interrogation that day, that they had ordered me to the police station, that they had refused to let me leave and that Ngoc had told them she wasn't a relative of my wife's prior to our questioning at the police station. Man, this blew everything to bits. I took a deposition of Mike Marshall for later use to get this sworn testimony on transcript (I had an account with Westlaw and Hunt Court Reporting Services by this time). In fact I was the first non-lawyer that Hunt Reporting had ever served in depositions. (Westlaw still doesn't know I'm not a lawyer). 


I then deposed the Honorable, moral, ethical Officer Robert Bates. This was the most fun I'd had in a long time. I kindly asked him question after question knowing he would reiterate his perjured testimony word for word and he did. After I got through the entire set of lies, I restarted the questioning from the beginning asking Officer Bates why Mike Marshall who had been present totally disagreed with his version of events. I had him in a web of his own lies. He tried to wiggle and squirm out of the questions until he finally blew up. He jumped up and slapped his holster like he might draw his gun stating "Don't blame me. Blame the prosecutors because they told me what to say and what to do. The whole case against me and all witness testimony against me had been falsified. I now had documented proof linking the States Attorneys and circumstantially the honorable Judge Fischer in this miscarriage of justice against me. You'd think I could win.


I immediately submitted motions into the Circuit Court of Howard County which is the only one legally recognized to hear any motions for dismissal of charges or requests for a new trial that they had initially tried. I heard even a funnier thing. They said it doesn't matter who she is, it doesn't matter if everybody lied and all the evidence was fabricated against you because its too late to bring it up. The only thing that will overturn your conviction is a legal technicality where the court erred - not falsification and perjury. 


Have you every heard of such a thing in your life?


I appealed for the 2nd time the DNA being the first time, all the way to the Supreme Court of the United States where they refused to hear or even consider my case stating it was not in their interests to hear a case of this sort at that time. They were too busy dealing with gays and abortion issues at that time I guess. 


I gave up. I and my wife were basically separated while living in the same house. I still care a great deal about my wife but cannot get over that she lied to me siding with her family during the time I supported them in our home, refusing a police sketch artist who aged a baby picture of my wife's daughter, Ngoc, much less the DNA testing. She still thinks her brother would not have brought a complete stranger over and that this, in fact, is her long lost daughter.


In Federal Court, the State and County demanded the right to take depositions of me, my wife and our daughter, Linda. During the several hours of depositions of me and my wife, the State kept demanding that we had adopted this woman, that I had confessed to this crime or that my wife had confessed to seeing this crime. They couldn't break us and they were losing. We stuck to the truth. Next they took our daughter, Linda's, deposition. They sat Mike Marshall exactly across the table from Linda who gave her angry sneers constantly for 2 hours. She was still only 14 years old at the time and terrified of him. She forgot everything and blanked out her arm being cut or how far she had opened the front door. I crossed her to bring to a point that I had not let her read her original complaint that she had worded herself years before and that in no way, shape or form would I even discuss with her to give the appearance of being having prepped her. This was also a big mistake I made and why the Federal Civil Rights case was dismissed due to immunity.


The next thing is Federal Court. After 6 motions by the State and County to dismiss, the remaining elements of my lawsuits on the grounds of immunity, the State called the girl to the stand. The judge started screaming at me that I could not subpoena this lady for a deposition because I had abused her enough already. He misread the motion for a deposition. It was by the State. He goes oops but then says that it would be in front of open court with him presiding to make sure that my cross-examination would not inflict any further emotional distress on this woman.


The State opens by asking her name, her parentage, and her birthday. She reiterates all her lies about being my wife's daughter, blah, blah, blah. Then the State went into the crimes I supposedly committed against her. I objected and the judge agreed and stopped the questioning by the State that it was irrelevant for civil right's abuse of my family in my home that day they had arrested me. He then allowed me to cross.


Before I started, he threatened me that he would throw the book at me if I harassed or threatened her in any way, shape or form and he had officers present to ensure it. My first question to her is what is your true name? Her attorney, Hortzenburg, yelled 5th Amendment protection and ordered her not to answer.


Their statement to the Anne Arundel County Court stated that there was overwhelming evidence I had and could substantially prove the case against them in front of a jury so they decided to pay me a lump sum while admitting no wrong. This was a month prior to this deposition. David Hortzenberg knew that I had the goods on them so he refused to let his clients answer any questions.


Now back asking more probing questions like her date of birth, took 5 minutes of the judge and court's time fighting the 5th Amendment issues. The judge refused to make her answer again what she had already stated during the States direct of her. The judge finally stated that from now on that he considered all answered under 5th Amendment and I could ask whatever I wanted but only if she felt like she wanted to answer. I went into her mistreatment of me and my entire family in our home, to her identity problem, to her perjury, welfare fraud, etc. Everything was answered for me. Finally. She pleaded the 5th Amendment to every single question upon her lawyer's advice. I also showed the police artist sketch of this daughter and this imposter again took the 5th. However the court and attorneys were fascinated by it as they knew the sketch artist. Everyone gathered around the picture and looked at the imposter. 


I decided a month later when this lawsuit was 7th motion to dismiss due to immunity and by the way the General Assembly in Maryland during my lawsuit had enacted to close the various loopholes I had found in the meanwhile and the Court of Appeals in Richmond had refused to reinstate it, to give up temporarily. I actually never gave up. In 92, my daughter, Linda, got admitted into Embry Riddle Aeronautical University in the Aerospace Degree Program. Being a poor man and my daughter unable to borrow $18,000 room and board costs for her freshman year, I took all of my and my wife's savings of almost $15,000 out of my safe and found a house for sale by owner with owner financing near the college in Florida. The house would cost $500.00 a month for payments and I got her 2 roommates who paid the $500.00 per month plus their third of the utilities. This was a great tax write-off and a great loophole. She lived in my home so I could claim her as a dependent. It was a rental house so I could pay her for managing it. It was a very good tax write-off that got me off of all income taxes. My other two children worked overtime to help with this extra $500.00 expense during 92/93/ and 94. Then in 95 my son was accepted to FIT in Melbourne, Florida. I decided that this had worked so well that I would buy him a house but yet I still had my daughter's house to pay for. I borrowed $5,000 from a friend to come up with a down payment with owner financing. My son was only there one semester when he found the college's accreditation had gone to hell in a hand basket. No matter that he was on the honor roll. Nobody would hire him with a degree from that University in Electrical Engineering so he started the paperwork to transfer to the University of Maryland so he could come home and help out again. He had the house sold he got out of college in Florida, returning the $5,000 to me. I returned the $5,000 to my friend and moved him back home. The following year, Linda graduated with an Aerospace Engineering Degree. After spending close to $10,000 in renovating the house from the damage her dog and her roommates had caused in the house, I was able to sell it and able to recover the refurbishing costs. I got my $15,000 back that I initially had put down. I paid off other friends who had loaned me money for court nightmares. Linda got married and moved to Minnesota and got a job at Lockheed where her computer science husband had already gotten a job. Lockheed had Linda go back and get an Mechanical Engineering Degree which was only a few more classes in Minnesota. Meanwhile my youngest daughter, Christina, was looking to go to colleges. If you remember she's the one who was psychologically traumatized the most from all the crap. She was a good child who loved to play sports but lacked motivation for anything. She had basically given up on life after experiences that I had suffered that she had had to witness as a child. She didn't know what she wanted to do. She took a test to see where her talents might lie and computer sciences came up and physical education teacher came up. I advised computer sciences and she agreed. She applied at a list of universities and was denied due to her low grades and SAT scores. She finally said she wanted to go to Embry Riddle because Linda could get her in. And Linda did get her in. I bought the house next door to Linda's house from the same owner who owned most of the block. I spent money modifying the house to make it into a 4-bedroom and was able to rent 3 rooms giving my daughter $700.00 a month income. She partied. She stayed out every night until 3 or 4 o'clock in the morning. She went to the school gym and played games such as basketball and volleyball all night. She neglected to even attend classes most of the time because she slept until about 4 in the afternoon most days. Her roommates did the same. As far as I knew she wasn't bad as far as drinking, sex or drugs, but she was wasting her life away. She failed all 4 classes that first semester. My 2 other children told me to bring her ass back home but I wanted to give her a second chance just like I'd given Linda who had almost flunked out her first year there. I told her she had to bring her grades up to stay in college and she promised she would. She lied to me for the next few months telling she was passing all her tests and stuff. She flunked 3 out of 4 classes the next semester. She demanded to stay there and go to the community college and pay for it herself. I said no damn way. I have no retirement, no money and I'm underwater on bills again. I've got to sell this house and get out from under the $530 monthly payments. She was pissed and came home. I made her enroll in Howard Community College against the wishes of her brother and sister who said I should put her ass out and make her work. That Fall semester at HCC, she passed 2 classes with a C and a D and failed 2. I said this wasn't going to continue. You get yourself a job and start paying for some of it yourself. The next Spring Semester, she failed 2 classes and passes 2 more with Ds again. The college wants to kick her out. I talked to them and agreed she would take one of the classes she had failed 2 semesters in a row during the Summer and she passed with a C which brought her up to a 2.05 average. She passed both of her Summer classes. In the fall she was working 30 hours a week at the computer lab because she had gained a lot of knowledge and could help other students. She passed all 4 classes she calls it. I don't. She got 2 Cs and 2 Ds. She started college a few weeks ago and for the first time ever I see her sitting on the couch or on her bed with a book in her hand actually studying. I think she finally got motivated. She's even told me she has As and Bs on the past few tests and is proud of herself. 


In November of 2000, I put in a request to expunge the arrest warrant and record and the first indictment that had all the wrong dates on it that was dismissed by the prosecutor that they then resubmitted because we refused to allow them to amend the dates and the charges. Wanting this original indictment and the record, of course, the judge denied expunging them saying it was not within his power to do so. Even though they were totally erroneous documents that had been done frivolously to try to make me plea bargain. He also denied a new trial motion as to this woman's identity and the sketch artist drawing that I was now submitting for the first time. He refused to even have a hearing on it. This was Judge Kane again. In this motion for impingement and a new trial, I hinted at the fact that he was part of the cover-up in aiding and abetting and covering up an illegal alien in the commission of felonies against our government and citizens. I put in a habeas corpus in the Federal District Court hoping that I could be heard on the illegality of the arrest report and first indictment, let alone the whole miscarriage of justice in the second indictment/criminal trial and conviction. They basically also told me to go to hell. 


By accident and by premonition, we had heard and believed that my wife's daughter had died during the takeover of South Vietnam in 1975. My wife's relative was here visiting from Vietnam. I'm sorry I have to blank out most of this as I did in this motion to the Circuit Court of Howard County but my wife's family’s lives are in jeopardy in Vietnam if this woman's name or identity be revealed in any manner whatsoever. I asked my wife to ask her about our daughter and that we believed she had died in 1975. She stated that with her whole family running for their lives with the enemy coming and shooting and bombing them, she witnessed our daughter being blown up. One look told her and her family's lives to keep running. She and the family had stayed away from their home for several days until things calmed down. This is terrible for just days prior to the communist troops marching in, my brother-in-law and my wife's daughter were at the Embassy begging to please let them come here. Of course the same Embassy employees were there who hated me. When I called them on the phone they told me you're never going to get your wife's family out of Vietnam. We got you.


Now back to this court motion for a new trial that I'd put in late December of 2000, I knew this relative had to leave the country within two weeks in January of 2001 as her visa would have expired. I demanded a hearing for her testimony as to the death of my wife's daughter. I told them point blank that Federal Law and immunity does not go as far as protecting judges and prosecutors from aiding and abetting an illegal alien and conspiring to cover it up outside the courtroom and with their actions in the courtroom clearly demonstrates that Judge Fischer not only knew that the woman who testified was an illegal alien but Judges Nissal, Kane, the prosecutors, the police, social services and even the INS knew this woman was an imposter. The INS had a lot to hide letting sick people into America with contagious TB and secondly admitting they let an illegal alien in and I told them I would try to bring charges against everybody involved in these federal felonies they had committed and I hoped to see their asses in jail one day - which, of course, will never happen because we reward our crooked people with fat retirements. Of course they denied the hearing which I had asked for a closed door one with the explanation that I wanted to keep this woman's identity totally off the record as she had total fear of being identified and her family being murdered. You see blank she us that the sister-in-law of my wife who had come here was a very very bad person. Her parents and her siblings were officers with the North Vietnamese/Vietcong which my sister-in-law's family lived right behind this relative's house. She was a caregiver to my wife's daughter which tells you too much already. Before Judge Kane ruled against us denying any hearing or anything to come out in records, she got so afraid of what might happen to her and her family when she returned to Vietnam that she began refusing to testify. Kane wouldn't hear it anyhow because I still didn't have a birth certificate on this illegal alien. Witnesses and acquaintances of my brother-in-law stated that this imposter had paid them to help her falsify everything to get to America.


I was starting to have my business pick up and I no longer needed employees because my 3 children were old enough to help me run my store and sell my appliances. I was still financially devastated but was slowly but surely climbing back out of debt. I had spent over $100,000 so far and now my oldest daughter was heading to college in 1992. My children came first. I and my wife worked together even though we were no longer physically together to now put that daughter through college with an Aerospace Engineering degree, a son through college with an Electrical Engineering Degree, both earning over $50,000 per year. Now my 3rd child, Christina, started college last fall studying computer science. She isn't doing well because she still has problems emotionally from what the State did to her as a child. She was only 3 to 4 years old at the time when I was scared to hug her good night, play with her or even be close to her. My whole parenting had changed. Stay away from my children and protect them from foster care became my new motto. I and her mom barely spoke. The house was no longer filled with love but only fear and paranoia. My two older children could understand why everything had changed and could learn to live with it but Christina couldn't. Both of my daughters still have nightmares from it to this day and I'm still sleeping on the couch. I and my wife don't fight, we never really did, but the love was murdered by the State and the in-laws and culture. 


Four years ago when I went for Agent Orange testing with the VA in Baltimore, they told me I only had 2 or 3 years to live. My whole life the only things I had prided myself on was my honesty and integrity. I want them back. I have over 10,000 full pages + in transcripts from court hearings, the trial, depositions, etc. I cannot afford to make copies but they are at your beck and call.


Please let me hear from you and thank you for reading this.


Sincerely yours,


Raymond Bly

Howard County, Maryland


I wrote this letter to SSI ,on April 24, 2001


To: Social Security Administration


Re: Disability Claim Information




In the Fall of 69 I was shipped to Vietnam. We handled Agent Orange daily delivering it to fire support base camps. April of 70 the first Infantry Pulled out and I was shipped North CHU LAI in the Americal Division. By December my body had broken out with a severe case of acne all over me so I went to sick call. They told me they had a brand new experimental drug that I could take for just 5 days that might help me. I took it and it cleared it all up except for my shoulders, neck and face areas. I asked for more but was told no. In January I extended my tour for six months to transfer back down South to continue the paperwork on my Vietnamese wife to bring her to the United States. By February at Long Binh, I came down with a 104-105 degree fever and was in a cold sweat constantly. After 3 days of being in bed two friends helped me go to sick call. The doctors there said it appeared I had malaria but before they could treat me they would have to get 5 full test tubes of blood. I was so weak I could barely lift my arm. They came back 3 or 4 hours later and said most of the tests came up positive for malaria but they needed 3 more test tubes of blood in order to run more tests to verify it. I said damn it, I'm already weak. Will this be it? Because I had passed out for an hour or two since the first blood withdrawal. They assured me this was all the testing they would need to do. Six hours later they came back and wanted 4 more test tubes. I argued and argued and argued. They held my arms down and took the blood forcibly saying they had to do it over a 24-hour period to confirm it was malaria before we can treat you. Several hours later while I had 2 friends visiting me that next morning, they wanted more blood. I told my friends to get me the hell out of there. They made me sign a waiver refusing medical care. I was carried back to my bunk and told them to remove my wallet from my hip pocket and told my friends to buy me as much orange juice and whiskey as they could with it. For the next 2 days, I drank 3 4/5th bottles of whiskey and 5 to 6 gallons of orange juice which was sweated out. By the 3rd day I was able to stand up so I went back to work where I had the biggest surprise of my life, I had two MPs slapping handcuffs on me to physically take me back to the hospital before I supposedly would die from malaria. The doctor was with them fearing I would be in a coma by now. I told them I was fine. He took my blood pressure, temperature, and listened to my chest and said there was no way in hell that I had cured myself from malaria because I had malaria according to all the tests. They let me return to duty.


In November I was discharged from the military so I could obtain my Vietnamese wife as a civilian.


I got a job in the U.S. as a truck driver in 1972 but by 1975 I had a several and crippling deep degeneration of my knees, hips and ankles with a lot of pain with arthritis forming which stopped me from getting any sleep at night. John D. Warren of the Warren Clinic at 321 Prince Georges Street, Laurel, Md. told me for some reason my muscles, ligaments, etc. were deteriorating at a rapid pace in my knees and that I had at the most 5 years of walking left. 


Then in June of 79 while loading my truck one leg gave out on me and a 400 lb roll of linoleum took me down on a cement floor injuring my back severely. I went to the doctors and had x-rays. John Warren (who's deceased now) told me I had a curvature of the spine probably from childhood and where normally there would be 3 rectangular white spots on my spinal column, there were 3 in a row triangular white spots where one side in the curvature area of my spine had collapsed. I went for workman's comp and the judge looked at the x-ray and said I actually can see a back injury on somebody. Its the first time in 20 years on the bench that I CAN actually see an injured back. John Warren told me not to lift anything over 10 lbs for the rest of my life and if I hurt my back again I might be paralyzed from the center of my back down. But, for now, when I lay face down in bed, hook my feet on the bottom of the mattress, grab the top of the mattress and gently try to stretch my back back out, this would also help to alleviate my knee pain. For over 6 months I couldn't lift my newborn daughter. Workman's Comp didn't pay me for a year until a judge put the insurance company's lawyer in jail. Then he paid me roughly 4,000 and the lawyer got 50% of it. I could not lay down and die. I'd been going to a local college for several years to learn business management so I could get out of my backbreaking work and into an office job. Even though I have a 2-year degree and over 4 years of credits, nobody would hire me without experience so I borrowed $10.00 from a friend and ran an ad in the newspaper. I will sell your yard sale stuff in my shop on consignment. The response was overwhelming and I had plenty of stuff to sell. Since I lived in a very depressed area where most of the residents received welfare, I utilized the neighborhood kids to do all the heavy work for me under the table. They would come over and I would tell them to move this or that and give them 10 or 20 bucks. By 1982 I found I made the most money on TVs and Appliances which I had been trained to repair in Job Corps. So I quit all the household items except them. I started lifting washers and dryers and re-injuring my back so I hired a few assistants to help me move them


In 1980 and 81, even though I was doing a tremendous business, I discovered having to pay all these people I was losing money so I hired in 1982 an outstanding person where it cut my payroll by 80%. By 1983-4 I hurt my back again and was unable to work and then in 85 my wife's family came from Vietnam and gave me a nervous breakdown with false charges trying to put me jail the rest of my life. Due to the strain and depression and fighting the false charges that my wife's family lodged against me so they could get welfare benefits, I had a heart attack. For the next year I was too weak thru 87 that I could barely stand up. Of course, being me, I refused medical care. By 88 my children were getting old enough to help me in my store. We started rocking and rolling until my daughter went to college in 92. In 93 I hurt my back again and my son learned by 94 how to repair appliances and sell them. By 95 he left for college. I was unable to work almost an entire another year until my youngest daughter came on board to help me in 96 and my son moved back home from college recognizing how much help I needed to survive. I lose a lot of sales because I cannot afford to hire help and when I tell customers I won't drive very far to make a delivery or go up any stairs whatsoever they get angry and go elsewhere. I apologize and tell them I just can't handle it. People know I'm an extremely honest and moral man with high ethical standards. I'm also the most reasonably priced place in the tri-state area and turn out only quality machines that will last my customers years. My son is now a Master Electrical Engineer and has an extremely high-paying job and won't even answer the phones for me. My youngest daughter still helps out by repairing inventory once a week but hides at college the rest of the week saying she's in study groups, the library or classes and sorry dad but you want me to do good in college. 


I also had a heart attack at the end of 96 that was a medium heart attack instead of a major one like I had had in 86. I still refuse medical care.


In 1996 I went in for Agent Orange testing as my health was shot to pieces. I had all the symptoms of diabetes, bladder kidney and liver problems. My acne had returned. I was losing my eyesight and my teeth had rotted from my roots up. My dentist said its the weirdest case of gingivitis he's encountered. Usually they rot at the gun level not at the root level. My hearing is also fading. My arthritis and degeneration of all the joints in my body which is documented by the dozen+ x-rays the V.A. took, leaves me with excruciating pain where I am forced to lay down for most of the day. My store has a sign up to ring the doorbell but half the customers can't read apparently and just go away. Other ones ring the doorbell and by the time I can get up and walk the 20+ feet through the hallway to my store, they're already in their cars and pulling out of my driveway. I don't like to watch to TV or listen to the radio. I like to work and keep as active as possible. 


In the year 2000 I went fishing every 2 to 3 days in the Summer. I love fishing but the pain of getting my boat off the trailer or back on it got excruciating. After the 5th or 6th fish I caught, sometimes the arthritis got so severe that my wife had to take the pole to bring the fish in. I just bought a new boat for $1500 to have some fun in life. Instead of having an outboard motor to steer, I now have a steering wheel and the motor is key-started instead of with a rope start. The boat easily slides right off the trailer and has an electrical winch instead of a mechanical wench so all I have to do is push a bottom instead of crank. I hope this will help me enjoy a few hours each week coming next week's fishing season. It even has a crank to lift and lower the trailer unto my trailer-hitch where I no longer have to pick up the tongue of the trailer.


According to your social security forms I should be entitled to $725.00 per month for disability. I don't know how in the world I'm supposed to live on this without keeping my business but the most ridiculous thing I see on this form is total family benefits cannot be more than $1100 per month. My wife's form said she would get close to a thousand a month if she went out on disability which she has needed to do for the last 10 years. Where she works is more than 2 dozen people that are as sick as my wife and dozens more of the former employees who are also sick like my wife. This is because of the chemicals they have used over the years to clean greasy clothes for rental purposes. The EPA and OSHA have been to my wife's employer numerous times banning the chemicals they are using to clean the uniforms they rent out. It has caused my wife severe daily/weekly nosebleeds where she has had her nose cauterized many, many times to stop the bleeding. She's had a severe headache nonstop for these 10 years and goes through a huge bottle of extra strength Tylenol every week. Almost daily everything around starts spinning and she falls flat on her face onto the floor. Her company called ITSI in Laurel, Md. puts up with all these employees supposedly feigning and falling because they're afraid of firing them. She is unable to sleep at night because of these headaches and pain. I have been married 31 years to this lady. Do I have to get a divorce so she qualifies for the maximum disability when she takes it next? Please let me know about this because she does have substantial medical records to back up her disabilities starting from over 10 years ago.


I, myself, have very few medical records besides the V.A. About the only time I see a doctor is once or twice a year when I get acute bronchitis and pneumonia caused by my advanced stages of emphysema. I found taking a shot of whiskey at night makes it worse. Even though I find a shot of whiskey at night eases my pain so I'm able to sleep a few hours each night and also helps to thin my blood to keep a stroke or heart attack at bay. For the last year almost every other day and for the last 3 weeks every day my chest has been very tight and I feel like my heart is racing and quivering in my chest and I have trouble breathing and soon I hope to be able to afford the $20.00 co-pay at the doctors so I can see if he can help me. 


My eyesight has gotten so bad that my sister does all my writing and typing for over 5 years now. My youngest daughter did my taxes for me this year because I'm unable to read. 


Nobody in my family has come down with all these damn symptoms. I have 18 out of the 20 symptoms listed in the Vietnam Veterans of American monthly newspaper that almost half a million Vietnam Veterans have but only the 2 I don't have qualifies you for Agent Orange benefits. How in the hell can hundreds of thousands of people have 10 to 18 markers of exactly the same problems from all walks of life that their only common experience is their service in Vietnam? But our government continues to deny that its related to our service in Vietnam. I now have a lawyer looking into V.A. benefits but he says I have to come up with his expense money which I'm unable to do. I am trying to sell my wife's property at this time because everything has been in her name for several years now and move to a more affordable area in the South.


I know I stated I did not change anything in the beginning from President Bush but we have gone through and corrected some mistakes in typing, spelling and/or wording and added a very few things I also remembered as being important.


I happen to be white but blacks, Hispanics and Jews feel I have it made because I'm white but do they have it all so very, very wrong. Anybody who grows up in the inner city/ghetto has very little chance in hell of making it. Most inner city kids accept this at a young age and stop trying. I was determined to give my children a life as middle class Americans. I have given two of them the ability to be upper middle-class Americans and the third one is now on her way to being middle-class. This Country must change. As a Christian I support socialism. Christ said to give away your wealth and He will provide. Everybody should help each other as brothers and sisters instead of worrying about the all mighty greenback. 


First off, we have to stop our military from controlling our government. We've got to bring our troops home from Germany, Japan and re-open our bases here in America. We need to stop being the world's policemen, i.e., wantabee rulers trying to control the world. We should pay farmers to grow food and give it free to the world's impoverished. We should disband all ethnic, religious and other self-centered propaganda organizations in our government that keep us divided, i.e., the biggest one being NAACP - a money-making organization for its leadership. By telling blacks that the whites owe them a free life and that they are the only ones kept in poverty in America is a lie. They are about 10% of the impoverished people in America. My son was raced Episcopalian who attended a new church a year ago with a friend. That church has him believing that the Episcopal Church is not Christian. I understand there are many different denominations of Christian beliefs and practices but throughout the new Testament as well as the old testament Jesus put it very clear. Love the Lord with all thine heart and sole and love thy neighbor as thyself. Why can't the Christian religion alone stand together to fight the atrocities of our government against people who have no way to defend ourselves instead of fighting each other? Even the Muslims and the Jews and the Buddhists and Islamic in our country have bibles that are similar to our bibles. They say similar things of not killing, stealing, bearing false witness, adultery and to love they neighbor as thyself. We need to stand up and march on D.C. and overthrow this government and put half of our government in jail for human rights atrocities against the world and against its own citizens. You've got to remember this America: Less than 1% of the population caused the revolution and our independence from Great Britain while almost 60% here during our revolution were opposed to it. But if we do have a revolution, do we have a Martin Luther King to lead us in an honest, moral and ethical manner that we could stop the government from murdering this time. White Americans wake up and stop listening to all the propaganda that blacks are stupid animals and that we should be racist. Blacks wake up and stop thinking that whites owe you this and that and if the white person doesn't lean over to help you that he must be prejudiced against you. All the rest of the ethnic groups wake up and join a movement to stop the police state we've been in for several decades.


The next time you look at a police officer think about this. Would you want to be in his shoes? No, of course not if you were never a bully or power-hungry person who enjoys confrontation and putdowns. They are no better than our common criminals that love the power of crime and money. We do need police because there always will be bad people that were born that way but they no longer have to be raised that way in inner city crime ridden streets with no education. I have known many police officers that have quit. They went to work for ethical and moral reasons with Christian values to help people, to find corruption and bad people being their fellow police officers. 


I would stop all immigration and build a moat and fill it with alligators between Mexico and America. I would stop trade with every country that indiscriminately violates human rights like China and most of the former Soviet Union Countries. I would also close the gates of import from any country that closed free trade with us on an equal par. I would damn up major rivers in America like the Potomac, of course making fish ladders for hydroelectric plants to supply our own needs. I would put a $3.00 a gallon tax on all imported crude oil and/or natural gas. I would further along the clean air research studies on how to burn coal cleanly and safely. I would give every American free health care. I would not increase one penny of taxes for at least a decade on anything we have taxes on now except income tax. I would put a 10% tax on every single business off their gross with no deductions. I would bring home all our troops in the world. I would stop most exploration of space because each time we send a shuttle up, we're letting our vital resources escape in the hole in the ozone layer. Every hole we poke air/water is able to escape our planet. With the billions and trillions of dollars we could save by just bring home our troops alone and no longer trying to buy ruthless dictators around the world, I would rebuild with all brand new schools our inner city school systems. I would put money into the rebuilding of roads, pipes, water mains, electrical lines, telephone lines, etc. to bring them up to state-of-art condition throughout America. I would have elected citizen's boards to oversee phone, power and water supplies, costs to keep them low so all Americans can heat their houses and cook their food. I would immediately double all Social Security benefits to elderly or disabled prior working Americans. I would disband the public defenders and the state's attorney’s offices. I would incorporate private lawyers that would have a set fee per case to become prosecutors and/or public defenders. Their names would be drawn from a lottery whether they be a prosecutor or defender. They would get a bonus for winning that would give them incentive to win. I would take away all immunity that our local, city, county, state and federal governments have granted to everybody here. Judges with an exception. Judges would have a citizen elected board first to oversee any complaints and if justifications is found for criminal or civil liabilities than the case could proceed against that judge and/or imprisonment just like everyone else. All radio stations, TV and written media would have to give x number of hours covering people running for office free of charge. The budgets for officers in our Statehouse to our U.S. Congress would have severe limits set on fund-raising of no more than $10,000 a month to operate a staff with. Another words the normal man on the street could run and no contributions would be allowed from any organization whatsoever or be over $10.00 per person. The person's private wealth could also not be touched with one penny. Now I'm going to raise the hair on the back of your neck. I would allow every person that's presently is in America legally or illegally to immediately become a U.S. Citizen with the understanding that first off, no relatives would be coming here for at least 20 years. There would be severe limitations that all families here could not send more than $100.00 per month to anybody overseas anywhere combined. If they wanted to leave we'd let them leave. All immigrants in jail in the U.S. whether their relatives like it or not would be loaded on planes and sent back where they came from regardless of human rights violations in that country, i.e., Cuba. I would close our borders. I would stop all genetic research in cloning anything and have it declared totally illegal. I would open colleges free of charge to anybody who would attend and make Cs or above in most of their classes except if they were going after a law degree. They would have to pay for that themselves. I would stop the bullshit in court of worrying about procedure and accuser's rights over the truth. Yeah it could be hearsay from a third party but let the jury decide if its credible or not. Do not let our judges hide in their offices to make rulings but have to make them in front of a jury when they disallow stuff and let the juries decide its own importance of the evidence.


But the only way to accomplish a positive change in America is not trying to elect democrats or republicans or even third party candidates like Jessie Ventura because our system is so locked against change that the people we elect cannot really do anything. We need a supreme dictator like Martin Luther King for at least a few years to control with an iron fist to make these changes because the filthy rich and the corporations of the world would not stand for it if we started over ourselves where they would have to pay taxes and a living wage.


Now as to property taxes, I'm tired of our governments raising the percentage of assessed value of taxes on top of raising your assessments. Spend. Spend. Spend. I would state that if you paid property taxes for 30 years of your life and can document it anywhere in the continental U.S., you would be exempt from any more property taxes on your home up to a middle class priced home in your area. So older people can afford to stay in their own homes.


Over the past 15 years I have talked to a over a thousand people. most are very disgusted with our country and the funny thing about it is that half of them have been military persons based near my home. Their disgusted with our foreign policy, their disgusted with taxation, their disgusted with our criminal justice system, our police and our government officials. Most of them say we need to throw over our government and bring back our Christian values and our original constitution. The military especially is tired of no more health care. Co-pays for family members. Having to apply for food stamps because of their miserable pay and taking off their American emblems and putting on the U.N. emblems. They're tired of police actions in trying to control the world. Our government doesn't give a damn except about green. It lies to its citizens about ethnic cleansing in Serbia and Bosnia when both sides are equally guilty of random murders. But in a poor country like Somalia in the middle of Africa where there's nothing of great importance to control, we could care less that thousands of people are being murdered by the ruthless dictator there. We also don't care if they starve to death because their no profit potential in that area. But yet we can support a ruthless dictator that's just as bad in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. That these countries have no human rights especially for women. Or the billions we spend to support Israel and their ruthless control of the region where the Palestinian and other nationalities have no rights. 


Our government officials know and understand the end of our great republic is close at hand so they're trying to become like Nazi Germany and a police state. We have uncontrollable children because we're not allowed as parents to control them any more. Turn in your parents is the model given in our schools in case the kids don't feel like doing what the parents want. Turn in your neighbors for tax evasions and stay anonymous and get a reward. Turn in a hunting or fishing poacher and get a reward. We're trying to control our people by using our own neighbors and giving out rewards while letting our local state governments run rampant with putting hopes and dreams of poor people and becoming a millionaire and spending their money on lottery tickets to put flowers along highways while the ceilings of our schools are falling in on our children. As a poor boy with a lot of times not even having an address to give as my home but living in a car, I was able to go to any health department without any red tape and see a doctor and get medicine free of charge. Where are they now? Budgets are being cut to plant more flowers along highways and support more dictators in the world. As I've stated I love to fish. Twenty-five years ago you could fish in the bay with no license. The State saw fit to eliminate that to get more revenues. Now you need a license for this kind of fish and that kind of fish stamped on your license to get more fees. Lately the counties and State Park Services are running rampant charging fees for everything and anything to fish off a shoreline, put a boat in the water or to even take your family out to a local park for a picnic. Howard County besides raising the percentage of assessed value on your home, also has been also raising the assessed values and when they couldn't raise them fast enough, they started putting surcharges on your property bills for ambulance service, 911, fire department and now $150.00 additional for trash removal while spending all this money to make beautiful monuments of our Statehood (God) new courthouses, statehouses, offices of officials and hiring more and more prosecutors to keep us under control with more and more pay for them while short-changing the public defender's office as much as they can. Our Government has used the excuse to stop crime to ban assault weapons and rapid-fire weapons when they are hardly ever used in crimes. The only threat the assault weapons pose is to our Government. After Ruby Ridge, Waco and all these innocent people being proven innocent from over-zealous lab personnel and prosecutors and judges, a great human rights advocate came along named Timothy McVeigh who blew up a federal office building to show the government that it can't keep getting away with screwing the American people. Instead of our government answering the concerns of its citizens and trying to fix, our system of injustices and human right's violations, we are barricading all official buildings with armor plating, bullet-proof windows, anti-tank barriers and cement walls. If the Soviet Union is so bad, why can its President walk down the streets shaking people's hands with less fear than our own president? Most Americans don't know that the Soviet Union and its peoples owned almost as many guns as Americans do. Why haven't their leaders been constantly assassinated? Because their people were brainwashed into working for the better good of humanity in their country where everybody was guaranteed a job and a home. We said their systems failed because they lacked productivity in the workplace and profit for their would-have-been filthy rich people.


Why has our government gone after unions to help the rich break them. Workers in America have to work two jobs just to put food on the table so their kids are put in daycare so their wives must work in order to afford a car because there's no profit in mass transportation like streetcars in Washington, D.C. That's right. I grew up when they were common in D.C. and people loved them and they came along every 5 minutes. Of course since the government had to help support it, we didn't like it any longer until recently. We've run out of places to build roads and bridges and parking areas which are very costly on top of everything else so we're trying to rebuild our mass transit systems at great expense. 


Before we lose all our farmland, we should declare it all as historical landmarks never to be turned into housing or commercial strip malls. Farmers are having a hard time making it because we're taxing and regulating them to death. In Howard and Montgomery County in the past 40 years, I have seen literally hundreds of farms go by the wayside because of new housing developments encroaching on the land. These new housing developments have quadrupled the assessed value of the farmlands which has put an unfair tax burden on farms just trying to make a living. Then, these new housing developments come up with community associations to petition court systems and country officials to say it stinks next door to the farms from cow shit. So the farms are forced into meeting unreasonable demands to dispose of the cows shits daily to perfume their farms. Then if they happen to have roosters that crow in the morning, they have to shut them up so people can sleep.


How about the hundreds of billions of dollars we're spending on sound barriers we're putting on all the roads in America? If people want to build or buy a home next to a highway that's fine. Make the government spend this outrageous amount of money to put sound barriers up to keep out the noise. This is ridiculous. Tell them to move if they don't like it. Its just like a witnessed a few years something ridiculous that the State of Maryland has had to spend millions of dollars on. They expanded BWI Airport because more people were demanding to fly because our highways are congested. So a few people got together sued the State of Maryland for noise pollution. The State has had to buy hundreds of square miles of land even when people didn't want to sell. I know a little trailor park off of Ridge Road that most of the residents have lived in for decades and said they didn't mind the noise. The State didn't give a damn and forced them out. How can a few people pass legislation to affect the majority of people? This is because we are no longer a democracy. Its whoever raises the most hell gets their own way to force the majority of the people to cede to them. Our entire system has changed from being Christian humanely oriented to big business rules and profit as gods. Screw your workers, screw your mom is what business owners believe. Employees believe screw your mom and screw your employer for the almighty greenback - America's new god. 


` George Bush got elected because Christians thought he would come into office and bring back our Christian values. What a lie. And how big of suckers are we to have voted for another incompetent liar to rule us? Our Federal Government was originally set up to protect our borders and only our borders. To handle disputes between States and to legislate common laws to protect human rights of people throughout our states equally. Now our Federal Government are in the pockets of the world. I'm tired of special interest groups telling me what I and my family have to accept as laws that a gay person has more rights than me as a heterosexual. There should be one set of laws for all equally. 


These are only a few of my complaints about America and those of people I've talked to. The middle class and upper middle class don't want to hear it. They have been so brain-washed by our school system that you have rights in this country that they can't believe my story of prosecutors having so much immunity that they suborn perjury, falsify evidence, and whiteout exculpatory evidence. Once they wake up it will be too late. They are almost powerless now but in their comfortable homes with a decent paycheck or retirement income they see things through rose-colored glasses. Our highly censored press which I can understand just like the law that says you can't yell fire in a theater are afraid to open their mouths concerning the blight of blue-collar workers and our poor as it could cause a complete revolution and many deaths. But where can we start to let the people know about America. And have a leader so righteous and humanistic as Martin Luther King that wanted to change our government peacefully and nothing really changed. Even our churches preach accept Christ as your Savior and you will go to a better place but meanwhile give us all the money you can and live in poverty on the earth instead of rising up and stating that we've got to take our liberties and freedoms back. That's why I haven't been to church in years because I'll be damned if I'm going to honor the U.S. flag as my church does every Sunday.


Our Christian values should not be forced upon atheists, Moslems, Buddhist or Jews or theirs on us so we all need to stand up together our freedoms and liberties unfettered by our government. We need to support our small businessman and bring back fair trade across the board at the wholesale level so mom and pop businesses can thrive once again and big business will have to learn quickly that customers expect to be treated decently, honestly and courteously. I've never seen so many mergers of power hungry companies in my life. With our system in place supporting the big and wealthy of our country that's what you end up having to be to survive. That's why we're rapidly racing towards being a third class country in our cities and our working class populations. That's why we have become a through-away society. We no longer need things that can be repaired. There's no profit in a poor man being able to fix something of his own for the big multi-millionaires in our country. We're eliminating a blue-collar workers by the thousands a day. They have become disposable too to the wealthy corporations who don't want their products to be fixable. As an appliance repairman I could make a decent living repairing appliances most of my life. I was never rich but I was able to buy my own small home and feeding and clothing my children in addition to giving them a thorough education. Twenty years ago instead of being able to change little parts in TV’s the manufactures forced you to buy complete motherboards at a ridiculous price so you would have to throw it away and buy a new one. In the last 5 to 15 years major components of appliances are made to break in a few years and being too costly to repair you have to rush out and buy another plastic imitation product made in free China. Houses that were built around my neighborhood only 15 to 20 years ago already need major structural renovations. Our cars are made that you almost have to take them back to the dealer for any problems now and the parts for the cars are made disposable and not re-build able any longer. We've become so disposable now that women are throwing away their babies at an alarming rate because they're too expensive to keep. My very own oldest daughter is so greedy making money hand over fist now that she does not want to ever have any children that might tie her down or eat up her money. Where did our family values go? I remember once upon a time as a child the camaraderie and friendship and support the local communities provided me with. A lot of people still donate to charities if they can save money off their taxes. If they can't save money, then they don't give. The hell with our parents, siblings and neighbors or children. My pocketbook is my pocketbook and the hell with you.


Due to my eyesight and my limited access to my sister's typing skills and her onset of Alzheimer’s, I am unable to reply to e-mails. So if you have a comment, a question, or a thought pass it on to your neighbors, your churches, you community associations and your legislators. 


May God be with you no matter what name you call your god as well as your pursuit of happiness and freedom. May you never face the hardships of us forgotten citizens of America.




Born Screwed in the U.S.A. 2

After I wrote my book over a period of ten years and published it via the internet, I decided to fight my conviction a new way. I first tried to run for State’s Attorney of Howard County. After a month, I got a letter from the Howard County Board of Elections stating "Only people that are members of the Maryland State Bar Association are allowed to run for State’s Attorney," not that you had to be a lawyer. And you don’t have to be a member of the bar association to be a lawyer practicing in Howard County. This, in my opinion, is totally unconstitutional, that you have to be a member of a political association before you can run for a certain office. I decided not to sue and decided to run for County Council, District 2 in Howard County. I got my Model T out of mothballs, tuned it up, and drove it 20 to 30 miles every day, all day, blowing my ooga horn in shopping centers, malls and in housing developments and stopping and shaking people’s hands with big campaign signs all over the Model T. I was in all the local parades and even some that were not local like Laurel.

After about two weeks, Howard County Republican Party and their chairman, Mr. Pope, had to get somebody to run against me. He got a Brian Harlan, an outstanding person that cares about our government, and was a small businessman. He even made me bumper stickers at his print shop. I was doing great, with overwhelming approval for my candidacy, among both Democrats and Republicans, and if the Democrats would have been able to vote for me in the Primary, I think I would have had a landslide, like a lot of predictions stated. I spent close to $400 on gas and $100 on bumper stickers. Brian Harlan kept joking that every place he went, they asked who he was, but they all knew me. I drove and drove for several months, every single day, and then three weeks before the Primary election, Patuxent Publishing and Mr. Pope decided that they were going to totally get rid of me, saying I was a multiple child molester and child abuser, etc., etc., etc. It totally killed my entire chance at getting elected. Brian Harlan won by a landslide and the GOP got rid of Pope. Brian Harlan apologized to me, many, many many times. He wanted to run on issues, not on slander - a very honest, decent young man, a family man with children.

After the Primary, I filed a lawsuit in District Court of Maryland for Howard County against both Patuxent Publishing and Mr. Pope. I was not well-liked by the judges. That’s why I did not file in Circuit Court. But District Court knew of me well too. The judge stated that they did turn an ant into an elephant of what I was actually convicted of and that he admitted that I did not have multiple charges of child molestation and child abuse, only one. But, it did not go to the level of slander and defamation of character in his opinion and he dismissed it.

During running for County Council, I also upped my daily routine at the courthouse, with big signs warning everybody going to the courthouse of how corrupt and unjust our legal system is. I saw during Kennedy or O.J. Simpson, it didn’t matter whether you were guilty or innocent. Kennedy was guilty as sin. O.J. was innocent. But it doesn’t matter in court unless you have the money to buy innocence.

I also found out that my own sister, who was jealous of me being married and making something of my life, had been behind a lot of my problems. I knew she tried to have me kicked out of my home, saying that it was my dad’s house, which didn’t fly once the court records and my mortgage company told them I made every single payment and that the house was bought and paid for by me and my wife. Then both of my sisters tried to bankrupt me by calling and saying I beat my wife and children in 1981. They were both on their third and fourth husbands. You see, they were brought up totally different than me. They had dance lessons, music lessons, special tutors, lived a filthy rich life, a very upper class family as they grew up, and were many years older than me. I grew up when my dad was forced into bankruptcy and we were put into poverty after my sisters were grown and gone already, a totally different childhood. Instead of a silver spoon, a plastic dirty spoon is what I grew up with. They immediately dropped this initial child abuse against me as 100% unfounded after about three months of nightmare to my family. But after that nightmare, I found out my older sister constantly called the police, saying that I was a roaring drunk and drug addict. It was why the police were stopping me - not the County trying to bully me out of my property. For four straight years, from 1981 through all of 1984, I was stopped hundreds of times and harassed, told to get out of the vehicle and walk. Then wanting to examine my mason jar of iced tea and giving me inspection tickets for a marker light or a spot of rust on my vehicle. This is my oldest sister I haven’t talked to in several years now. My younger sister I haven’t talked to since my dad died. I have also found out, now that I’ve gotten glasses since my last book, that many Motions to court from 1985 through 2000 that my oldest sister volunteered to help me type because of my spelling and grammar problems, forgot the word "not". I would tell her to type "would not", "could not", "did not" and she would forget the word "not". My eyesight was going very bad at the time due to the diabetes, and being hardheaded and extremely conservative with money due to lack of money, I refused to go get my eyes tested or get glasses until 2003, where I reread a lot of these Motions that I signed to court that stated I was guilty. Instead of saying I did not molest this girl, it said I did molest this girl, but they should overturn my conviction. There has always been jealous among families, but my God, how did my siblings end up wanting to put me in jail because I had a good wife, beautiful children, and my own home? I still didn’t have money like them, but I was willing to work hard for the little bit I had instead of going to welfare or unemployment or anything else. My wife is a hard worker, trying to help support the family also, and for some reason, which I still do not understand, they’ve made my life hell. You don’t know how hard it is to overcome two different accusations that were both false that you beat your wife and threatened to deport her if she doesn’t lie to protect you and you threatened to beat your kids if they don’t lie for you and protect you. Abusers are famous for doing this. But in 1981, when my sister stated this, it took three months to overcome, no matter how hard my wife tried to stop it. And then of course, if accusations come from other in-laws, stating the same thing, because they thought they were entitled to housing, welfare, a free car, and money, and they didn’t want us to find out that the woman they brought was not my wife’s daughter, it’s impossible to overcome. But I fought on in my candidacy for County Council, District 2, as a write in candidate. But with the Columbia Flier being free to every home in my district, the Howard County Times being massly circulated also, there was no way in hell I could win. But I was hoping with my initial candidacy page that a lawyer like Billy Murphy or the ACLU, who I sent my story to, or Project Innocence, as well as many other organizations would help me clear my name. When you have documented proof that not only the police, the State’s Attorney and the judge knew that this woman was an imposter and not even a minor, how can you stand convicted of fourth degree sex offense, assault and battery of a minor, and child abuse of a 22 year old? Did one lawyer call me or one of these nonprofit groups ever call me? No. I kept going in through my business, with my children helping me, laying off all my employees, because my oldest daughter was starting college that fall of the 2002 election. My children worked their butts off and my daughter was able from student grants, federal grants and the little bit of money we could afford to give her, to continue college to 2004, when I decided to run for U.S. Senate against Barbara Mikulsky. There were nine or ten of us. By this time, I had had two or three heart attacks. I could barely walk, and the little bit I did walk, I was totally out of wind. But I thought my candidacy page would bring to light about my illegal conviction and clear my name. I served my country in Vietnam. I’m an actual combat vet that served his country. I was awarded four outstanding service citations and ribbons. I did my job outstandingly to the service of my country. But I was getting deathly sick. My wife and veteran friends started yelling at me, and told me to apply for VA disability payments under Agent Orange. I did. I went through months of examination that showed I had diabetes, I had peripheral neuropathy, heart disease, advanced emphysema, chronic bronchitis, advanced COPD, degenerative joint disease, ED, just to name a few. One doctor at VA gave me six months to live by 1996, but told me I did not qualify for Agent Orange.